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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 209


Chapter 209

Chapter 209 ’’The Poison Specialist’’

He Lao San just knew it. A friend of the Phoenix Lord can't be some simpleton.

While the hunchback was overjoyed with the sudden help, Madam Lai didn't take it so well. From her grotesque face, the expression she portrayed was clearly that of someone not buying it.

’’You can say I know a bit.’’ Stating this, Ling Yue then went ahead to have a look at the Organ Ruining Dan pill. Not long, merely a glance, and it was enough for her to verify the authenticity.

’’The ratios are two Organ Ruining Grass, three Centipede Vine, and some diluted viper toxin. There's no doubt about it, these are genuine.’’ As soon as her words came out, Madam Lai's expression instantly turned into a pale white because everything the boy stated was true, right down to the ingredients and ratio.

’’Just that...’’ Casting a glance at the grotesque woman, ’’these ingredients are two-thirds less than a regular version.’’

’’Oh! You heard it everyone, its short! No wonder the drug didn't work. Boss Shan, this ugly woman is a cheat!’’ Once again, Sir Gu attempts to get physical with the woman.

’’Wait a minute Sir Gu, our Treasure Cave does not allow fighting on the premise. Madam Lai broke the rules so she will naturally be expelled and banned from here. However, this does not mean you can get physical. If you keep breaking our rules then don't blame me for blacklisting you too.’’ The hunchback sternly warns the man, making sure he's not kidding with his tone.

’’Hold on, we need to clear things up. I did not sell any fake drugs. This young sir got some good eyesight, I admit what he said is true. But like he said, it's a genuine Organ Ruining Dan pill is it not?’’ The ugly woman known as Madam Lai not only didn't panic in her demeanor, she even returned a meaningful glance at Ling Yue.

’’That's correct. The Dan pills itself has no issue, just that the effectiveness is on the weaker side. If used on a human it will not be enough, but if used on... let's say some wild animals or spirit beasts of the third rank or lower, the poison is fatal.’’ Though Madam Lai had a grotesque outer appearance, Ling Yue still looked at her favorably for she can see the woman was a knowledgeable alchemist. There must be a reason for reducing the amount.

’’Don't forget what you said to me Sir Gu. When you came to make the order, you told me your home was infested with some powerful spirit rats and that the animals are being attacked at night by the pests. You also said the Organ Ruining Dan pill must be colorless, tasteless, and residual free after ingesting. For that, I charged you one hundred gold per one to meet those difficult requirements. Remember your words now?’’ From within Madam Lai's frail body, a burst of aura seeped out as she interrogated the accuser.

One hundred gold per one for some rat poison. Either this Sir Gu has too much money at home and needs to waste them, or...

As a man of many networks, He Lao San knows very well the background of this Sir Gu and his personality: ’’He's the walk-in son-in-law of the Gu House. The current chief, Mr. Gu, is a kind man that's always out to help others with his wealth. Sadly, kind Mr. Gu hadn't been able to conceive a son even up to his later years. So to remedy the situation, Mr. Gu had his eldest daughter marry a nephew from the branch family to continue their family name. I heard that Sir Gu's father-in-law is so sick recently that he couldn't even get out of bed...’’ He Lao San quietly explains this to Feng Shen and Ling Yue on the side.

What poisoning the spirit rats, more like murdering his family with the poison is the real deal. Ten poison Dan pills, that's exactly the number of people in the Gu family. Talk about vicious and evil in the heart.

Thinking up to here, He Lao San's forehead started to sweat because the principle they adhered to was neutrality. They will not get political, they will not help the underworld, and most of all, they will not help in murder! If kind Mr. Gu were to be murdered, the officials will definitely investigate when one of the wealthiest man in the city died so suspiciously. Then that would mean their Treasure Cave will be screwed and be caught up in the aftermath.

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Now it made sense to Ling Yue as to why a poison specialist like Madam Lai would make a defective product.

’’You, you all... Ha, all of you are colluding in this against me.’’ Apparently Sir Gu never expected his plan to be seen through so he didn't even know how to react when caught in the open.

It's as they said, he intended to kill off the entire Gu family with the poison pills.

What does it matter anyways? The old man has been seriously ill for a while now and cannot live long, yet the old bone is still clinging onto all the power in the house.

Then there's that eldest daughter of his. What wife, always bossing me around, trying to control me. Humph, all I'm doing is having a little fun outside, what's wrong with that!

But fortune always comes to those who do good. Not only did the Organ Ruining pills not kill off the kindhearted Mr. Gu, it instead caused the wealthy conglomerate to puke out the bad blood stuck inside his body and made a full recovery.

The more he thought the outcome of his deed, the angrier Sir Gu became because it's not what he planned. Originally he had intended to vent his frustration on the ugly woman by forcibly taking back his money and then get another set of pills as compensation. Now, its all ruined because of some meddling busybody.

As annoyed as he was about Ling Yue's interference, in the end his hatred remains to be on Madam Lai who's the origin of this whole mess. Even worse would be his plan going public and getting back to his wife and father-in-law.

Afraid of the possibility, a burst of Yuan energy surged out of the man's fist and went straight for Madam Lai's heart.

’’Impudent, how dare you make a move in front of me.’’ Enraged, He Lao San raises his hand and shot a bright white light out from his fingers.

’’Sunlight Handprint.’’ Expanding into a giant ethereal hand, the light snatches the attacker up into the air.

Sir Gu wanted to struggle some more but sadly for him, He Lao San's grip with that ethereal hand cannot be denied by the likes of him.

’’Close.’’ At the word, the fingers tightened like a rope and firmly locked its occupant to the ground.

’’Someone come, send Sir Gu to the officials and have them take care of the matter.’’ Just like that, the man was sent away like a beaten dog.

’’Madam Lai, what exactly is going on here? I need a full explanation.’’ The hunchback gives the woman an eyeful, demanding answers with that glare.

In response, Madam Lai only showed a sad expression for the Treasure Cave was the sole establishment in which she can operate without danger. Back before when she was at her lowest, it was the kind-hearted Mr. Gu who took pity and gave her ten silvers to get by. If not for that outreach of kindness, Madam Lai cannot be certain if she would've made it through that cold and dreaded winter. Therefore, her suspicion was immediately raised when Mr. Gu's son-in-law came to seek her out.

She didn't know at first her benefactor had become ill so it was quite the news when she found out. And knowing the horrible character of this Sir Gu, Madam Lai decided to play along to carry out her own plan. She knew the kind-hearted Mr. Gu must be suffering from a blood clog due to old age. Using her own knowledge of the ingredients, she specially concocted the weakened Organ Ruining Dan pill to cleverly cure the illness.

’’Although I will only how to make poison but I also know the meaning of repaying a debt of kindness. If Boss Shan still wishes to drive me out then I have no complaint or resentment.’’ With that said, Madam Lai began packing her possession.

What a good saying of repaying a debt of kindness. Towards the woman's character, both Ling Yue and Feng Shen only had approval in their hearts because Madam Lai clearly needed money based on her dreary getup. Such backbone doesn't come often.

Just as Madam Lai was about to depart with a pained heart, a young and crisp voice from behind stopped her: ’’Hold on. Why are you leaving when a customer is knocking at your door? I've seen your raw ingredients here and I find them to be of great quality. I'm willing to offer you a high price for them.’’

Turning around, it was from the very same youngster who dissected her pill perfectly.


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