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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 183


Chapter 183

Chapter 183 ’’I Will Join You in the Competition’’

Hearing those words, An Ming Xia's mood turned unpleasant. ’’Lan Caier, what do you mean by that? I've handed over my shares to the Drunken Immortal. The debt between us is cleared. We are done, you and I.’’

At the mention of the Dream Cloud Marsh again, she couldn't help but gnash her teethes. To lose to Lan Caier and Ling Yue, such results were utter shame for her.

’’Cleared up? An Ming Xia, did your brain get damaged by the spider queen, or are you suffering from amnesia? In addition to the shares of the Drunken Immortal, you also said the loser must become the winner's slave if they can gather the spider core first and produce the Five Treasure wine.’’ As someone who doesn't know when to relent, Lan Caier definitely wouldn't let this go. Especially when An Ming Xia repeatedly attempted to push them to their deaths. She must get even for the pent-up resentment.

Back when Lan Caier first returned to the capital, she had wanted to find An Ming Xia to get even long ago. But hearing the girl was still in bed, she figured it can wait for a while.

Then came today. Using the Fairy Square to attack her Drunken Immortal's grand opening, this became the last straw for Lan Caier. To humiliate the girl, she deliberately brought up the old news again.

’’If you don't want to admit it then we can ask his highness the Phoenix Lord here. He was also there when you said those words.’’ Lan Caier knew ahead of time the girl wouldn't admit it. To solve the issue, she directly brings out Feng Shen to force the solution.

Getting a vigorous wink from her, Feng Shen can only helplessly nod at Lan Caier's forcefulness. ’’Yes, that day Miss An did in fact say those words.’’

’’That is because they cheated, especially that Ye Ling Yue. The spider core is supposed to be mine, but she ambushed me halfway and robbed me of my prize. Your highness, you mustn't be deceived by that girl's pure outer appearance. She's a shameless fox and will seduce anyone. Let me tell you. Back in the Dream Cloud Marsh, she and that Ghost Emperor was hugging it up together. You can't even imagine how intimate they were going at it.’’ Finding even her idolized Phoenix Lord was also siding with the girl, An Ming Xia became both anxious and angry.

The Ghost Emperor Wu Chong? When hearing this name, everyone present found themselves making a heavy change to their expressions.

Sir Qing was no exception to this rule for he has also heard the rumors. Dominating both the forces of good and evil, any who crosses this name would cower in fear.

As for Cui Shi, this woman was also frightfully shocked by the secret. She never expected those from the Lan House to be connected to the Ghost Emperor himself.

No wonder everyone is saying General Lan's breakthrough in Glass City is very bizarre. Matching it with this secret, it all made sense now.

While everyone was busy taking this news in, Feng Shen was the only one unchanged on the face. It's like the name of the Ghost Emperor wasn't scary at all.

’’Miss An, please watch what you say. According to what I know of Da Xia's law, slandering another's reputation without proof is punishable by the rod fifty times.’’ Beaming with frost in his gaze, Feng Shen's voice also carried an undeniable coldness to it.

An Ming Xia didn't expect the Phoenix Lord to not only question her accusation, but to also get justice for the tramp? This vexed her to no ends.

Taking this all in from the side, Cui Shi had to shake her head in secret.

Even a blind person can see the Phoenix Lord only has the girl called Ye Ling Yue in his eyes. This meant her own daughter's infatuation has been a mistake all along.

’’They are still guests Ming Xia, how can you treat Sir Qing, the Phoenix Lord and the guests from the Lan House so rudely.’’ Cui Shi was after all an old hand. Seeing both sides making so much noise and attracting the customers attention, she knew it's time to step in.

The woman was still an elder, meaning Lan Caier can't be too presumptuous while in her presence unless she wants to involve her father.

’’Second Madam, you see it too. An Ming Xia lost the wager and we also got a witness to testify. If the An House can't even step up to their own debt, what credibility is left for Marquise An?’’ Lan Caier was unrelenting in her words.

’’Miss Lan, I heard what you said earlier. If my ears aren't mistaken, its whoever can first produce the Five Treasure wine with the spider core that's the winner, am I correct? Then I like to ask, did you ladies produce the exact same Five Treasure wine as our Fairy Square? If you can't make the exact same one, then the wager is void.’’ Cui Shi chuckles, her smile carrying a hint of contempt.

So what if you can get the spider core? Not just anyone can recreate our Five Treasure wine.

From what Cui Shi heard from her daughter, this young girl here was called Ye Ling Yue. Even if this one had started her mentorship in wine making back in the womb, she's not going to believe a teen so young could achieve such a feat. It's impossible!

’’Who said...’’ Readying to bring out the Rainbow Five Treasure wine, Lan Caier was stumped by the climatic commotion of the drinking contest.

’’WAHH, that's the tenth jar! Master Boundless Ocean just finished his tenth jar! No one can compete with him.’’

On the seats next to and opposite to the man, the challengers who came for the contest were all out for the count on the floor.

Taking the entire scene in, Lan Caier couldn't help but make a snickering sound at the sight for she had to admit this man called Master Boundless Ocean deserves his name. Even if she brought her own drunkard father out, the results would be the same as the other challengers.

’’Do you see that? Not just anyone can make our Fairy Square's iconic brew. If it was your Drunken Immortal's wine, you think you can attract this many customers?’’ An Ming Xia sneers at her.

Retracting her gaze from the stage, Ling Yue turns her sight back at An Ming Xia and her mother. An idea blooming in her mind.

’’Since it's like so, then why don't we have another wager today. The bet will be about the drinking contest to see if your Fairy Square's wine is as amazing as you claim.’’ At that, she then somersaulted over to one of the drunken contestants and picked up the unfinished jar on stage.

’’You mustn't Ling Yue, a drinking contest isn't something you can rashly attend.’’ Lan Caier jumps with fright at her little sister's boldness.

In her mind, she had assumed the girl only acted like so after being vexed to the limit and wasn't acting based on reason.

An Ming Xia's character may not be very good, but it's undeniable fact that the Fairy Square's Five Treasure brew was a very good wine. A little girl like Ling Yue cannot possibly contend with that intense drink.

’’Miss Lan is right. Miss Ling Yue, both restaurants are good in their own way so there's no need to do this.’’ Cui Shi adds fuel to fire.

Watching this from the back, Sir Qing can only shake his head. In his mind, if those fully-grown adults can't take this intense drink, what can a tiny girl like Ling Yue do other than cause self-humiliation.

’’Ye Ling Yue, don't start acting out of line. This may be a drinking contest but that doesn't mean any random dog or cat can join. Don't blame us if something happens to you.’’ Who's she kidding? An Ming Xia would love nothing else.

For this drinking contest many of the famed drunkards in the city had suffered bleeding in their stomach, in more serious cases, life has been lost as a result. Even if the tramp doesn't bring any harm to herself today, An Ming Xia would still be happy if she makes a buffoon out of herself in front of the Phoenix Lord after getting drunk.

Seeing her sister's persistence to participate, Lan Caier's calm attitude became strained. Anxious, she looks to Feng Shen for help.

’’Since its come to this, then I shall accompany Miss Ling Yue in the drinking contest.’’ Beyond everyone's expectation, Feng Shen suddenly throws this bomb out there. His eyes and lips filled with doting and warmth.

For her, he will climb mountains and walk through seas of fire if that's needed.


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