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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 201


Chapter 201

Chapter 201 ’’Three Fight Three Win’’

Towards an alchemist of Lady Yao's level, refining an elixir like the Vitality Condensing Liquid was simply abhor, a shameful act. If not for the dowager and the king's presence, she would've smashed the bottle into the girl's face to vent her anger.

Holding back her emotions, she did as needed and uncorked the damn thing. Instantly, her complexions changed after seeing the fluid inside the container.

’’This contest... I lost.’’ Through much effort, she manages to spit out this after gnashing her teeth.

’’My dearest, you are?’’ Apparently the king was taken aback by the outcome. There's simply no reason to forfeit because whether Yao Yao wins or lose in the final round, she's already lost the right to take the court alchemist post.

’’Your Majesty, I know my limits. Such purity in a elixir is beyond my capability.’’ She sends a fierce glare at Ling Yue, indicating her discontent.

For a common alchemist, Dan pill creations are only divided into nine different ranks with a color grading system of blue, yellow, and red in that order. Naturally, the red versions are considered very high quality for these average practitioners.

However, for those in the senior alchemist league, their grading system are far higher and vaster than what the public's exposed to. For example, red Dan pills are only considered to be a gateway. That's right, a gateway into the league of the supreme ranking system. First was the ’’Excellent’’ grade, the first grading above a red marking Dan pill. Above that would be the ’’Supreme’’ grade, and further up would be the ’’Demi-divine’’ and ’’divine’’ grade that's said to only exist in legends.

Note: you can completely ignore this part if you want, I will leave a note whenever it comes up because it will just be confusing.

For the Vitality Condensing Liquid here in the bottle, Lady Yao can say for a fact that she's never encountered anything like it. The quality was beyond a red grade, something she didn't think possible in this small little kingdom.

In her mind, she believes even that ’’person’’ wouldn't be able to achieve such results.

That wasn't to say ’’that man’’ don't have the ability to create something similar, just that an alchemist of that caliber wouldn't waste the time and resources to refine a low level elixir. It's not even a Dan pill!

Therefore, she can only forfeit the match.

’’A three-win streak, it seems this court alchemist title is well deserved by Princess Yue.’’ Talk about taking pleasure in her words. When the old queen uttered this, even her eyes were beaming with joy.

Unlike her mother though, the king looked disappointed. Afraid Lady Yao would be unhappy with the ending, he waves his hand and led the woman away with him. And of course, Lady Yao didn't forget to give one last poisonous glare at the tramp who ruined her good deed.

Damn little bitch, don't think things will end just because you won the contest. I will make sure you suffer in the coming days.

Against the intimidating look shot her way, Ling Yue returned it with a victorious smile, making sure the other side knew she won.

’’As expected, only a fine teacher can produce a fine student. Longyu, your apprentice here didn't bring shame to your name at all.’’ The dowager applauds Ling Yue repeatedly for the girl's achieved what she wanted - that was to suppress Lady Yao's arrogance.

’’Oh my precious apprentice, from today forward you are a fifth rank official. Are you happy?’’ Like his friend, Longyu also found great joy in the fact.

It's true that he disliked the court alchemists, but for his precious apprentice to take on the post, it's a fair and favorable job. After all, Ling Yue may be a princess, but as a woman, finding work can be more difficult at times compared to the male counterpart.

’’Your Highness, I like to offer this Hundred Fragrance Dan pill to you. It is my form of thanks in looking out for me.’’ Clever girl. This will not only raise her status in front of the dowager, it will also help pave her road in the future within the palace. It's always nice to have a powerful backings in high places.

’’Silly girl, I'm already an old granny. What use would I have for something like this? Keep it and use for yourself.’’ The dowager politely denies the gift and went as far as to explain he reasoning.

’’How can you say that Your Highness? When looking at you I'm always reminded of my mother. To me, your appearance is no different from that of a kind lady.’’ Sweet in her tongue, Ling Yue approaches the mission using the honey tactic.

Being flattered so openly, even the old granny felt embarrassed when sneaking a glance at the old dwarf. They are already so old yet a little lass was calling her young, how can she not be happy? Not pushing the goodwill away, she accepts it with great pleasure and a little blush to her cheeks.

As for the last remaining red pill, Ling Yue intends to offer it up to the queen.

Once the task of handing out the pills were done, Ling Yue then went ahead and left the palace alone. Along the way, a constant smile kept escaping her face despite the intent to hide her good mood. Others may not know this, but Ling Yue definitely did - Lady Yao lost far more than just the contest today.

As the sun slowly set for the evening to take its rest for the day, so does the people of the city. Night soon gripped the starry sky.

Like usual, the king himself had spent a good amount of energy frolicking with his new concubine before dozing off. However, unlike the other nights where both occupants would rest until morning, one was stirring while the other was soundly asleep.

Silently getting up, Yao Yao quietly lights an incense stick on the bedside. The fragrance produced will keep the king from waking.

All preparations complete, she then changed into a pitch-black outfit of the night. Through the walls, she sneaked into Consort Luo's chamber where the owner of the residence was already there impatiently waiting.

Without surprise, Consort Luo didn't give the newcomer any good face when meeting. Though she herself didn't truly love the king, but to have her man being shared with a woman like Yao Yao, its unavoidable that jealousy would build up in her stomach.

If not for the ’’master’’ wishing to contact them both, there's no way she would want to see that foxy face. Also, she's perfectly aware of what happened today. To know the woman suffered a defeat, Consort Luo only had one word: Sweet!

’’Yao Yao, do you know your crime? Didn't you always say your alchemy skills are unparalleled? So why, why did you lose to a little girl like that?’’ Cynical in her words, she pecks at the sourest part to make it hurt.

’’Luo Wan Wan, lose that gloating attitude of yours. Don't forget, you and I are in the same boat. If we can't locate the relic left behind by Immortal Alchemist Red Mist, then it will be our failure. If the master's plan is ruined as a result, you can't escape punishment either.’’ Coldly snorting at the mockery, Yao Yao fires back with effective result.

While the cockfighting pair were busy glaring at each other with their flushed faces, the mirror inside the secret chamber activates like a mediator. Through the ripples of the mirror, a slender figure soon appears behind the reflection.

In unison, both women kneeled before the man.

’’Your Excellency.’’


’’Yao Yao, have you successfully become a court alchemist?’’

Due to being thousands of miles away, the news of Yao Yao's failure still hasn't reached the ears of the man in the mirror.

At the question, the recipient can only meekly reply with her head hung low: ’’Master, your disciple is too useless and failed to become a court alchemist.’’

Silence grips the chamber for a good moment.

’’You useless thing. Speak! What exactly happened.’’ The voice in the mirror turned cold but not dangerous. The man knew there's Longyu standing guard within the capital city, hence its reasonable if his disciple failed if that old dwarf stepped in.

Finding it a great fortune her lord and master didn't fall into a rage immediately, Yao Yao instantly breathed a sigh of relief. One step at a time, she went over the details of what happened today. However, as soon as her voice died down, a massive force slammed against her body and sent the girl flying out against the wall.

Due to the impact being too excessive, even the stone walls were destroyed and collapsed as a result.

A normal person would've screamed out in agony by now. Organs damaged, bones bruised, the pain must be excruciating. But not her. Despite that heavy injury, the most that came out of Yao Yao's mouth was a muffled weep as she rolled to the ground.

Shooting a sideway glance at the broken doll known as Lady Yao, Consort Luo only had excitement coursing through her veins because she knew very well how powerful her master's spirit force was. Even at a thousand miles away, the residual force through the mirror alone will make that woman suffer for a good while.

Issue was, she doesn't understand why her master would suddenly get mad without indication. But Consort Luo didn't need to guess anymore for her question was soon answered.

’’You fool! Fast, take out your Hundred Fragrance Dan pill this instant!’’ The man in the mirror demands with ice in his words.


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