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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 191


Chapter 191

Chapter 191 ’’The Language of the Ghost Sect's Thirteen Needle’’

’’Everyone, quick, come and see this. Someone is simply too shameless. Not getting an invitation yet they still dare show their face at Consort Luo's flower party.’’ Nangong Qinglin shows utter contempt on her face when looking at Ling Yue.

’’Congratulations to you Miss Nangong, your face is well again.’’ Not losing ground, she counters with irony with that forever smile of hers.

’’You cheap bitch, don't think I don't know. You must have used some underhanded means to curry favor with Master Longyue and had him take you on as his pupil. Then using that connection, you tricked the old master into selling me a fake pill.’’ Back when she used the cosmetic Dan pill during the banquet, Nangong Qinglin nearly became disfigured as a result and was even confined to her home for three months by the dowager.

At the beginning she didn't know anything or why it turned out that way, but afterwards the news of Ling Yue becoming Master Longyu's pupil finally connected all the dots for her. That's when everything made perfect sense.

Now this was news indeed. Those ladies who were intending to make trouble for Ling Yue just moments ago were now raising eyebrows at her.

Who doesn't know about Master Longyu's beauty cosmetic Dan pills? But due to the old master's strange and difficult temperament, only a small circle of individuals including the dowager can get their hands on one. Now if they can get on good terms with the girl here, it might just be possible to get some through this back channel.

What women out there doesn't like beauty?

Going by that thought, the crowd immediately came to a unified consensus to not meddle in this business.

’’Don't start making things up Nangong Qinglin, what evidence do you have to prove Ling Yue messed with the cosmetic pill you used?’’ Seeing the two bitches ganging up on her friend, Feng Xue decides to argue back in defense.

’’Why waste your words on this girl Qinglin, Consort Luo didn't even invite her today. I say, let's push her out of here so her presence wouldn't be an insult to her highness.’’ Exchanging a meaningful glance with her friend, Hong Yu Ying motioned to go forward.

While she clung onto Ling Yue to keep the girl from resisting, Nangong Qinglin took the opening to push them over to the pond.

Not missing the back and forth between their eyes, Ling Yue only found this amusing and allowed it to happen.

Scheme against me? You aren't worthy!

Once the three were at the edge of the pond, Hong Yu Ying started to make her move as the one holding Ling Yue.

Forming her hands into a claw, the shadow of a snake formed out of her released energy. Then in one flex, a magnificent amount of power shot out like a flood. This was the so-called Snake Claw attack, a seventh rank technique normally taught within the Hong House.

Due to the girl having a good grasp on her ability, the force was both deadly and precise. Therefore, it didn't take much for Ling Yue's sleeve to be torn by the snake shadow when it made a ’’hissing’’ sound.

Normally this attack would've been enough to injure someone, but due to her own conceitedness, Hong Yu Ying didn't go in for the kill;instead, she wants to slowly humiliate her target.

Towards this sort of treatment, how can Ling Yue not know? Regardless, to match their game she takes on a frightened appearance to bait the girl.

’’Hold on, I have the dowager's badge token.’’ Acting like she's doing this out of desperation, Ling Yue reaches for the item in her pocket.

Against the claim, both bitches staggered in their actions because they were both worried about the rumor being true - the dowager giving Ling Yue a token for free entry into the palace.

Then just as Hong Yu Ying was hesitating on the next course of action, Ling Yue suddenly cried out: ’’AHH~, why did you push me Nangong Qinglin!?’’

Not getting the time to understand the meaning of those words, Hong Yu Ying - who was still clinging on - was already caught by Ling Yue's arm, thus dragging her along into the pond by the momentum.

Still back on shore, Nangong Qinglin on the other hand was in total dismay for she knew very well how others would perceive this - they would assume she pushed them.

’’Everyone hurry and save them!’’ Feng Xue screams for help.

Both angry and annoyed, Hong Yu Ying should've been fine in the water for she's quite the capable swimmer. Unfortunately for this noble miss, her partner was quite the actor. Clinging on for dear life, Ling Yue kept forcing the girl back under, causing her to choke several times as a result.

’’Lan Ling Yue, let go of me dammit!’’ One curses to no avail.

’’Miss Hong, I can't swim. HELP!!’’ The other pleads with humor in her voice.

To match those ill-founded words, Ling Yue pressed on in her attacks and moved onto the neck area. In one heavy push, she forced the other girl right under her legs and kept her there. To those on shore, this would've looked like nothing more than someone trying to save themselves by gaining some height. But that's not the case.

As much as Ling Yue wanted to keep up this fun little farce, all things must come to an end when Feng Xue reached out to them with a bamboo pole. Nevertheless, she got what she wanted, and that was to prick the dragon needle right at the area under the girl's ear.

’’Lan Ling Yue, you cheap bitch, you obviously wanted to kill me there.’’ Hong Yu Ying spat out without heeding her manners whatsoever.

’’How can you blame me Miss Hong, I was also pushed into the water by Miss Nangong. She took advantage of our fight and pushed us. If you are going to blame anyone you should blame her. I think she deliberately did it so you wouldn't be able to become the crown princess today.’’ Showcasing her award winning acting skills, Ling Yue looked like she's been wronged so horribly that she's about to weep.

’’What nonsense are you spouting Lan Ling Yue, I never even touched you earlier.’’ Now it was Nangong Qinglin's turn to panic. Sadly for her, only a fool would believe those words at this point.

Who in tarnation would push themselves into the water too?

’’And to think I treated you like a good sister Nangong Qinglin, how dare you do this to me.’’ Flushed red from anger, she questions the girl incessantly.

’’Listen to me Yu Ying, I didn't...’’ The more the girl explained, the guiltier she looked.

’’You shameless wore, don't think I don't know you've always been jealous of my beauty. You are afraid of me stealing your limelight so you orchestrated this to shame me.’’ The sudden outburst shocked even herself for this wasn't what Hong Yu Ying intended to say.

What am I talking about?

These words are indeed what's on my mind, but why would I say it aloud?

’’YOU! What are you saying Hong Yu Ying, who are you calling shameless? You think you are that beautiful? Don't forget, you are but a child of a concubine in reality, plus your martial art is mediocre so don't overvalue yourself and think you are all that noble.’’ Nangong Qinglin had snapped too and didn't care anymore.

’’You dare say I'm a concubine born?’’ So what if I'm a concubine born? Look at yourself, secretly hooking up with my brother and asking me to pass on your letters. A skittish woman like you have no rights to even contend for the crown princess position.’’ Losing control, every sentence this miss of the Hong House was spouting belonged in the taboo zone. None of this should've came out.

All gloves were off now. If Hong Yu Ying doesn't care about their past friendship then she's not going to hold back either.

Back and forth with their insults, their verbal fighting soon evolved into a brawl and left An Ming Xia and the rest of the noble ladies here dumbfounded.

That's right, curse and fight. Even better if you two make a scandal out of this.

Watching on from the side, Ling Yue continues to mask that never changing smile of hers for she's the one who masterminded this whole fallout. The strange behavior was due to her needlework, the Ghost Tongue Technique she learned a while ago.


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