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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 187


Chapter 187

Chapter 187 ’’Cheat You and Frame You’’

In the face of so many accusing eyes, An Ming Xia couldn't take it anymore. She's the dignified daughter of Marquis An, when has she ever been treated so poorly?

’’Don't listen to her nonsense, my mother didn't know about the wine worm when she bought the pill.’’

Alarmed by her daughter's thoughtless word, Cui Shi hastily covers her mouth it an attempt to hide the truth. Sadly, everything's too late by then because those words were tantamount to a confession - Cui Shi being the culprit while Master Ocean being the scapegoat.

Devolving into an angry mob, the citizens started to circle around the shameless pair in order to get justice. Against the dangerous situation, the guards from the An House had no other choice than to form a wall to make room for their escape.

What should've been a bustling wine drinking contest was now a total mess with the Fairy Square suffering defeat.

As clever as Lan Caier, she's not going to miss this opportunity when Cui Shi and her daughter flees from here. On the spot, she sends an invitation out to the old master winemaker.

Initially Master Ocean didn't want to agree, but after some persuasive words from Ling Yue about how she's going to teach him the recipe for the Rainbow Five Treasure wine, all things were good.

After all, he may be old, but not stupid. After offending Cui Shi and the An House, no way he can stay at the Fairy Square any longer.

With Master Boundless Ocean among their ranks, Lan Caier and Ling Yue had free reigns do as they like with no obstacles in sight.

At the end of the day, the Drunken Immortal came out as the final winner and made a name for themselves and their wine. As such, by the very next day there were scores of people lining up to get a taste of their product. Towards the overwhelming number of customers, Ling Yue in her befuddled state had to urgently hire a new group of workers to help.

It wasn't just that, even the former restaurants and noble houses in the capital were changing their orders from the Fairy Square to the Drunken Immortal. With this new source of income, Lan Caier only had her beaming smile to express her emotions.

’’Ling Yue, this time is all thanks to you for discovering the wine worm, otherwise we would've lost to the Fairy Square. Then again, where did you learn about something like that? I've never once heard of anything remotely similar.’’

’’Wine worm? What wine worm?’’ In her reply, Ling Yue didn't even bother to look up at her sister because she's too busy playing with Little Crow.

In her hands, she's currently holding that exact same ’’wine worm’’ from yesterday and dangling it in front of the bird. Fat and juicy, Little Crow didn't hold back and helped herself to the treat.

’’Aigh, isn't that....’’ Blinking with confusion, Lan Caier had trouble believing her eyes.

’’You say this one? Don't worry, it's just an ordinary worm I dug up from somewhere,’’ she puckers her lip.

Unlike the lie she made, this worm was nothing more than something she casually pulled out from her pocket dimension to fool the unwitting crowd. Using the illusion from a slight of hand, she stuffed it inside and made it look like it actually came out of the pill.

But there are some truths to her lie. There's indeed a creature called the ’’Wine Worm’’ in this world, but instead of being a dangerous creature, it's a divine worm capable of turning water into wine. Such a thing was invaluable.

Her lies may have been a shallow one - easily broken if slightly investigated - but Cui Shi had guilt inside to begin, thus making way to the lie's success.

As for organs being devoured, stomach being torn apart, all of that was a lie. A fabricated truth.

After learning this, Lan Caier found her herself speechless for words.

Dare say, all of us seems to have been played by this girl.

If Cui Shi and An Ming Xia were to learn of this truth right now, they might really fall dead from being so aggravated. In reality, they aren't much better either after the incident on stage.

Ever since the day of the drinking contest held by the Fairy Square, business had plummeted for them. Even worse, Master Ocean also convinced a large group of the old workers to hop over to the Drunken Immortal with him. This outcome was no different from a lethal blow to the Fairy Square.

To make matters worse, several of Cui Shi's brothers from her side of the family took advantage of this incident to rouse a commotion, claiming she must return the misappropriated funds or face being sued in court.

In order to calm the storm, Marquis An can only help his wife fill the vacancy. But in doing so, it also caused Cui Shi's position in the An House to plummet. Without the reliance of the Fairy Square to back her up, Cui Shi could no longer contend with the main wife and thus began the change in the attitude of the servants towards them.

’’Mother, when will you let me leave the house? Lan Caier and that bitch Ye Ling Yue are living so well while we are in such a miserable state. I cannot let this go.’’ Since she's unable to leave due to her mother's word, An Ming Xia had a lot of pent of flame inside her belly ready to vent.

’’Ming Xia, how can you be thinking about revenge at a time like this. First answer me this. That Ye Ling Yue, how much do you know about her? From what I hear, that girl is the second miss of the Lan House and has recently been titled a princess by the dowager herself.’’ After returning and getting some time to reflect, Cui Shi analyzed that the main culprit of their misfortune all had to do with the Drunken Immortal and the girl named Ye Ling Yue.

An unnamed country girl not only brewed the Rainbow Five Treasure wine, she also recognized the wine worm and had a near limitless tolerance, if that's not strange then Cui Shi don't know what was. Worst part of all was that she can't directly make a move against the girl.

’’What second miss of the Lan House, she's clearly the same country girl from that Glass City in the outback. When I first encountered that Ye Ling Yue, she's not even Lan Caier's sister yet.’’ Whenever An Ming Xia recalled the Phoenix Lord's favorable treatment towards the girl, she would tightened her jaw in jealousy.

’’There must be something strange in there.’’ Cui Shi had doubts about the origin of Ye Ling Yue, but she dare not make an assertive claim.

After all, Mrs. Lan's maiden name was indeed called ’’Ye’’, and there's no way the couple would randomly agree to recognize a stranger as their daughter.

’’Mother, why don't we find someone to investigate?’’ An Ming Xia suggested.

’’You don't need to involve yourself in this matter, mother will certainly have someone investigate. As for you, concentrate your focus on Consort Luo's flower gazing party. That's what you should be worried about. In recent days, our treatment within the An House have plummeted so far down that I don't even know what to do. My dear daughter, mother's well-being for the future will be on you now.’’ Cui Shi advices in earnest.

Though unwilling, An Ming Xia couldn't deny it after listening to her mother.

Now that Cui Shi was starting to suspect Ye Ling Yue's identity, she's not going to leave it to chances and employed two different organizations for the investigation. What the woman didn't expect was...


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