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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 186


Chapter 186

Chapter 186 ’’The Hangover Pill Crisis’’

Opening the jade box, what comes into view was a reddish Dan pill.

’’Madam, you are?’’ The old master asks, unclear on her intent.

’’This one is a pill I spent huge sums to procure. It will keep the user from getting drunk no matter the amount they drink.’’ Cui Shi only managed to purchase something like this through a foreign alchemist she met by chance.

According to that individual, this Dan pill in question was a fourth-grade item. With it, even the weakest person can become the wine god afterwards.

At first she didn't think much of it despite spending thousands of gold, but to use it for today, it's more than worthwhile.

’’That is too great mother, you really are the wily one. With this hangover Dan pill, that country bumpkin Ye Ling Yue will surely be screwed this time.’’ Lighting up, An Ming Xia was delighted on her face.

’’Madam, isn't it a bit unfair to win the competition using this method?’’ Master Ocean was somewhat hesitant of the act. Through his many years as a winemaker, he had always achieved his success through fair means.

Using a hangover drug to win clearly went against his consciousness.

’’Boundless Ocean, what are you saying at this moment. Do you want to ruin my Fairy Square's century old reputation? If you weren't so incompetent, I wouldn't have to resort to such means either.’’ Cui Shi had always treated the old master with respect mainly because there's still value to the man. If they lose this time, what point was there in keeping the old winemaker?

’’Mother is right. If you lose then you can scram, otherwise listen to my mother if you wish to keep your job. Don't forget, if our Fairy Square falls, then it's no different from forcing your own family out onto the streets.’’ An Ming Xia chimes in menacingly.

Unable to rebut against that claim, the old master can only helplessly take the Dan pill from the box and hide it under his sleeve.

Emboldened by the hangover drug, Cui Shi appeared more confident as she returned to the crowd outside. In her announcement, their Fairy Square will be accepting the challenge from the Drunken Immortal.

’’Since it's such a rare chance for the Phoenix Lord and Sir Qing to grant us their audience, the lowly I will have to ask them both and the rest of the audience to be our witness. On our Fairy Square's side will be Master Boundless Ocean, and representing the Drunken Immortal will be their second boss Ye Ling Yue. Whoever can drink the most will stand victor.’’ Spouting a bunch of pointless high-sounding words, Cui Shi then directed the two contestants to step forward, thus lifting the curtain of their new bout.

When the viscous wine honey was poured out, Ling Yue didn't need extra words to dive right in. While on the other side, the old master didn't fare so well. One little sip and he was nearly overwhelmed like a whole mountain just crashed on top of his head.

This wine is indeed excellent... A bit wet in the eyes, he murmurs to himself.

As a winemaker all his life, this was his first encounter with such a fine alcoholic beverage. Sadly...

Exhaling a long sigh, the old master readies the red pill in his hand for consumption.

’’Hold on.’’ Sharp and fast, Ling Yue grabs onto the guy's hand and flexes her strength. In the next moment, a round beady object drops to the stage floor.

Upon seeing the Dan pill in open sight, Cui Shi and her daughter made a wonderful face worthy of a prize.

’’Wow, it's a hangover drug. To think the Fairy Square would stoop so low as to cheat.’’ Lan Caier snatches the thing away before An Ming Xia could lay her hands on it.

Breaking out into an uproar, the thought of the Fairy Square using such dirty means never even crossed the audience's mind.

Ghastly white, Master Ocean turns to Cui Shi and her daughter for help, but instead of getting aid, An Ming Xia runs up and started to curse at him using the top of her lung.

’’What a good Master Boundless Ocean, you dare use such dirty means like this hangover drug to get by? And to think our Fairy Square trusted you so much. Everyone, me and my mother didn't know anything about this, it's all this man's own doing.’’ Using those few words, she shirks off all responsibility onto the poor man.

Agonized by the accusation, the old master didn't know how to argue back. It's not like he can openly refute the claim and offend the An House.

’’Oh? You mean to say Mrs. Choi and the Fairy Square had no knowledge of the pill?’’ Ling Yue makes a cold sneer, clearly not buying it. Talk about shameless to the extreme.

’’Master Ocean, I want to ask you this one question. Is this pill bought by you?’’

Confused by the sudden inquiry, the old master didn't know how to respond under the warning glare of Cui Shi from the back.

’’Ye-yes... I bought it.’’ He hangs his head in misery.

’’And how much did you spend? And where did you buy it?’’ Ling Yue continues her interrogation.

’’I-I spent... one... ten silver, from... I bought it from a stall on the street.’’ Boundless Ocean randomly makes up something. How would he know, it's not like he ever bought something like this in his life?

’’Then Sir Qing, I also like to ask you something. How much did your hangover Dan pill cost?’’ Not bothering to press the old master anymore, Ling Yue instead turns to Sir Qing for an answer.

’’Five hundred silver for one, and only the alchemist tower carries these drugs in their inventory. Towards these sorts of sales, there's always a record trail in their books.’’ Sir Qing then looks at Cui Shi and her daughter, his eyes carrying disdain.

’’Master Ocean, ten silver can't even buy one percent of this drug. That alone tells me this isn't yours. Besides, this isn't your ordinary hangover drug either. If you don't believe me, look for yourself.’’ Exerting some force with her fingers, Ling Yue crushed the pill to reveal what's inside.

Once the outer layer was cracked, something astonishing happened, a worm crawled out of it. Gasping, the entire crowd exclaimed with horror.

Master Ocean immediately turned speechless while Cui Shi and her daughter were both deadly white. How can there be a worm inside?!

’’Gentlemen, the worm in my hand has a name, it's called 'Wine Worm'. It feeds off of alcohol, and if swallowed, one will be able to drink without repercussions. However, there's also one major shortcoming to using something like this. If the user stops consuming alcohol, the worm will start eating through its host's organs. Such creatures are not native to our Da Xia, rather its only found in the central plains where it's commonly used by the evil cults. Just now, if Master Boundless Ocean swallowed this Dan pill, he will definitely come out on top of us from the Drunken Immortal, but the price will be a death of having his guts devoured and stomach pried open by the worm in the coming days.’’ Ling Yue shoots an accusing glare at Cui Shi and An Ming Xia.

’’Cui Shi, your heart is so poisonous. I spent all my life working for the Fairy Square, yet you would use such cruel means on me just so you can beat the Drunken Immortal? If so, then don't blame me for being heartless. Over the years you used inferior liquor to pose as the Five Treasure wine, and not only that, you also secretly misappropriated the Fairy Square's income to suppress the smaller restaurants in the city. Such deeds are despicable.’’ Livid on his face, the old master finally loses it and divulged all the frustration he's been building up over the years.

’’Wahh, how unexpected, to think the Fairy Square is that despicable.’’

’’To treat Master Ocean like that, they sure answered that old saying, 'A hornet's tail can't compete with a beauty's poisonous heart'.’’

’’And she's Marquis An's wife too, pfff.’’

The look coming from the audience had changed completely. There's outrage, anger, disdain, but mostly the will to spit at them.


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