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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 20


Chapter 20 ’’New family member’’

Against her rapid growth, Ling Yue had long prepared an excuse to avoid suspicion.

This bottle of hundred fruit wine wasn't exactly the same as the one she drank inside the tree hole. Through the use of her magical cauldron, the wine has been refined and would likely yield better results.

Opening the wine stopper, the whole house became filled with the aromatic scent of fruit and wine. Shocked by the smell, Ye Huang Yu exclaimed: ’’This is monkey wine?’’

Years ago, Ye Huang Yu had heard from the old hunters that the metal arm apes living in the mountains like to brew a special concoction named the hundred fruit wine. This monkey wine was very nourishing and has a healing effect on ones damaged bones and tendons.

Despite her many ventures into the mountain, she had never once encountered this amazing liquid, yet her daughter does on the very first time?

It's no wonder Ling Yue's strength soared by huge margins.

Maybe the gods themselves are taking pity on her for being so unlucky all these years and have guided her daughter to the monkey wine.

’’Daughter still have a few more bottles. Mother should try the hundred fruit wine and see if there's any effect. If there is, I can bring the other bottles out.’’ As she was still speaking, a rustling noise came from within Ling Yue's dress.

’’Squeak.’’ From within her chest area, small little head popped out.

Ever since the little guy entered into a spirit contract with Ling Yue, Little Squeak has hence forth refused to stay inside Red Mist Sky alone.

For that reason, Ling Yue can only put the baby fox inside her clothes for easy traveling. But this little guy has done nothing but sleep well and eat well, he even slept through the entire fight earlier by taking a nap inside her dress!

Now that the little guy has woken up from his nap, his stomach started to grumble from hunger. Popping his tiny head out, Little Squeak begins his search for food.

’’Mother, daughter still have one more thing to tell you. While in the mountains, daughter found this little guy. He's very smart and can understand the human tongue. Please let me raise him.’’ Ling Yue was full of pleading on her face.

Understanding Ling Yue's meaning, Little Squeak hurriedly puts on a pitiful face with those beady little blue eyes. And as a finishing blow, this sneaky little thing held both its tiny forelimbs in a begging motion and began crying out in a whimpering voice.

Seeing her daughter and the cute little fox's demeanor, Ye Huang Yu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry right now. In the end, a new member was added to the family list in the northern manor.

With the Xuan Yin Jade in hand, Ling Yue returns to her room and began flipping through the pendant. Inwardly she was thinking: in addition to processing medicines, the cauldron also has another ability. It's just that she's wondering. Aside from devouring the black dots inside the Xuan Yuan Jade, what else can it absorb?

Looking around the room for something to test, Ling Yue noticed a water cup nearby. Picking it up, the cauldron smoke began moving in a lazy manner.

Like before, her consciousness enters into the object, but this time, it was all white. Then before she knew it, the spirit smoke of the cauldron withdrew itself and returns into its crib, leaving no change to be found on the cup.

Not willing to give up, Ling Yue tested this over again across different objects in her room. Very soon, she noticed a certain pattern, a set of law or limit.

The spirit smoke of the cauldron can penetrate into certain small objects at will. This was especially true for things with life or is spiritually conscious. However, there are limits. Due to the weak state of the smoke itself, it will have trouble with things spanning a large surface area. When Ling Yue attempted to do this with a big object, the image she got was but a giant blue in her mind.

’’It seems that the cauldron's smoke is still very weak. If I want to strengthen it in the future, I'm going to need to refine some more medicinal herbs to make it grow.’’ Ling Yue mutters to herself as a reminder.

As the day drew to a close, Ling Yue quickly fell asleep due to her own fatigue from all that's happened today. Then the next day, Yin Shuang excitedly came over to the northern manor to seek her out.

’’Congratulations Ling Yue, yesterday is too amazing! You have no idea how awesome I felt when Ye Qing had to crawl like a dog.’’ Yin Shuang's face was full of joy.

Using his own background, Ye Qing had been bullying others without fear. To be bullied back so openly, this has to be a first for the guy.

What's more, the person responsible for this feat was Ye Qing's most despised person, Ling Yue. Regarding this gossip, it had long spread across the entire Autumn Maple Town.

’’Eh? Ling Yue, there's a little fox inside your dress. It's so cuutteee~!’’ Yin Shuang had noticed Little Squeak inside Ling Yue's dress, mainly the chest area.

You're a fox. Your whole family is a fox.

Watching Yin Shuang's hand stretching over in an attempt to pet him, Little Squeak angrily swiped at it to knock it away. His two bulgy cheeks were puffed up like two fruits were stuff in it. If his anger doesn't subside soon, there's no doubt consequences will be had!

Immediately, the back side of Yin Shuang's hand started to bleed due to several claw marks.

Fast and precise, those movements are completely inconsistent with that cute appearance.

What a nasty little thing!

Yin Shaung was surprised by this wound. She's already at the fourth rank of the constitutional domain so her skin should be very tough, making her almost impervious to normal physical attacks. Yet this little fox here easily tore through her defense and skin.

’’Yin Shuang, this here is a baby beast I recently adopted. His name is 'Little Squeak’’. He's still not used to strangers so it's best you not touch him.’’ Ling Yue sounded a little embarrassed. Perhaps it was due to the long period of isolation inside the Red Mist Sky, but Little Squeak was very sensitive and wouldn't let anyone in the northern manor touch him, including both Ye Huang Yu and Granny Liu.

Aside from eating all day, Little Squeaks favorite thing to do was to cling onto to Ling Yue no matter where she went.

Hearing this, Yin Shuang can only bitterly retract her hands and avoid touching Little Squeak again. Inside her, there's still a strong craving urge to hug the cute little fluff ball.

’’It's getting late already, we should go to the Martial Hall. I've been absent for over a month, it's time I made a visit.’’ Ling Yue smiles as she said this.

’’Hehe, who cares about the martial hall. I almost forgot. The reason for my visit is because my father tasked me to remind you to visit the martial shrine. Don't you forget, the top three winners can pick a martial technique of their choosing from the martial shrine. This is way more important than going to the martial hall.’’


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