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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 205


Chapter 205

Chapter 205 ’’Underground Auction’’

Faintly pricking his brow, only now does Feng Shen recall he was supposed to be attending an auctioning with Mr. Mu today.

Feng Shen also attends events like that? Ling Yue's poor habit of thinking sideways was starting to act up again. Ha! If he went then the focus wouldn't be on the items anymore, it be on him.

It's as she says. If not for her constant engagement with the boy that has gradually produced an acceptable immunity within her, Ling Yue might be like the rest out there who would drool at Feng Shen's entry. Well, most of the time she wouldn't anyways.

Likely able to guess the mischievous thoughts running through the girl's mind, a smile escapes him. ’’You came at the right time Ling Yue. I received this invitation several days ago and promised to attend. Why don't we do this. You come with me to the underground auction and we can both enjoy the show together. This auction is not like the average establishment so its worth a visit. However, there's all sorts of people there so its best you disguised yourself first before we head out.’’

Now this was a surprise for Ling Yue. After coming to the capital for so long this was the first time she heard the name of an underground auction.

This wasn't due to her being ignorant, it's because the Treasure Cave will only hand out invitations to a handful of people of exceptional power or wealth.

For her whose net worth was pitiful and without fame, naturally she didn't fall into the invitation list. Take General Lan for example. As the 'Invincible General of Da Xia', even this man of the first element in the reincarnation realm only received a single invitation back in the day. Unfortunately, the man had shallow pockets hence the reason why the general never managed to set foot inside.

Not being polite, Ling Yue excitedly changed into some of Feng Shen's older clothes from his younger years and donned a mask prepared for her. Together with their disguises, the two headed out of the Phoenix Manor in a carriage and rode for the ’’Treasure Cave’’.

For a single invitation slip, an invitee was permitted to bring along a single guest with them. Normally this second companion would be Mr. Mu, however the post was taken up by Ling Yue instead today.

According to Feng Shen's description along the way, this so-called Treasure Cave wasn't only the biggest auction house in the capital, it's in fact the biggest within the entire kingdom. As long as one had money, they can buy anything from the most elicit to the most amazing - living and non-living items included.

Now this got Ling Yue thinking, maybe she can procure some new martial skills that she could use.

Ever since she made some major improvements to her cultivation, Ling Yue's been aching to get her hands on some new martial techniques. It's not that she's looking down at her current arts like the Jade Flower Hand and such, but she's well past that stage and needs a new influx of knowledge. Of course, she could forcefully learn the techniques of the Lan House - her adopted family would be happy to teach her - but the overwhelming brute force types aren't suitable for her.

At the same time somewhere else in the capital, a humble looking carriage was currently driving through some small alleyways to keep itself from being noticed. Eventually coming to a halt in front of a quiet looking house, the rider disembarks to reveal himself. It's a middle-aged man. Though he tries hard to look normal, but based on that sallow and stiff face, one can easily tell that face wasn't his. It's a mask made from human skin, obviously used for disguising his real identity.

’’Your servant greets Your Lordship.’’ A man that's already inside the residence greets the disguised newcomers upon seeing his entry.

’’Useless thing. I heard you've been injured again while bedding a woman.’’ Ripping off the human skin mask, the true identity of this person was revealed. It turns out he's the eldest son of Marquis Hong and the half brother of Hong Feng. As for the one reporting to him, it's the current leader of the Sha Sect, Yang Qing.

So it seems Ling Yue's speculation was spot on. The Sha Sect indeed had a powerful backer, and it's the strongest of the four main noble families, the Hong House.

’’Your Lordship, it's those little twerps from the Ghost Sect. Those goddamn youngsters actually got the nerve to turn their heads on the Sha Sect.’’ Apparently Yang Qing held a lot of fear towards this heir of the Hong House that even his voice was trembling.

Prior to becoming the powerful man that he's now today, Yang Qing was in fact a simple personnel that once worked for the Hong House inside their residence. Due to the man's bearable strength and ruthlessness, Marquis Hong specifically picked the man out to assist his eldest son.

In reality, all four big noble families in the capital had some form of business that can't be seen on the surface. This way it will not only ensure their family's prosperity, it will also keep their pockets deep with riches.

The man coldly grunts, eyeing the injured Yang Qing with distain. Normally he, the heir to the most powerful noble family in the capital, would never stoop so low as to use a man like Yang Qing whose overly lustful in their personality. But because of the man's ruthless nature and acceptable poisonous skills, he had turned a blind eye up till now. Otherwise, he would've discarded the idiot long ago.

’’I say it's not just the Ghost Sect right. I've heard the Sha Sect's business is worsening recently.’’ Even if Yang Qing did a decent job at rigging the numbers to look nicer than it should, he's seen the account books and can tell the profit had dropped by over forty percent.

’’Your Lordship, I don't know what's going on with the Life Taking Hall recently but they've been robbing our business in some areas... but rest assured. Whether it be the Ghost Sect or Life Taking Hall, your subordinate here will definitely deal with them all once I recover.’’ Yang Qing tries to sound confident in his statement to no avail.

’’You better, otherwise your position as the leader of the Sha Sect is at its end.’’ He turns away without looking back after leaving behind this warning.

Still on his knees, Yang Qing's face was full of gloom when another individual stepped out from the side screen leading in from another room.

To think there's a third person inside the house, and its Hong Feng!

’’Your Lordship.’’ Getting up, Yang Qing removes the bandages wrapping his hand and respectfully bowed to the man.

’’Yang Qing, is your injury better now?’’ Unlike his elder brother, Hong Feng's tone was way calmer and nicer.

’’Thank you for your kindness Your Lordship. Thanks to the fifth grade Dan medicine you bestowed upon me, my injuries are completely healed now.’’ A look of gratitude masks Yang Qing's face.

Different from his elder brother who only knows how to reprimand his subordinates, as soon as Hong Feng learned of the man's injury, he immediately brought over the best medicine he can find. Without a doubt, this definitely won some points with Yang Qing.

As for the situation just now, Yang Qing was definitely crumbling in fear when the elder brother made the sudden visit because who knows what would happen if Hong Feng's presence were to be known. However, his worry seems to have been wasted.

Could it be...

’’Hoho, are you wondering why my elder brother didn't notice me with his cultivation? Let me tell you then, it's because I've already broken through to the third element of the reincarnation realm.’’

After getting the much-needed Reincarnation Dan pill from Consort Luo, Hong Feng worked day and night to exceed his limit. Sure enough, he finally had a breakthrough yesturday.

It doesn't matter if it's his elder brother or General Lan, none of these people are his opponent now.

Normally this news would be worthy of celebration, but he did a fine job and temporarily hid it from the rest of the Hong House.

’’Congratulations to Your Lordship. I and my men from the Sha Sect will henceforth look to you for leading us.’’ Hearing the man had broken through to the third element, two levels higher than the elder brother, Yang Qing's undecided heart immediately steadied itself and made the decision.

’’You are a man that knows how to adapt Yang Ching. The future of the Hong House will definitely be in my hands. However, the Sha Sect working under me must be number one. If you don't want to be excluded from the ship then I suggest you bring me the head of those from the Ghost Sect.’’ After his advancement, Hong Feng's confidence likewise expanded like his cultivation and could hardly keep himself at bay.

It's but a small little Ghost Sect. I don't believe the full force of the Sha Sect can't uproot that power.


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