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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 202


Chapter 202

Chapter 202 ’’Emergence of the Earth Class Treasure’’

Seeing the sudden rage coming off of the man in the mirror, Yao Yao struggles to climb up in haste. Still seeping blood from the corner of her mouth, there's not a trace of the impeccable lady that everyone knew to expect of Lady Yao. In its place, only a disheveled and panic-stricken woman lies there.

In her mind, Yao Yao was still confused over her master's sudden action. Clearly this wasn't due to her failure in the contest, rather it's her showing off the Hundred Fragrance Dan pill. It's not like she did it out of self-interest, so why?

’’Idiot, you think just anyone can create a Hundred Fragrance Dan pill? What his excellency is worried about is someone noticing our plan. If that old dwarf Longyu sees through us and turns his suspicion at the north, then...’’ Stopping here, Consort Luo looked askance at the foolish woman still trying to get up.

Each alchemist, especially the high-level ones, would always leave behind their spirit footprint on their creations. If another alchemist takes a quick examination, its easy to recognize whose hand it was from.

Not backing down against the accusation, Yao Yao rummages through her clothes for the pill in question and shoots an angry glare back at Consort Luo.

’’Master, you can rest assured that there wouldn't be any problems. Your disciple here made sure to remove any traces of your involvement by using a special method to change the mental imprint. That Longyu may be powerful, but not even he can see what's not there anymore.’’ Its as Yao Yao says. Through her means, the old dwarf never suspected a thing when she brought the red pill out before everyone today.

Only by hearing this does the man in the mirror subside in his anger. However, after another glance at the pill, the thing was sucked right out of Lady Yao's hand and up to the mirror. Floating there, the pill suddenly cracked following a ’’popping’’ sound and crumbled to dust.


’’This Dan pill is useless now. Back when I ordered you to mix into the palace, I specifically added a herb called the ’’Lovesickness Grass’’ into its creation. Now, I can longer find its effect within the pill, meaning its ruined.’’

The Lovesickness Grass was an old plant, a strain hailing all the way back to ancient times. Of course, as its name implies, the herb has a powerful aphrodisiac effect towards its victims. Colorless, odorless, once exposed, the opposite se* will be constantly yearning for the original bearer, meaning even the most talented of alchemists would have a hard time discerning its existence within a patient's system.

As a natural born love toy, Yao Yao combined with the special herb can only be called the dream team. It's no surprise the king would fall into a rabid state of fascination for the woman. What man can resist this?

Now it all made sense to the both of them. The focus of worry didn't lie in the fact that Longyu might be able to figure out who created the Dan pill, it's the special ingredient inside. If the effects were to be destroyed, it would mean the end of the original plan of using Yao Yao to charm the king.

’’In addition to Longyu, who else came into contact with this Dan pill?’’ Through Yao Yao's mouth, the man in the mirror now knows the old dwarf didn't suspect a thing. That leaves the question of who did.

’’Only the dowager, the king... and Longyu's apprentice. That girl only held it for a small moment to look, it can't possibly be her.’’ Full of uncertainty in her voice, Lady Yao couldn't say for certain her thoughts are correct.

’’Four cauldron alchemist? Humph, Yao Yao, you are too careless this time. Do you think your so called measly four cauldron alchemist can produce an elixir surpassing the red grade? Don't look down on her just because it's a product of the lowest kind. To refine an elixir to such purity is no easy task.’’ Unlike these foolish women, the man in the mirror had far more insight than the two so he won't be blinded by a simple age difference.

Sure, the girl may indeed be a four-cauldron alchemist as Yao Yao claims, but what about the future? Once the girl matures enough, with that talent, its very possible to reach the level of a senior alchemist and dominate the alchemist circle within Da Xia.

Thinking up to here, the man in the mirror suddenly recalled an aged old memory. A piece about a man who ruled Da Xia's alchemy profession hundreds of years ago...

’’Master, please give your disciple here another chance to make up for the wrong.’’ Fearful for what awaited her, Yao Yao pleads with her shaky voice for she knew the failure lies with her.

’’Your Excellency, would you let me handle this matter regarding the girl instead? I also have prior grudges with her. Now that she's become a court alchemist, its easier for me to deal with the girl using other means.’’ Taking advantage of Lady Yao's downfall, Consort Luo cuts in to flatter the mysterious man in the mirror.

’’Very well, you are right. Yao Yao, your main goal lies in controlling the king. As for everything else, you shall leave it to Luo Wan. Also, the original plan of using alchemy is now aborted, you understand?’’ Abruptly, a wave of energy warps the very fabric of reality within the chamber at the end of his words.

Through the reflective surface of the mirror, an astrolabe made up of black crystal appears from nothing and stays floating in the air. Upon seeing this, both Consort Luo and Lady Yao showed shock, disbelief, and great excitement all at the same time.

’’Congratulations to master (Your Excellency) on reaching a new level again.’’

Despite being physically thousands of miles away in the far-off north, he could still transmit an object relying solely on his spirit force. That sort of power can't be of simple origin.

’’This is an earth class artifact that I recently created. Its name is called Brilliant Star Astrolabe. Through the absorption of the power of the stars, this artifact will allow you to perceive into the future and predict a person's fate. But remember Yao Yao, do not over divulge the secrets of the heavens, otherwise you will face retribution as a result. Use this to help Luo Wan take the throne, you understand?’’

After listening to the explanation, both women were ecstatic with joy.

Earth class artifact, with it, they can topple even a reincarnation master of the fifth element. As long as Marquis Wu and Marquis Hong doesn't take notice right away, it's safe to say the entire court now stands at their mercy.

’’Thank you master, this time your disciple here will definitely live up to your expectations.’’ Finding her master had dropped the thought of punishing her, Yao Yao could finally set her stretched nerves at ease. A sigh of relief escaped her in the end after the mirror returns to norm, signaling the end of their conversation.

Overjoyed by the quick turn of fortune, Lady Yao happily returns to her bed chamber where the king will wake at the impending first light.

As envious as Consort Luo was, she knew better than to throw a tantrum. After all, no matter what this Lady Yao did, it was for herself and her son. Knowing this fact quelled any discontent she had.

’’That little grape sure got lucky this time. If not for me and my son not being able to use the spirit force, there's no way it would've turned out like tonight. Whatever, I will focus on that little slut called Ling Yue for now.’’ Turning dark in her face, she turns to leave the chamber, ’’Someone come and find me Manager Chou!’’


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