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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 182


Chapter 182

Chapter 182 ’’Drinking Contest? Or A Face Off?

In the same day as the grand opening of the Drunken Immortal, the biggest restaurant of the capital likewise announced their drinking contest.

Not only was the Fairy Square the most prestigious restaurant all around, it's also a reputable brand with a century old history to its name. Under normal circumstances, only dignitaries of the state and wealthy individuals would be able to savor the taste of their iconic Five Treasure wine, but not today.

In order to attract new and old customers, the Fairy Square had held nothing back for the occasion. Offering a reward of ten thousand, five thousand, and one thousand gold respectively for the top three contestants, they are also giving out free samples of both food and wine to any observers willing to participate.

As soon as this news became public knowledge, a sensation occurred. In particular was the middle and lower class commoners. For those who would normally be unable to step foot inside the establishment, this was an opportunity that mustn't be missed.

Watching the endless queues lining up outside the Fairy Square, it was obvious enough for Lan Caier to know what awaited her Drunken Immortal today. It's not even noon yet and it's this packed already!

Upon hearing the horrible news from her elder sister, Ling Yue and her friends all gathered together and headed outside to see for themselves.

Finding the sea of people, they couldn't help but be amazed by this.

Among the guests lining to get inside the Fairy Square, there are three main groups of people. One was to try their hands at the one jar challenge, the other to participate in the drinking contest, but most of them are merely here to watch and try the free food.

In order to avoid an accident, each participant in the contest must sign a life and death contract. If they die of intoxication, the Fairy Square won't be responsible.


The abrupt sound of a jar breaking catches the crowd's attention.

Drunk beyond his senses, one of the guests inside the Fairy Square falls to the ground. Beside the man, a half-finished jar of Five Treasure wine remains untouched.

’’Wahh, the Fairy Square's reputation is well deserved. Not even a jar and the man's down for the count.’’ This popular scene was the first thing Ling Yue came across after catching wind of the commotion.

From the drunken man's body that's being carried out the doorway, her nose can pick up a strong alcoholic smell of intense aroma.

As expected of the Five Treasure wine created by mixing five different poisonous herbs and bugs together. Even for an old drunkard, it would take no more than a few cups to make the drinker feel like they are engulfed in flames. That's how highly concentrated this drink was.

In the short duration of their observation thus far, there's been well over a dozen victims in the wine challenge. All of them completely knocked out.

Even so, there are a small number of exceptions among the challengers. Finishing their jar, these extraordinary drinkers have now proven themselves to have the chance to participate in the wine drinking contest.

’’Amazing!’’ The applauds alone were enough to rock the heavens.

On another side of the stage, there's a dozen contestants sitting on a long table currently having a whack at the drinking contest, each of them armed with two to three jars and a large bowl. The only exception being the man in the middle.

Armed with over five jars of wine, this man at the center was naked from the waist up and had a heavy bun on his head. Compared to those next to him who was clearly struggling to keep going based on their feverishly red tone, this man appeared very normal. In fact, he looked like he's enjoying himself in how leisurely he's going at it.

’’Ling Yue, that is Master Boundless Ocean of the Fairy Square. He's not only a capable winemaker, his alcohol tolerance is also very good.’’ Sir Qing explains from the side.

Boundless Ocean was but a pseudonym, the meaning simple: his alcohol tolerance was boundless like the ocean.

According to the rumors, his mother was also a wine lady and gave birth to the poor man in the wine cellar. From child to adulthood, Mr. Boundless Ocean has been drinking alcohol like water, hence the reason why he's been poached by the Fairy Square. He's the perfect walking billboard.

According to the legends, this master drinker was able to jug down thirty jars of the Five Treasure wine in one go, making him unbeatable in this contest.

’’Following this drinking contest, I fear the Fairy Square's reputation will once again rise to a whole new level,’’ Lan Caier gnashes her teeth.

’’Why isn't this Princess Lan, are you also here to take part in our Fairy Square's drinking contest?’’ The one speaking was An Ming Xia and her mother Cui Shi who were coming out of their restaurant.

Seeing the lively scene around their establishment, both are exceptionally cheeky for they can tell the Drunken Immortal must be doing very poorly if the boss herself was away. Likely can't even sell a single jar today.

’’What are you doing here?!’’ For one moment An Ming Xia was still complacent, the next she's gasping in shock over Ling Yue's presence. Then by the time she noticed the companions next to the tramp, her complexion went ghastly pale.

’’They are, isn't this Sir Qing?’’ Cui Shi also noticed the companions next to the girl called Ling Yue, especially the two men standing behind. A phoenix and a dragon, even for a middle-aged woman like Cui Shi, she couldn't avoid taking an extra look.

She definitely recognized Sir Qing, but Feng Shen was another matter. This was Cui Shi's first encounter.

Sneaking a glance, the first impression she had was that the boy's ’’handsome’’.

’’Mother, this is the Phoenix Lord that I told you about.’’ Sending a glare at Ling Yue, An Ming Xia rudely cuts in between the three to oust our main girl to the side.

Towards Feng Shen's outstanding handsome face, Cui Shi had to admit the Phoenix Lord deserves such admiration. Sadly, she couldn't help but sigh inside over the boy's frail body. An empty husk with a good face, unreliable.

Leaving a few polite words at the group, Cui Shi's interest quickly transferred to Sir Qing's side.

Though Sir Qing wasn't a prince, he's also an heir of a noble house. Compared to the sons of the big four noble families in the capital, the boy's status can only be higher and not lower. Best part of all, he's not married yet!

Cui Shi had done her calculations now. If her daughter can't become the crown princess, turning their focus to Sir Qing was also a fine choice.

This mother and daughter pair... The daughter has her eyes on Feng Shen, the mother has her eye on Sir Qing. Worst of all, both of them had completely removed Ling Yue from the picture like she didn't exist.

Not missing this rude treatment, Lan Caier deliberately makes a huffing sound with her nose before speaking, her voice indifferent: ’’An Ming Xia, it so happens that I wanted to see you. Did you forget the bet we made last time?’’


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