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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 21


Chapter 21 ’’Third person in history’’

Stored within the Ye clan's martial shrine was a collection of improved martial techniques gathered by generations of different individuals.

In order to enter this martial shrine, only those that have earned great merit for the family or achieved one of the top three ranks in the clan competition may enter.

Located in the heavily guarded southern manor, the former Ling Yue wouldn't have dared to get near this location, let alone think of going inside.

’’Dad, I've brought Ling Yue over.’’ The guardian for the martial shrine in this generation was called Ye Huang Shu, father to this friendly cousin of Ling Yue's.

Ye Huang Shu and Ye Huang Cheng may be brothers, but their personalities are completely different from one another. Due to Ye Huang Shu's upright and reliable personality, Ye Gu assigned him to be guardian of the martial shrine.

Sizing up this second uncle, Ling Yue found that Yin Shuang and her father had a lot of similarities, especially the roundish face. However, unlike her daughter, Ye Huang Shu had a hint of radiant toughness to him.

To be able to guard an important place like the martial shrine, Ye Huang Shu's cultivation level absolutely can't be weak.

’’Second uncle.’’ Ling Yue calls out. Aside from Ye Qing and his father, the treatment from the other uncles of the family weren't bad at all.

’’You've come.’’ Ye Huang Shu gave extra notice to Ling Yue's appearance. Up until today, he has never paid much attention to third sister's daughter. But with one look, he can see that despite the childish contour, the eyes, nose, lips, and other facial features were a work of art in the making.

Still so small and there's already a soul reaping beauty on that face. No doubt about it, this girl's bound to be a truly unparalleled beauty once matured.

At the thought, he can't help but recall back to third sister's fate. Ye Huang Yu was just like this. At the time she was arrogant and young, a peerless beauty. But it was exactly because of those merits that she attracted people she shouldn't have. In the end, she met a miserable fate and was discarded.

’’Ling Yue, you performed well during the clan competition. I ask you, why you didn't challenge Ye Saint for first place in the end?’’ Ye Huang Shu may not have been present that day, but he managed to overhear the entire story from his daughter's mouth.

Near the end of the competition, Ling Yue in fact had the opportunity to challenge Ye Saint for first place, but she gave up that chance.

’’Ye Saint is the son of big uncle and he's older than me by three years at the seventh rank. I know I'm not his adversary right now.’’ Ling Yue replied calmly after some forethought.

If both number one and number three can enter the martial hall, then what difference does it make? She's already offended Ye Qing and his father, there's no reason for her to offend the first house too and make things worse for mother and herself.

What a clever child!

The Ye Huang Shu was truly startled. Among her short sentence, there's a lot of hidden meaning inside.

Ye Saint was the main grandson of the Ye household so his status was naturally different from Ye Qing's.

Not being his adversary now doesn't mean she won't be in the future. This child knows that she's dependent on others right now, but even so, her bones hold a pride that won't lose anyone.

It's a certainty this child will reach far in life. Compared to his own daughter, this girl that's three years younger than Yin Shuang was already thinking strategically. The two simply can't be compared.

Ye Huang Shu can't help but be secretly glad that her own daughter didn't obstruct Ling Yue and instead befriended her.

’’The rules of the martial shrine is that one must have reached the third rank before they can enter. Back then you never tested your cultivation so we will need to do a measurement test before letting you in.’’ Ye Huang Shu brought Ling Yue over to a Yuan energy monument placed in front of the martial shrine.

Engraved on the surface were letters going up from ’’one’’ to ’’nine’’, symbolizing ones cultivation level, anything higher than nine would mean a they are of the upper celestial rank.

(that explains a lot then)

Due to Ling Yue being mentally challenged back then, she had never once taken this test. According to her second uncle's instruction, she only needs to make a palm strike at the monument to begin.

With one strike, the Yuan energy on the monument shot up like an arrow and easily landed on the number three under the eyes of Ye Huang Shu.

Just as he wanted to say ’’that's enough’’, the Yuan energy continued to force upward. Eventually, the arrow hit the number ’’five’’ before finally stopping.

’’Fifth rank of the constitutional domain, Ling Yue, you are already at the fifth rank?’’ If he didn't witness it first hand, Ye Huang Shu would have a very difficult time believing this little lass was of the fifth rank.

How come his information only mentioned Ling Yue being of the fourth rank?

’’I just recently broke through in the mountains. Second uncle, the test should be over right? Can I go in now?’’ Ling Yue explains.

’’Of course, the martial shrine is divided into three levels. The first level only holds some basic moves that aren't worth grading. Then moving up to the second level holds the ninth grade martial techniques in the family. But remember, the third level is reserved only for some of the elders in the family, you mustn't go up there. Otherwise you will face disciplinary actions you hear me?’’ Ye Huang Shu reminds Ling Yue before watching her go up the stairs.

’’For third sister to have such a daughter can be called a fortunate within misfortune. Pity though, third sister's injury...’’ Emotions swelled up inside Ye Huang Shu. Unexpectedly, his mind began wandering through memory lanes.

It wasn't until Ling Yue went inside the martial shrine did he remember something important. Hurrying, Ye Huang Shu ran towards the main manor of the Ye household.

’’What? Ling Yue has broken through to the fifth rank of the constitutional domain?’’ This news shocked everyone, including Ye Gu himself.

’’It's absolutely true. Second master have already tested it by using the Yuan energy monument.’’ The servant reports.

Within the Ye family, the number of people of the fifth rank was no more than thirty.

And of these people, those that have broken through at the tender age of thirteen stands at three, Ling Yue being the third, Ye Liu One being second, and lastly Ling Yue's mother being the first.

However, Ling Yue was different from her mother. Accurately speaking, it's less than one year for she only begun her martial art training less than three months ago.

’’Send news down. Starting today, have the people of the northern manor move out and live in the east manor.’’ Ye Gu declares.

It's been ten years since that day, the day Ye Huang Yu had a falling out with her father and moved into the northern manor.

And now that she's allowed to return, it's only a matter of formality before Ye Gu forgives his daughter, a step away from reunion.

Not everyone was happy about this news though. Just remembering how Ye Huang Yu's glory had overshadowed every member of the family back then, Ye Huang Cheng's hate began to boil as he gnashed his teeth.

’’Father, since Ling Yue has broken through to the fifth rank of the constitutional domain and is thirteen by now, I believe she should also take part in the family's affair.’’ Ye Huang Yun, the eldest son of the family, stepped forward to make the suggestion.

(I'll try to leave a note whenever we change characters with similar names so you guys don't get mixed up.)

As long as they are of thirteen of age, men and women of Da Xia can either join the army or begin working as merchants, there's no discrimination on this end.

Fifth rank of the constitution domain can be regarded as a mid-level supporting pillar of the Ye clan. In the future, it's unavoidable that they must assume the family's responsibility.

Since Ye Gu has accepted the mother and daughter pair, Ling Yue will naturally be considered a descendant of the Ye house. The sooner she comes into contact with the family affairs the better.

’’Alright, in a bit when Ling Yue returns from the martial hall, have someone go inform her. Huang Yun, I expect you to tell your sister this news. Starting tomorrow, have Ling Yue stop attending the martial hall so she can have a tour around the masonry workshop so she can get some insight into the family business.’’ Ye Gu decides this after some thought.


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