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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 184


Chapter 184

Chapter 184 ’’Thousand Cup Immunity, How to Break?’’

Feng Shen also wants to participate in the drinking contest?

Now it was Ling Yue's turn to be dumbfounded.

If the boy becomes real drunk and raises some issues again, it's a certainty that old guardian Mr. Mu would be the first to come find her.

Likely able to guess what's on her mind, Feng Shen makes a reassuring smile.

’’You're assuming I can't drink right? Although my health isn't very good, but I can do well with alcohol. The north is cold so most of us in North Qing would use wine and other alcoholic beverages to beat the cold. Because of my physique, I've been taking a variety of medicinal wines to help my condition. So, ordinary spirits aren't able to effect me.’’ A little arrogant, but Feng Shen's statement were all true.

His cold sickness came at a young age so most of the early symptoms were elevated using wine, but as he grew older, simple medicinal wine could no longer hold back the chilling damages to his body. Even so, Feng Shen would continue to keep up with North Qing's habit of taking some strong spirits on occasions. This not only helped his blood circulation, there's also other health benefits to be had.

If the Phoenix Lord himself was saying it, the others naturally can't object.

As for Sir Qing on the other side, he of course can't lose out when his opponent was so daring. Not making any excuses, he enrolled himself in the contest too.

Surprisingly, even Liu Cheng decided to enroll out of depression. Something none in the group expected.

But the one to be the most astonished here wasn't on Ling Yue's side, it's Cui Shi and her daughter. This was especially true for An Ming Xia when seeing how the tramp was being protected on all sides by the two most outstanding men here.

’’If the four of you wishes to participate then please sign the life and death contract. No matter what comes of it, our Fairy Square won't be responsible.’’ As a business woman, there's no reason for Cui Shi to obstruct it. The Phoenix Lord and Sir Qing will make a fine addition to raising their reputation.

Doing as she says, Ling Yue and her friends each signed the paper, which coincided with the coming end to the current batch of challengers. At eight jars of Five Treasure wine, there's only two little kittens left on stage that's soon to fall.

’’Dear friends, according to the rules of today, one must first take the one jar challenge before advancing to the drinking contest. If any of you wish to quit, now's the time to come forward.’’ Giving the order, Cui Shi had her people bring over four new jars of their Five Treasure brew.

Finding no signs of any of them willing to quit, Cui Shi left them to their wishes and retreated to one side.

While the contestants are usually the one to pour their own drinks, Sir Qing on the other hand had one of his bodyguards take up the task. Seeing an opening, An Ming Xia deliberately ran over to Feng Shen's side to help her idol pour the wine.

Unfortunately for her, Dao Nu didn't have any intentions of letting this slide. Sending a chilling glare at the uninvited girl, ’’unauthorized personnel are to back off.’’

Due to his uncontrolled voice being frightfully loud, An Ming Xia ended up having a slip of hand and dropped the jar she's carrying. Then as if to snub her, Ling Yue just had to come around and find a seat right next to Feng Shen himself on the table.

Towards this scene, Dao Nu had a completely different take. Instead of hollering at Ling Yue, he simply turned a blind eye like its normal.

’’Bastard, why is it that she can sit beside his highness yet I can't even pour his wine?’’ Towards the blatant bias treatment by the vicious looking Dao Nu, An Ming Xia wanted to tear the man apart.

’’She is not an outsider.’’ Without batting an eyelash, this usually dull man righteously spouts this out.

As an honest man, Dao Nu believes Ling Yue must be one of their own when the girl already crawled into the lord's bed. Besides, Steward Mu had repeatedly directed the members of the house to take Miss Ling Yue as the young lord's equivalent. Her word stands above the law.

Towards Dao Nu's performance, Feng Shen was brimming with approval. He's decided. Once home, he will raise the man's salary.

Stunned by the scene, Ling Yue became the focal point of Feng Xue's constant winking and signaling.

’’You blind dog!’’ An Ming Xia was ready to attack at this point, but towards the sudden flexing of a reincarnation master, she could nothing but be repelled backwards.

Losing her balance and landing on her butt, only now does An Ming Xia and her mother realize this dull muscle head beside Feng Shen was a dangerous master that mustn't be trifled with.

After Dao Nu finished teaching the shameless girl a lesson, he took it upon himself to pour his lord and future mistress a cup.

Feng Shen himself didn't think much of it and started to drink, but Ling Yue on the other hand was saying her prayers to An Ming Xia before partaking in her own cup.

First drink in, Ling Yue had to applaud the Fairy Square's iconic brew. This Five Treasure wine deserves nothing less of its reputation. Sadly for them, it's still inferior to her own diluted Rainbow Five Treasure wine.

Not long after, a quarter of an hour in, the four of them each finished their respective jar.

At first glance it appears Sir Qing would be the most outstanding among the four in terms of tolerance, but things soon changed as Ling Yue and Feng Shen shared their jars. One cup here, two cup there, their pace may appear slow on the outside, but they were the first to finish among their group.

That's when the audience started to take notice of the new challengers. In particular was Ye Ling Yue and Feng Shen. Like a pair of love birds, each with a surprising level of beauty, just looking at them made one want to start reciting poems from their heart.

Talk about a feast for the eyes.

Then again, outstanding looks can be found elsewhere. What attracted the audience the most was their complexions after finishing their jar. Not the slightest tinge of red on their cheeks, their demeanor looked more like someone jugging down water instead of a highly concentrated dose of alcohol.

’’Mother, is what they are drinking really our Five Treasure wine?’’ An Ming Xia intended to count on Ling Yue to make a fool of herself, but based on that face, there's not an ounce of tipsiness going on.

’’Don't rush, it's but a single jar of wine. That Phoenix Lord was born in North Qing where it's common to drink hard liquor. As for that Ye Ling Yue, I'm guessing its due to her martial background that's keeping her from feeling the heat.’’ Cui Shi had more patience than her daughter so she watches on in wait.

By the time the group got to their second jar, the scholarly boy Liu Cheng was the first to crash. Drinking may be a good way to forget one's depression, but it's definitely not a good way to win a drinking contest.

Hurrying over, Feng Xue and Lan Caier were the first to run up to help the poor boy lying on the floor.

’’It's not an issue, he's just overly drunk. With some hangover soup, he be fine after a night's rest.’’ Seeing the worry in Feng Xue's face, Lan Caier attempts to sooth her.

She's not blind to the quarreling between Feng Xue and Liu Cheng. They should've been a match made in heaven, yet because of their different status and rank, an obstacle now lays before them. Towards this sort of injustice, Lan Caier can only lament it with a sigh.

As for Sir Qing, his situation wasn't all that much better either. After finishing the third jar, he himself couldn't keep going and had to drop out after finding his sight turning into a blur. Fortunately for him, his bodyguard was nearby and manages to catch the boy before he falls to the floor.

’’Your highness, Miss Ling Yue, I fear I will have abstain from further drinking here.’’ Though unwilling inside, Sir Qing couldn't do more. The only question bothering him at this point was the way Feng Shen and Ling Yue was going at it. It's like the wine they are drinking didn't contain any alcohol.

After consuming the hangover Dan pill handed to him by his guard, Sir Qing's complexion started to slowly recover.

As the contest continued to the fourth jar, Ling Yue herself also started to feel the effect of the wine hitting her head. While she drank with the left hand, her right hand was secretly hard at work with the spirit smoke.


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