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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 206


Chapter 206

Chapter 206 ’’Feng Beauty Belongs to my Boss’’

Right after both brothers of the Hong House met with Yang Qing independently, Ling Yue and Feng Shen likewise too arrived at the Treasure Cave.

It must be said Feng Shen had gone through a great deal of effort to disguise the girl. Finding the right sized clothing, getting a mask ready, he even went as far as to stick a false bump on her neck. For once in her lifetime, Ling Yue can now confidently say ’’he's’’ a handsome youngster of the capital.

Originally her perception of the establishment was that of lavishly grand, after all, they are heading to the biggest auction house around. But to her surprise, the establishment was located inside a humble looking gambling shop on a quiet street of all things. To its credit, the business does have a signboard stating ’’Treasure Cave’’ above the entrance. Sadly, any sort of grandeur was lost by the peeling paint and aged structure.

Looking around after disembarking from the carriage, the first feeling that hit her was confusion. There's not a soul in sight other than the lazy old man sitting at the counter. This didn't sit well with Ling Yue at all for a first impression. Honestly, she's starting to doubt if Feng Shen was toying with her.

However, her initial impression was quickly squashed when they handed over the invitation. No longer lazy in the eye, the irises of the old man lit up and changed to that of sharpness and prudence.

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Eyeing them up and down to confirm their identity, the old man then promptly called out to those hiding in the back, ’’Heaven room number one for these two distinguished guests.’’

Apparently, the extravagance exuding out of their body didn't go unnoticed to the old man.

Led inside, Feng Shen and Ling Yue soon entered a small room of shabby construction. A round table with two teacups and two chairs were all that was there to welcome them. Seriously, she thought an auction would be bustling with people, but its dead quiet in here without a trace of life.

What the heck?!

In her moment of hesitation, it was Feng Shen who encouraged her to keep going by pointing at the chairs - seems the boy wants her to sit. Sighing, she did as he wished and took her spot across from him.

Once seated, Feng Shen then made a meaningful smile and reached out for the cup in front of him. Following this example, Ling Yue was initially perplexed by the sensation she got. It appears she can't lift it! Now it made sense, the cups are but a decoration afixed to the table.

Then in the next moment a slight ’’grinding’’ sound came from Feng Shen's side as the boy turned the cup clockwise. All of a sudden, their bodies and the chairs started to sink downwards.

’’I am here, don't worry.’’ As a reassuring gesture, Feng Shen's hand fell upon hers like a protective guardian.

As the chair sank lower and lower, so does the speed they went at. Based on her estimation, Ling Yue speculated they are no less than several kilometers below the surface.

By the time the bristling sound of wind and the blurring background image came to a halt, what came into view was a scene beyond expectation.

People, loads and loads of masked people like themselves in every direction.

Intrigued and curious, Ling Yue immediately sent her spirit senses out to explore. To her surprise and horror, every person here from all corners of the world were of exceptional power and strength. Take the Dan realm masters for example, there's over a thousand here!

It's obviously clear to her now a lot of these people are not from Da Xia like herself.

’’The Treasure Cave's name isn't only famous in Da Xia so its able to attract customers of all background from across the continent. The truth is this floor is but the first level of the auction known as the Yellow Grade. Further below is still the Black Grade, Earth Grade, and Heaven Grade in that order.’’ Patient in his words, Feng Shen explains the details to her.

Since this was the first time Ling Yue came to a secretive place like this, there's still plenty of rules she didn't know so its great that there's a walking guide to show her.

Compared to the shabby looking gambling shop on the surface, this underground auctioning hall can only be called worlds apart. Luxurious? No, such a word won't do this place justice.

Marbled white floorings, night pearls as a light source, and the constant shuffling of gorgeous maids with their entrées. To say one will lose themselves here was no understatement.

Despite the great 'wow' factor showcased, it didn't faze Feng Shen in the least. To him, this was all normal and expected.

According to the information given, it turns out the items here are likewise divided into different classes like their customers. From low to high, the Yellow Grade floor - as its name suggests - will only auction off yellow class artifacts and items of corresponding value.

Generally speaking, only those with a net worth of millions are wealthy enough to warrant an entry slip. In Feng Shen's case, it's no secret he's the richest man in North Qing so some lowly yellow class items couldn't possibly catch his fancy. His goal today lies on the second floor where the black grade items are stored.

Sure enough, not long after they started strolling around, a grizzly looking staff came over to greet them. ’’Dear distinguished guests, the lower floor level is this way. Please follow me to the Black Grade auction.’’

Doing as the man said, they soon entered a different floor after taking the stairs downward.

This new floor was less populated, around half the number of upstairs, but the interior decoration was even more exquisite and refine.

’’This guest, what can I help you with.’’

Glancing over at the source of that voice, Ling Yue's nose was immediately punched with the pungent smell of perfume before her eyes took could coordinate on the streaming red.

It's a woman. A flirtatious and stunning one at that. Small slender hands and silky-smooth skin, her demeanor gave off the impression of a bewitching snake as she leaned against Feng Shen with her arms around his neck.

Undeniably, this woman had a lot to be proud of considering how easily she managed to capture the attention of all the men nearby. However, her fondness seems to be completely focused on the boy she's clinging onto.

It can't be helped. Despite the mask and clothes, nothing can block off that romantic and prevalent aura coming off of Feng Shen. Then again, that's not the only reason why the woman's clinging onto him. As someone whose been working this floor for so long, it's easy for her to distinguish whether a person was gold or dust.

Knitting his forehead, Feng Shen was ready to shirk off the woman when he noticed the cold and unapproving gaze coming off of Ling Yue. Halting in his words, he waits with anticipation.

’’Take your dirty heart and hands away from him,’’ she blurts this out at the woman without thinking twice.

The unpleasant feeling was practically spontaneous. She didn't know why but Ling Yue just didn't like it when Feng Shen and the woman was so clingy.

If Feng Shen is too good tempered to say it then I will.

In response to that statement, the woman only shot a sideway glance at her, amused.


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