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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 207


Chapter 207

Chapter 207 ’’Who Dares to Touch my Mistress's Man’’

Compared with Feng Shen who was both tall and prestigious in his demeanor, Ling Yue on the other hand was a bit lacking standing there. Much plainer in her petite appearance, if one didn't know ahead of time like right now, they will mistake her for a little servant. And funniest part of all was that there's a dirty little mutt squatting on the boy's shoulder.

Towards the possessive nature portrayed by Ling Yue at this moment, Feng Shen can only say he's feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

’’Hoh, where did this ignorant boy come from. Do you not see your master and I are talking? Now buzz off before I rip that mouth of yours off.’’ Contempt in her words, the woman not only didn't back off, she even got closer and deliberately rubbed her breast against Feng Shen's chest.

Against that scene, a storm was quickly brewing inside Ling Yue's eye. However, before she can make a move, Little Squeak had gone ahead to teach the woman a lesson.

’’Squeak~~’’ Calling out several times in anger, all of his fur had puffed up like a small pompon before his image abruptly disappeared from view.

If Little Squeak's words were to be translated into human tongue, it would be as following: ’’You shameless old hag, how dare you get close to Feng beauty with your ugly face!’’

Looking back, Feng Shen was technically Little Squeak's first love. Though the flower bud had been severed long before it could bloom, it's still a crush! So as the old saying goes, always leave the fine river to those that you know than those that you don't know. Going by that principle, Little Squeak had willfully matched his mistress with Feng Shen without permission.

Who dares to make a move on my mistress's man!

By relying on his small figure and razor fast speed, Little Squeak had jumped atop of the triumphant looking woman's head and, god forbid, he raised his hind leg and loosed a sprinkle down the victim's face.

Facing a dreaded downpour of urine, not only did the recipient of the act become dumbfound, the entire area went deadly silent.

’’Ahhhhhh~! You little bastard.’’ In a frantic scream, the woman in red painfully cries out in horror and reached out to catch the miscreant with a sizable amount of Yuan energy in her hands.

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Now this came as a surprise for Ling Yue. She didn't expect the woman to also be a reincarnation master, and a wielder of the wind element at that.

’’Little Squeak, quickly come back.’’ Invoking her spirit force, she activates her blink shield in haste with the hope of saving the little fur ball in time. However, it appears her worry had been for nothing.

Whizzing around at lightning speed, only the afterimages of a white little ball gave evidence to Little Squeak's trail.

Now this came as a surprise for Feng Shen himself because he had always taken the little fur ball as nothing more than a little cuddle pet for Ling Yue. It appears his usual fine judgement had been off.

’’Stop this instant!’’ Just as things were getting heated, a sharp and stern voice interrupted the fight. From the side, an old grandpa with a crotch quickly came forward from the crowd and stepped in-between the parties.

The grandpa was definitely old, there's no question about that. White haired, mottled skin, and a hunch back, what more can one ask for in an aged man?

His name was He Lao San, the main manager of the Treasure Cave and a reincarnation master that can utilize the metal, wood and water element.

Note: (He Lao San) means ’’Congratulate Old Three’’. Try to remember this meaning because it plays a role in his character.

Naturally He Lao San would recognize a regular like Feng Shen, but the youngster that came with him today and that little animal on the shoulder...

’’He Lao San, is this the sort of hospitality you use to greet your guests?’’ Feng Shen reprimands the hunchback old man, his face clearly unhappy.

Even if he knew He Lao San held no ill will towards them, Feng Shen still didn't like the fact that a third party was eyeing Ling Yue up and down in a scrutinizing manner. To remedy that, he moves in front to shield the girl from that gaze and released an indescribable aura that sent the crowd stepping away in astonishment.

As for the arrogant woman from earlier, only fear could be found on her face.

What's going on here. Why did the boy suddenly change into a completely different person?

It's no secret among the populous that the King of North Qing was rumored to be a martialist of the ’’Avatar Realm’’. But that's nothing compared to the famous rumors circulating about this nephew of said king.

Feng Shen, heir to the Phoenix Lord name and richest man in North Qing. It's said that the amount of love coming from the king was so great that if the boy wished it, the king would be more than willing to bestow the future of the crown to him.

As a show of love for this nephew who can't practice martial art, the king had spent ten years to create a unique soul scripture called the ’’King's Aura’’ which gives its practitioner the unique ability to release the might of a true king. Even for those at the reincarnation realm, they will instinctively want to submit in front of such a presence.

’’This is a misunderstanding Sir Ten, please hold back your anger. This is all my fault for not disciplining Shui Yao Rao enough.’’ For customers of the Treasure Cave, privacy was imperative for them, especially those who come regularly - they are given a code name.

Since there's a letter ten within Feng Shen's written name, He Lao San went ahead and used Sir Ten as an ease of recognition.

Afraid the boy wouldn't be satisfied with his words, the hunchback snapped his fingers again with a sullen face: ’’Shui Yao Rao, how dare you offend Sir Ten. You must be tired of living. Someone come, bring her away for Judge Shen and abolish her cultivation in the process.’’ As soon as the words came out of the hunchback's mouth, the woman in red instantly lost her footing and collapsed to the ground.

It's all over for her now. Shui Yao Rao had always believed in her own beauty so the goal for her wasn't to keep this job as a guide for the rich, rather she wanted to be the main wife of a wealthy conglomerate. Originally she thought this time would be it, the day where she can be reborn as a phoenix from a chicken. But now not only did she screw herself over by offending a prestigious guest, she's also going to lose her cultivation!

Then there's that Judge Shen.

Judge Shen was the one in charge of the punishment in this place. An old man around seventy years of age. Shui Yao Rao can face a future without her cultivation as a normal person, she still had her beauty so it's doable. What she can't face was being forced upon by an old man several times her age. It's a well-known fact around here any woman with some level of beauty would be tarnished by the old man's hand if brought before him. If she's dragged away now, Shui Yao Rao can't even image the painful fate awaiting her as tool for pleasure. The old man already has twenty something wives, and she's now going to be one of them now!

As loud and painful as Shui Yao Rao's cries were, no mercy was given here today. Before long, calm returns to the floor after this little farce comes to an end.

As expected of a businessman. Despite handing down a judgement of death for that foolish woman, He Lao San didn't even flinch: ’’Sir Ten, this little friend is?’’

To be able to catch the fancy of the Phoenix Lord, He Lao San wasn't going to do something foolish like looking down at them.

While the hunchback thought long and hard to match Ling Yue's description with anyone that he knew from the city, Feng Shen didn't have the patience to wait. Ready to give the introduction, he was overtaken by Ling Yue instead: ’’People call me Red Thirteen. You can simply call me Thirteen.’’

She didn't want to divulge her identity so this nickname was something she came up with randomly by pairing Mr. Red Mist's name with the Thirteen Ghost Needles.


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