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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 208


Chapter 208

Chapter 208 ’’The Phoenix Lord is Gay?’’

For He Lao San who has his ears and spies in every corner of Da Xia's capital, it's easy for him to figure out the name ’’Red Thirteen’’ was but a pseudo to hide the person's true identity.

Turning back to the Phoenix Lord to get confirmation, he was suddenly hit with confusion at the man's expression. Mischievous and gentle in that gaze, He Lao San didn't understand why the Phoenix Lord would look at his companion like so. Shuddering in the next second, he finally got it.

No wonder Sir Ten didn't respond to Shui Yao Rao's advancement, he's into the male se*! Oh lord, I better be careful around this Red Thirteen then.

Despite his awkward stiffness, the hunchback manages to avoid losing his composure and kept his friendly attitude going as the host. Not an easy feat when you know your guests were leaning that way.

’’Sir Ten, Sir Thirteen, the day is getting late so why don't I walk around with you two to help see if there's anything that's eye-catching.’’

Bringing the two youngsters with him, they started to tour the second floor. It's unsure how the Treasure Cave managed to do this but the entire underground hall was like an open plaza, scores of people roaming about in the isles. This was definitely different from the way the Treasure House managed their auction back in Glass City.

No longer centralized and controlled by the staff, all goods are negotiated in private through the buyer and vendors. If a guest fancied an item up for sale, they are then free to call a bid. Of course, if a buyer lacked the necessary funds, bartering works too if they offer an item that's considered of equal value.

As for the Treasure Cave themselves, the establishment will take up to thirty percent of the profit as transaction fee. Now this left Ling Yue quite dumbfounded when informed because a simple yellow class artifact can go for thousands of gold alone. Imagine what it must be like if a sale of a fifth or sixth rank Dan pill went through. Those can easily fetch up to tens of thousands of gold per one, meaning the place can rake in more than what a city earns in a whole year in one night!

Normally Ling Yue would consider this outright robbery, but after thinking about it, her perceptions changed. Aside from the professional appraisers sticking around to guarantee an item's authenticity, there's also the concern of safety which can be solved with the many powerful martialists working here. Robbery was of no concern. Considering these services offered by the business, thirty percent wasn't unreasonable as it initially seems.

Coming here today, Ling Yue only had a simple goal in mind: she wishes to procure a martial skill above the seventh rank or something specializing in the use of the spirit force. She had no use for ordinary techniques because her Jade Flower Hand combined with the thirteen-needle technique can trump anything of similar strength out there. As for Dan pills, the Yellow Grade flooring weren't of interest to her since they only offered stuff up to the fourth to fifth grade. She had Master Longyu already so she didn't need to pay when the old dwarf will just hand them over.

While the three were busy touring the underground plaza, the group just so happens to walk past a loud commotion currently taking place nearby. Based on the sound, it's likely a dispute of some kind.

’’How dare you lie to me Madam Lai, the drugs you sold me were fakes. Hurry and return the thousand gold I gave you.’’ Like an angry animal, the man furiously pulled against the woman's collar.

If there's trading then there's going to be controversy

Since someone's making a scene on his turf, He Lao San can only stop in his step to interfere. First turning around to face his guests, he makes a slight bow as an apology for the delay.

Likewise mixed into the crowd to get a closer look, Ling Yue was a little surprise when she saw what the woman was selling.

To think the Treasure Cave would also sell these sorts of stuff.

Though the woman was being lifted in the air, she didn't back down and instead showed a straight and righteous face, which roused all sorts of pointing from the onlookers.

She wasn't tall by any means with that grayish silver hair, however, the woman's biggest feature were those ugly toad warts covering her facial skin. Its so unsightly and ugly that none wanted to get near like she's contagious or something. Due to this reasoning, there's not a lot of customers who would patronize her stall on a regular day.

It can't be helped when there's plenty of beautiful maids roaming the floor.

’’Sir Gu, you can't insult others like that. The prices of my drugs are all openly stated on the tags. Back then you didn't have any objections so why are you coming back to make trouble after three days.’’ Struggle as she might, the woman just couldn't break free because she's only a simple alchemist who doesn't know any offensive attacks with the spirit force. She's no match for a martialist like Sir Gu.

’’Let's talk this out Sir Gu. You know the rules of our Treasure Cave too. If you start making violence here then it's the same as not giving me, He Lao San, some face.’’ From his hunchback body, an invisible force flies out and forced the rude man into loosening his grip.

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’’Boss San, you need to get justice for me. I took mercy on this ugly poor woman and bought ten Dan pills from her, each costing me a hundred gold. In the end none of them worked, its all useless.’’ Fearing the old hunchback wouldn't believe him, the rude man quickly poured the pills in question out from a bottle.

One hundred per one? Now this is getting messy. Such expensive Dan pills will have to be at least be in the third grade to be reasonable. He Lao San murmurs to himself.

’’Sir Gu, you can't just start slandering others. These are all genuine third grade Organ Ruining Dan pills. I concocted these based on the servings you requested.’’ The ugly madam came forward and patiently explained.

So it turns out the Dan pills this ugly woman sold weren't medicine at all, it's poison.

Whether it be the completed products like Dan pills or raw ingredients like the herbs, everything on the ugly madam's stall were poisonous. One of the main reason why Ling Yue was so surprised.

In Da Xia, no matter if it's the alchemist association or ordinary pharmacy shops, well known poisonous drugs and herbs are strictly controlled and need to be registered when sold. Therefore, for those who wish to secretly purchase such ingredients or drugs, they will look towards establishments like the Treasure Cave who operate outside the law.

’’You think just because you say these servings are correct then its correct? Boss San, please find someone to verify if these are genuine. If it's not then I want this ugly woman's life today.’’ Normally the request would be easy to carry out for they have plenty of appraisers around, but this specific occasion had left He Lao San in a pinch.

If it was anything else here He Lao San can easily discern its authenticity with a glance, but the stuff here were poisonous drugs. Forget about him, it's likely no other staff would have the knowledge to verify the authenticity. It's not like he can just go ask the alchemist tower to help. Poisons are illegal!

’’Excuse me, if none of you mind, I can help with the task.’’ Just as the argument's getting nowhere, Ling Yue took the opportunity to step forward.

’’Sir Thirteen, could it be you know toxicology?’’ Like finding a lifeline, He Lao San hurriedly asks.


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