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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 204


Chapter 204

Chapter 204 ’’Old Monster Level Existence’’

As thorough as Yanche's plan was to use a leading prostitute to distract Yang Qing while he did his business inside a brothel, the man was simply too cunning. In the critical moment, he used the prostitute as a shield and dodged the lethal strike and countered with his poison darts, hence the reason for the hole on Yanche's abdomen.

To make things worse, the man was no pushover either. Countering after the initial falter, the other members of the Ghost Sect were nearly pushed into a corner because they had not a contingency in place for failure. As a result, some losses were incurred while Yanche himself returned with heavy injury.

’’You are too reckless this time Yanche. I've heard about this Yang Qing from my god father before. His strength is roughly at the 'Big Core' stage of the Dan realm, similar to what my god father was back at Glass City. But this is not the most important factor in your failure, it's your underestimation of the enemy.’’ She shakes her head to show her disapproval.

Due to the quick expansion and growth of the Ghost Sect in recent days, it had made Yanche and the rest of the Ghost Sect members complacent. A dangerous trend to be on.

Whether it be Yanche or Ye Ling Yue, this failure wasn't simply a failure, it's also a wake-up call. The capital's not as easy as they made it out to be and its time they reconsidered their plans.

’’As the city right under the king's foot, aside from those super-large organizations like the Life Taking Hall that spans over several kingdoms, most dark forces here are in collusion with the local government or someone in high places. If we are to clean out this Sha Sect for good, we must first get the background story of whose backing them before making another move. You understand me Yanche?’’

Even if you got strong backing I won't let you off for hurting my people. Yang Qing, sooner or later I will have you pay dearly for this.

’’First go back and recuperate for the next few days while I collect information about the Sha Sect. Once I'm done, I will let you get back the shame you experienced.’’

It seems this time I will have to think of other ways to investigate the Sha Sect. Clearly the usual methods aren't working.

Sending Yanche away, Ling Yue started to get irritated because she got two problems at hand and got no definite answer to the solution. Frankly, this situation where she didn't know where to look was her first.

In order to calm her head, she figured idling in the room won't do her any good and decides to go out for a stroll. Coincidentally, she encountered her sister in the courtyard where Lan Caier's busy doing her morning exercise.

Sweaty and puffing after finishing her first routine, the girl quickly took notice to Ling Yue's arrival. Seeing the hesitating look coming from the girl, Lan Caier took the initiative and went over instead to see what's going on.

’’You suspect Lady Yao and Hong Feng is colluding with North Qing? Oh my, this is scandalous!’’ The big girl exclaimed at the news.

One was a royal concubine of the king and the other a royal tutor, this wasn't some small news you can find in a tea house...

’’This is just my suspicion. In order to be safe, I don't intend to let too many people in on this secret. This includes god mother and god father so don't mention this to them okay?’’

’’Have you asked the Phoenix Lord yet? He is a denizen of North Qing and is also a medicine jar, I'm sure he would know the names of the famous alchemists in that kingdom. Don't forget, if Lady Yao knows how alchemy works then she's bound to be partnering with some other alchemist from there.’’ Originally clouded in her mind on what to do, the sudden reminder by her big sister here instantly cleared away the muddiness plaguing her head.

It's not like Ling Yue didn't think of Feng Shen as a possible source, but since the last time where the boy confessed to her, things changed. Its still subtle, but she can't just say they are friends anymore. There's more between them...

Don't get her wrong, Ling Yue can still handle the boy's presence when there's others around to dilute the awkwardness, but if they are alone in private, her breathing would instantly get stuffy like she's having difficulty breathing.

Ohhhh, what am I supposed to do... Feng Shen, what is he to me?

Frightened by the sudden thought of what just gone through her mind, Ling Yue shakes her head heavily to push it aside. She can't be thinking about this right now. Number one must be revenge for her mother and growing her Ghost Sect. Yes, love and stuff like that can move along!

Braving herself with comforting words that she's only out for business, Ling Yue heads straight for the Phoenix Manor where she was immediately welcomed by the old steward Mr. Mu.

Talk about beaming with delight, even the gramps old eyes were curving into a smile. But can anyone blame him? Ever since Ling Yue started to send over the spirit fruits and vegetables, his young lord's picky eating habit have changed a lot which also coincided with the reduced number of cold attacks from the illness.

No longer thin and frail looking, Feng Shen now looks healthy and well in his complexion. In such a case, how can the old steward not be thanking Buddha for the girl's visit. Heck, he would love nothing more if the girl can just stay for good. His idea was simple. As long as Ling Yue was around, his young lord's health will be secured and the prophecy of him not making past twenty years of age will be void.

’’Dao Nu, come with me to prepare the tea and leave them to their conversation.’’ Due to Dao Nu being a blockhead and not catching the wink sent his way, the old steward can only forcefully drag the big guy away, thus leaving the two youngsters in an awkward situation.

Trying to avoid the issue that's hammering at her heart, Ling Yue pulls the topic to something irrelevant like the routine checkup and such.

It's been some time since Feng Shen had another cold attack because during these routine checkups, Ling Yue would always use her spirit smoke to suck the frost out from within. However, the treatment remains to be limited to simple absorption. Whenever she attempts to dive deeper to seek out the cause, an unknown force would always repel her and force her consciousness back out.

This time was no exception.

It seems my spirit smoke is still too weak to find the source. Seriously, what exactly is happening inside Feng Shen's body?

After the inspection was completed, Mr. Mu had by then returned with the tea and started to serve them. Knowing its not right to be so direct, Ling Yue went in a roundabout way and only asked about some unimportant stuff regarding the alchemists In North Qing.

’’North Qing's most famous alchemist? You really asked the right people then. Let me tell you Miss Yue, even your mentor Longyu might not know as much as my young lord. Its not me belittling the level of Da Xia's alchemist, but if you have the opportunity in the future, I highly recommend you to come with us to North Qing and see for yourself. The Star Astro Tower there is many times more magnificent than the alchemist tower here.’’ Cunning old man. Those words may appear as a reply to Ling Yue's question on the surface but was in fact a temptation to lure the girl into joining them.

Stunned into a daze, the thought of going back with Feng Shen never even crossed her mind.

Noticing the reaction, Feng Shen slightly coughs to interrupt Mr. Mu who was rambling about with his glorious description of all the nice things they will see.

’’Teacher, your words are disrespectful to Master Longyu there. North Qing and Da Xia's alchemy circle doesn't overlap with one another so their path of study is different. Da Xia weighs heavily into Dan medication while North Qing relies on star gazing for their study. Take Master Jia Hou of Da Xia and Master Chen Hong Ru of North Qing, both are senior alchemists and top figures within their circle.

Chen Hong Ru?

A thought suddenly hit Ling Yue.

Can it be, this Chen Hong Ru is the very same person mentioned by Ancestor Ye Nameless?

Churning with all sorts of feelings in her guts, there are numerous questions urging to come out. Based on the tone of Mr. Mu and Feng Shen, she can tell this individual was definitely a prominent figure in North Qing.

To think after so many years that Cheng Hong Ru is still alive and well.

As much as Ling Yue wants to get revenge for her ancestor, she knew when its time to back off. With her pitiful cultivation right now, its no different from suicide. However, the detail of the Star Astro Tower did pique her interest.

Just as she's trying to press for more information, Dao Nu interrupts the three by walking in on them. In his hands were a black invitation slip.

Towards the color of the invitation pamphlet, Ling Yue found it very odd because invitations are usually red in color, not black.

’’Your Highness, the 'Treasure Cave' sent an invitation, saying there's an auction today that might be of interest to you.’’ Having accepted Ling Yue as the future mistress of the house, Dao Nu didn't shy away and openly reported the news in front of everyone.


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