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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 188


Chapter 188

Chapter 188 ’’Knocking at the Wrong Door’’

At the peak of the autumn season, the Drunken Immortal was now well on its track to becoming a successful business venture with each passing day.

Since there's nothing much to do other than to wait for the dowager's peony flower to grow at this point, Ling Yue took the free time today to play with Little Crow and to help her practice the transformation ability.

From the day they discovered Little Crows true identity as the ’’Thousand Face Phoenix’’, Ling Yue spared no expense at cultivation her powers.

With practice comes perfection. After so many hours of training, Little Crow can now also transform into inanimate objects other than taking on the appearance of smaller creatures. Still, transforming into a full-grown human was still out of her reach. Likely more time was needed for her to grow.

Just as Little Crow finished transforming into a teacup, Yanche enters the room and interrupts the two. From his hand, the big guy places a letter down onto the table in front of Ling Yue.

’’Sect Leader, yesterday the people from the An House placed a request for our Ghost Sect to investigate your background.’’

Back during the initial establishment of the Ghost Sect, Ling Yue had handed off all her funds over to Yanche so he can manage everything. Sure enough, the big loaf didn't disappoint. Secretly swallowing several of the minor powers inside the city during these months, the Ghost Sect had become an underground force to be reckoned with.

Not only that, Yanche also adopted a large number of orphans throughout the city. The talented would be chosen for further training into assassins. As for the better-looking ones, they are then assigned to various big houses in the capital for information gathering.

In merely a few short months, the tentacles of the ’’Ghost Sect’’ was now hidden within every major house of the city.

Despite the rise in power, none on the outside world knew who the real sect leader was of this mysterious ’’Ghost Sect’’. Main reason being Yanche keeping a low profile whenever he carried out a mission - his face had always been masked with makeup.

To the outside world, the Ghost Sect was a mysterious new power that specializes in various investigation and assassination missions because that's what they've been doing during this period.

Investigate my background? Ling Yue pricks her brow, her gaze on the commissioning letter.

It doesn't take much for her to guess who within the An House was behind this, gotta be Cui Shi and her daughter.

To think that old witch still hasn't given up yet.

When Ling Yue became the second lady of the Lan House, she had expected the day would come when someone wants to investigate her identity. Therefore, arrangements had been made back in Glass City, and sure as hell the Ye family wouldn't divulge her real identity.

Even if Cui Shi investigated to the end, no useful clues would be found.

’’Talk about knocking at the wrong door. Very well, have the fake information I prepared ahead of time sent over,’’ she smirks after saying this.

’’Sect Leader, should we have someone go finish off Cui Shi?’’ After setting up the Ghost Sect, Yanche had carried out several of the assassination missions himself. No longer the foolish refugee from the streets, Yanche was starting to grow into a man of position and power.

In the man's eye, those who dare offend the sect leader only had one outcome: Death!

’’They are but clowns, nothing to worry about. We will deal with them in due time, rather it's the crown prince and that Hong Yu Long that I'm more concerned about. Did you find anything useful during your investigation?’’ Ling Yue taps the teacup on the table.

Under a poof of sound, Little Crow reverts back to her original form.

Calculating in her mind, Ling Yue figured the bird can approximately keep her form for about a minute, far superior to the few short breaths at the beginning.

When seeing the sudden appearance of Little Crow, Yanche found his cheeks twitching without realizing it. Lucky him, he knew better than to ask questions in these circumstances.

By now Yanche had learned his mistress was a person of many miracles and secrets. Whatever and whoever follows the girl can only be extraordinary in their own right. And let's not forget, the image of that little fox being catered to by several beautiful maids in the garden just now still haven't left his mind.

When did a fox know how to eat pumpkin seeds by deshelling it themselves?

’’The crown prince and Hong Yu Long are very normal in their demeaner. They both like martial art and the friends they associate with are all very normal. However, something did happen yesterday. When returning from the Grand Martial Hall, the steed pulling Hong Yu Long's carriage ended up trampling over a pregnant woman after being startled by something. This matter was quickly settled by a steward from the Hong House afterwards. Aside from this, nothing else happened on the crown prince's side.’’

All of this appeared to be very normal for Yanche because he's perfectly aware of how commoners are often oppressed by the noble class, but not in Ling Yue's eye. Her head had other ideas in mind.

’’Go inquire about the injured woman's address, I think this incident is a bit strange.’’ Ling Yue clearly remembered Hong Yu Long didn't attend classes yesterday. That being the case, why pretend he was at school and heading home?

Or rather, the guy went somewhere else in-between?


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Ling Yue originally thought that after handing the forged documents over to Cui Shi would be enough to conceal everything, but that sort of thinking was too shallow. Unbeknownst to her, there's another person currently investigating her background.

Upon their first meeting, Hong Feng had found Ling Yue to be very familiar, like he's seen her somewhere. For someone who spent years dealing with the political strife of the court, his senses are far superior to a mere wife of a marquis.

Then during his peak suspicion, the assassination attempt occurred. Other's may not know this, but Hong Feng definitely did. The assassin wasn't aiming at the crown prince, it was him!

Lan Ling Yue... and the familiar female assassin. These two figures caused Hong Feng to become restless because his mind kept popping up the image of the woman and daughter he abandoned years ago.

Towards Ye Huang Yu, Hong Feng did hold feelings for the woman once upon a time. Sadly, those feelings are that of a youngster learning what love meant, immaterial in front of the temptation of power. In particular was how Ye Huang Yu shamed him in front of everyone by kneeling in front of his wedding room.

From the moment the baby girl was damaged, Hong Feng had taken that pair of mother and daughter dead.

’’Ye Huang Yu, you better be married to another man, otherwise I will have your entire Ye family face destruction if I find out its you who caused all this ruckus.’’

His consignment letter didn't go to the Ghost Sect like Cui Shi's letter, rather it went to the number one organization in the capital, the ’’Life Taking Hall’’.

The strength and influence of this organization was even more superior to the recently established Ghost Sect.

In particular was the master of this Life Taking Hall. Literally with no efforts whatsoever, the guy had dug out every spec of information regarding Ling Yue's background.

The reasoning was no other, it's because the hall master was none other than Old Mayor Liu of Autumn Maple Town.

Slightly hesitant at first after getting the report from his subordinates, Old Mayor Liu eventually wrote a letter out the following day.

The content went as following: ’’Deal with the matter cleanly.’’

A few days later, a few strange things occurred around Autumn Maple Town and Glass City. Some people were inexplicably killed while a few others lost their memories.

In addition to the Ye family and the Lan House, no one in this world will know of Ye Ling Yue's true identity henceforth.


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