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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 185


Chapter 185

Chapter 185 ’’Self-Carrying Cheating Artifact’’

Using the spirit smoke to disperse the effects of the alcohol, this amazing find was something she accidentally came across during her first attempt at making the Rainbow Five Treasure wine.

Counting this empty jar, Ling Yue's number count has shot up to five,

It must be said this level of wine tolerance wasn't something an average person can take.

As her mouth continues to take in the liquid one small cup at a time, Ling Yue's spirit smoke likewise worked hard to circulate around her body.

If the smoke can ingest even the block dots representing a person's illness, it's no surprise that it can also consume the alcohol.

Clean and clear, a sense of comfort overtakes Ling Yue's mind and body.

Not ending it there, she went as far as to bring the spirit smoke out from under her fingers and into the cup. Instantly, the wine became nothing but water.

Of course, this maneuver remains oblivious to Cui Shi and the rest, the only exception being Feng Shen next to her. Raising a smirk, the guy releases a gleam of meaningful light from his eyes.

’’It's already the fifth jar.’’

’’Sixth jar.’’

’’Seventh Jar...’’

By now the contest has been carried out for several hours, making Master Boundless Ocean's number count at twelve jars and counting.

Prior to the beginning of the show, those from the Fairy Square had assumed they only needed ten jars before they can have a certain grasp on victory.

But unexpectedly, Feng Shen and Ling Yue just had to pop up halfway in.

And to make it more frustrating was the fact that they are exchanging cheers here and there. What drinking contest? It's more like they are at party having a nice toast... Watching this happen, Lan Caier nearly found her eyes popping right out of her sockets.

And here I was constantly claiming my father is an old drunkard. Now look! The real drunkard is Ling Yue over there!

’’Sister Caier, look, don't you think his highness and Ling Yue's manner of drinking look similar to a wedlock exchange?’’ Feng Xue whispers from the side.

Getting a closer look, Lan Caier had to agree. The way Feng Shen's looking at Ling Yue, that tenderness was enough to make a girl faint.

As these words fell into An Ming Xia's ear, it nearly caused her to explode from anger. ’’Mother, are you sure those are really our Five Treasure wine. Why is that country bumpkin having no reaction whatsoever? Forget about getting drunk. Seven jars are enough to make one burst.’’ She couldn't bear to keep watching anymore.

’’If Miss An feels the wine is not right then feel free to inspect them.’’ Ling Yue's tone was noncommittal as she motioned Dao Nu to hand the wine over to the girl.

Taking a few glances, An Ming Xia confirmed it's indeed the Five Treasure wine. Then her thoughts turned to the possibility of outside interference. But as she eyed Ling Yue up and down, she can't see if the girl had taken some sort of Dan pill to balance the alcohol effect.

Before they knew it, several more jars were consumed.

By this point even Master Boundless Ocean was starting to have trouble keeping himself going.

It's not even a matter of tolerance at this point. The poor man had consumed more than a dozen jars today, he needs to at least use the latrine for goodness sake!

In the end, Ye Ling Yue and Feng Shen had reached the whopping number of twelve jars, making a new record among the contestants.

The timing of the day was still morning when they first came over, but now even the sun had set. Yet, the number of guests only got bigger with time.

No longer here to drink or savior in the free food, these people had gathered here to take pleasure in watching the amazing young couple challenge the Fairy Square.

How can they not? Master Boundless Ocean's alcohol tolerance was legendary in the capital city. To have two young upstarts challenging the old master, it's a sight that mustn't be missed.

’’I say, the Five Treasure brew is only so much, not much different from drinking water. I fear this contest won't end even if we sit here for the next couple of days.’’ Finishing her current cup, Ling Yue then made an unpleasant face like she's dissatisfied.

’’Watch what you say Ye Ling Yue. Our Fairy Square's Five Treasure brew is a well acknowledged wine, and it's not farfetched to claim it's the number one in the city. To say our stuff is no different from water, are you claiming your Drunken Immortal has better wine than us?’’ Heated in her head, An Ming Xia rushes over to confront Ling Yue.

’’Good or not, you will know once you drink it.’’ Waiting for an entire day, Lan Caier's been waiting for this sentence.

Not making another word, she brought out the long-prepared Rainbow Five Treasure wine in her possession.

All of a sudden, the drinking contest had turned into a contest between both restaurants. Towards this result, Cui Shi and Master Boundless Ocean both had a sunken look to their faces.

’’Miss Lan, you are obviously here to crash the party.’’ The old master unpleasantly states.

’’Who is crashing whose party? Mrs. Choi, of all the days your Fairy Square can hold a drinking contest, you had to choose the same day as our Drunken Immortal's grand opening. If you got the courage to compete, then we got the nerve to crash. Since we didn't get an end result from the contest, we can instead use these jars of Rainbow Five Treasure wine to come up with a winner. Whoever can finish their portions first will be the winner.’’ Stepping forward, Ling Yue ripped the mud sealed paper off of the lid.

As the lid opened, a colorful glow came rushing out of the wine jar, lighting up the entire street and restaurant like a rainbow.

Unlike the regular wines found elsewhere, these few jars turned out to be the precious wine honey Ling Yue's been saving for the occasion. Towards the danger imposed by this viscously thick liquid, only Lan Caier and Lan Ying Wu had the pleasure of experiencing it firsthand. As for the rest, they can only be the ignorant bunch who can do nothing but savor in the smell and rainbow light.

Turning sluggish at the wine honey, Master Boundless Ocean couldn't control his body and reflexively ran over to take a heavy whiff.

Undeniably, this smell was unforgettable.

He's a man of good wine. To have such fine wine in front of him, how can he not be tempted?

’’Indeed a good wine, but I fear my tolerance is at its limit now. I will be abstaining from further drinking.’’ Despite his outstanding performance thus far, even Feng Shen had to admit defeat in front of Ling Yue's secret weapon.

Feng Shen may have the tolerance of a thousand cups, but not even he would dare drink the undiluted wine honey.

’’Mrs. Cui, is your Fairy Square daring enough to compete?’’ Ling Yue prick her brow in a provocative manner.

Stern in their expressions, Cui and Master Boundless Ocean held some reservations while An Ming Xia only showed disdain on her face.

’’Fine then, as if Uncle Ocean is afraid of you.’’

’’Don't butt in Ming Xia, this matter involves the Fairy Square's reputation. I need to discuss this with your grandfather and Uncle Ocean first.’’ Cui Shi has been in this business for many years, what wine hasn't she seen? But towards that strange rainbow wine, that's a first encounter for her.

Making an excuse, the trio then retreated back into the Fairy Square for further discussion.

Once back inside the inner room, Master Boundless Ocean immediately sighed with a bitter face.

’’Madam, I fear this time we are going to lose. That wine, it's an extremely rare wine honey. Even for me, the outcome can only be bad.’’

’’To think those two lasses from the Lan House would have some ability. Fortunately I made preparations ahead of time. With this, our Fairy Square can still attain victory.’’ At that, Cui Shi brings out a small jade box and placed it in front of the old master.


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