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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 190


Chapter 190

Chapter 190 ’’The Battle of Bitches at the Flower Gazing Party’’

’’It must be that animal Hong Yu Long!’’ Hearing the final sentence, Yanche couldn't keep his emotions in check and snapped.

Frightened by his outburst, the little boy's instinctively reaction was to shrink into Ling Yue's arm to cry again.

’’First we need to make sure of this Yanche’’ Gently whispering into the boy's ear, Ling Yue asks again,’’ Tell big sister here, is the one who touched you and the one who took you away the same person?’’

Filled with tears, the little boy shakes his head to deny.

’’The one who took you into the carriage, is he a bit shorter than the big brother here and resembled a sister?’’ Ling Yue attempts to describe Hong Yu Long's appearance.

The reply was a simple nod.

’’Then the one who tied you up, does the man have a snake like embroidery on his clothes?’’ She suspects her half sibling only played the role of abductor and not the tormentor.

A nod was given in return this time.

’’Mistress?’’ Yanche's emotion had now calmed again for he too realizes the ped*phi*e likely wasn't the one he assumed.

’’If not mistaken, tying up the boy and hurting his mother was likely the crown prince Xia Hou Hong.’’ Ling Yue states this firmly.

To dare kidnap a child in open daylight for molesting, and then hurt the mother to such extent for cover up, it's likely only someone like Xia Hou Hong would have the nerve to pull it off.

The suspicion of the crown prince being se*ually inclined towards the male counterpart had long been plaguing Ling Yue's mind. Now it only confirmed it with the added bonus of the truth being much worse than her initial projection.

What a good Xia Hou Hong, what a good Hong Yu Long, they are clearly rats and snakes of the same nest.

While Ling Yue was busy cursing at the two men in her mind, Yanche didn't fare as well after knowing the perpetrator was the crown prince.

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Against someone who wielded immense power in the capital, what are they supposed to do? The mother's incapable of being a witness after having her tongue cut off and limbs broken, and the child was too small to be convincing. This was a hopeless case.

After giving his tale, the little boy was now exhausted and fast asleep in Ling Yue's embrace. Against the innocent appearance of the boy, she couldn't help but curl her forehead knowing such tragedy befell the poor boy.

How can someone harm such an innocent thing? I must bring to light the cruelty of those two!

Out of fear for the boy and his mother's safety, Ling Yue can only temporarily keep them both at the alchemist tower for now. As for the matter regarding the crown prince, though it's vexing at how heinous it was, it's also something they can use against the guy.

While it's true Xia Hou Hong wouldn't be able to keep his crown prince title if this hobby went public, but Ling Yue simply couldn't do much at the moment. When Hong Yu Long kidnapped the poor boy, he made sure to keep the location a secret, meaning she has no evidence other than an unconvincing small child.

After weighing her options, she decides to wait for an opportunity. And this opportunity didn't need to wait long at all.

A month later, the peony flower inside the Red Mist Sky has matured enough and was ready to bloom at any moment. As such, she readies the plant for transport into the palace. With the token from the dowager in hand, entry was very convenient.

Well, that should've been the case other than the disturbance she encountered when passing through the lake pavilion inside the palace garden.

It's been several months since Ling Yue herself came to the capital. From the initial warm season, the weather was now a smooth cold of the late autumn. Anywhere one looked, flowers were in full bloom at its peak.

At first she had taken the noises from the back as nothing more than the gossiping voices of the palace maids, but as she was curtailing into the side road to head for the Hundred Phoenix Wing, a sarcastic laughter drew her around.

’’Oh, isn't that the country bumpkin Princess Yue?’’ Of the group that came to provoke her, there's many who Ling Yue didn't recognize at first glance.

Not wanting to waste energy on these people, she continues to walk away to only be stopped by a sudden figure who dashed in front of her.

Powdered and dressed like a butterfly, the newcomer looked absolutely charming. If not for the obvious arrogance on that face, the girl would've been a mind-blowing beauty. This time Ling Yue definitely recognized the person, it's Nangong Qinglin who crossed her paths twice before.

Then taking a better look at the group who came with the girl, Ling Yue also noticed Feng Xue's presence in the back too. Unlike the usual her though, Feng Xue's face was covered with numerous tiny red dots in which she used a handkerchief to cover.

Now everything made sense. According to her memory, Ling Yue remembered Feng Xue had received an invitation for Consort Luo's flower gazing party. This must be the day.

Originally Feng Xue didn't want to come either, but due to the insistence of her father, the girl had no choice. To remedy the problem, she sought Ling Yue out a few days ago, asking her to create a special Dan pill for the occasion. Once consumed, the user will break out into red poxes, ruining any chances of being chosen.

Of those who wanted to be in the same shoe as Feng Xue - not getting chosen - they remain to be in the minority today. Literally every girl here was a glamor bird that wanted to catch as much attention as possible. But the one to stand out among the flock was definitely Hong Yu Ying. Tight waist and long skirt, she had a heart shape hair bun that made her look like a celestial maiden who's descended from the heavens.

Though Ling Yue didn't want to admit it, it's undeniable that the twins have inherited all the fine features of their parents. Now this got her thinking. If the bigger siblings are like this, what about that so called little genius of the Hong House?

While Ling Yue's busy musing all this, the hated girls were coming up with a plan to shame her. Prior to Ling Yue's arrival, the group here had been bored with nothing to do because Consort Luo and the crown prince hasn't arrived yet. But when they noticed Ling Yue walking by, thing's got interesting.

It's a well-known fact the Lan House wasn't invited for the flower gazing party, meaning it's a perfect chance to mock the girl.


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