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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 211


Chapter 211

Chapter 211 ’’The Other Side of Feng Shen’’

Not asking any questions, Feng Shen directly hands over the bank notes to the woman. This was simply too quick that it left Madam Lai unsure how to respond.

A bit hesitant at first, she then noticed the symbol on the lower left corner of the papers. It's a seal of a phoenix, which greatly startled her.

The one in front is... Understanding the identity of the ones before her, Madam Lai hurries to bow before the two.

’’Also, for the poisonous warts on your face, you can soak some high-quality incense wood in wine to sooth the symptoms. It will not only reduce the amount of leaking pus if you apply it on the skin, it can also enhance your physical fitness if you drink it on a regular basis.’’ Ling Yue gives her final advice in which she got no reply.

What Ling Yue said about using incense wood to soak the wine was true, it does provide the benefits she listed and not just for those suffering from conditions like Madam Lai.

Nowadays, the five-hundred-year old incense wood in Ling Yue's possession are all produced by the seeds she planted in her pocket dimension a while ago. It can't be helped, there's not much use she can think of for the stuff except to soak her wines. This of course inexplicably created a brand new series of product line in which she's been serving at the Drunken Immortal. Even for the dowager and Master Longyu, those elders had liked it so much that she was forced to set aside a batch just for them.

Before long, Madam Lai's disappearing figure were gone from their line of sight. It matters not if the woman had left so quickly because Ling Yue firmly believes their paths will cross again in the future.

With the herbs packed and sent away for the carriage, the three then strolled around the plaza some more. Sadly, not a single product catches Ling Yue's fancy or met her requirement.

That's when they came to the entrance leading down to the ’’Earth Grade’’ level.

I wonder what's down there.

Losing herself to curiosity, Ling Yue took advantage of her distracted companions while they conversed to send out her spirit force. From where she stood, her feelers should be able to cover somewhere between three to four miles in length, more than enough for the underground hall.

As her consciousness silently moved down the stairs, Ling Yue thought things would go smoothly when she found herself bumping into a wall. Like a barrier, it was invisible to the naked eye. Then all of a sudden, as if tripping an alarm, a powerful fluctuation in the air blew her consciousness away and sent her back out.

Unsteady at being disrupted so rudely, the first reaction Ling Yue had was to lose her balance. As she staggered backwards, she was ready to fall when a powerful pair of hands caught her. It was Feng Shen, and based on that gloomy face, Ling Yue can tell he's not very happy.

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There's a good reason for the boy's reaction though. If others were to see Ling Yue's face under that mask, they would be able to tell how pale white she looked. She's definitely not well.

To think there would be a powerful master of the spirit force watching over the lower level. Then again, why am I being surprised when He Lao San is a reincarnation master himself.

’’You alright?’’ He nervously asks this, afraid the girl in his embrace would be hurt. Feng Shen can tell she's not feeling well based on the amount of cold sweat pouring out of that stiff body.

Clenching his hands harder against hers, Feng Shen's aura instantly changed. No longer warm and friendly, it turned cold and tyrannical like a mighty storm. Even for someone like He Lao San who shouldn't be affected, an inexplicable fear gripped his old hunchback like there's a thousand knives pointing at it.

’’Sir Thirteen, you've been too careless. The Earth Grade level is handled by my second brother He Lao Er, and his temper isn't as good as mine either. Now please don't try that again because there are plenty of traps and restrictions set in place for intruders. If not careful, it can cause harm to one's spirit and injure their eye.’’

About the outcome of Ling Yue's intrusion, He Lao San wasn't surprised at all because this wasn't the first time a foolish alchemist had tried to explore the Earth Grade level with their spirit senses. Without exception, they were all bounced back by the traps and restrictions in place.

However, compared to the common customer, He Lao San can say his brother had been merciful today. Normally the outcome ends up in a heavy injury or in some worse cases, damaging their spirit.

’’And so what if he did, I just know your brother hurt my friend here.’’ Feng Shen didn't care what the case was, he just know Ling Yue's been hurt as a result.

What he really meant with that statement was that if Ling Yue wanted to see the Treasure Cave's lower level then its your honor.

Stumped for a reply, He Lao San didn't expect the Phoenix Lord to be so unreasonable.

’’Ten, it's fine. I'm the one at fault for trespassing without permission.’’ Tugging at Feng Shen's sleeve and then tapping his shoulder, Ling Yue comforts the boy like how she would when treating a grumpy animal in the forest.

Though her actions didn't have other meanings behind it, but to Feng Shen, it was totally different. For the first time since they met, Ling Yue finally did something that was equivalent to a girlfriend whining to their boyfriend. Against that sort of demand, how can Feng Shen resist?

Practically in an instant, the tyrannical look disappeared from his eyes and returned to that of kindness.

Watching how fast the change occurred, He Lao San nearly dropped his jaw in disbelief.

Oh my lord, how can North Qing's Phoenix Lord like another man to such extent! This is too much for my old heart at this rate.

’’Boss Shan, I won't keep it from you. The reason for my visit today is to search for a martial skill somewhere around the sixth rank. If you don't mind, can we have a look at the level below?’’ Activating her spirit smoke, Ling Yue's condition was gradually restored to normal.

’’This... Sir Ten is fine, but Sir Thirteen you... Please wait here while I discuss the matter with my brother.’’ He Lao San then runs off to the side and began moving his mouth suspiciously. Its like he's talking to someone.

From that obvious reaction, it's clear Ling Yue didn't meet the minimum requirement to head downstairs. But due to Feng Shen's presence, the old man intends to make an exception. The only issue now was that second brother Hao Lao Er. They need the person's agreement.

Taking in the strange behavior of the old man talking to thin air, Ling Yue then recalled why He Lao San was doing that. According to her knowledge, once an alchemist breaks into the sixth cauldron ranking, their powers are usually strong enough to perform a skill called ’’Sound Transmission’’. Using that ability, He Lao San can converse with his brother despite being on different floors.


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