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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 181


Chapter 181

Chapter 181 ’’Entry of the Male Idols!’’

Two carriages, one east and one west, the exceptional one being the west carriage that's being pulled by a set of precious horse called the Flying Cloud Steeds.

As expected of Sir Qing, how grand of him to bring such a big entourage for the occasion. Then again, his main reason wasn't here to congratulate Lan Caier, he's here for Ling Yue instead.

Like the old saying goes, ’’A fair lady is sought after by every gentleman’’. Sir Qing was no exception to this phrase.

Dismounting from his carriage, it didn't take long for Sir Qing to notice the opposing carriage parked further head of himself.

Unlike his flaunting arrangement of wealth and power, the other side in the east appeared more on the low side - merely one horse to draw the carriage.

But who's Sir Qing? He's not some ordinary folk to be looked down upon. One glance, that's all it took for him to see the other party wasn't of ordinary background like they portrayed.

Take the horse for example.

A purebred Gold Dragon Steed of the northern region. Ignoring the fact that it's manes a stunning gold in color, which glistens whenever light reflects off of it, the horse itself was also exemplary. Able to ride for three days and three nights without rest or food, not even the palace of Da Xia has one in its stable. That's how rare these horses are.

Yet this person's using it to draw a carriage?

Then there's the matter of the coachman. Unlike Sir Qing who has an entire entourage of upper celestial martialists acting as his bodyguard, the other side only had one rugged looking young man driving the carriage. Though the coachman remains expressionless during the entire duration they've been here with his broadsword in hand, the Yuan energy fluctuating around those explosive muscles are more intimidating than all the rest present.

Having a reincarnation master acting as his coachman, just who is in there...?

Just as Sir Qing was busy speculating the possible identity of the lord inside, the person in question dismounts and gave him the answer without further need of guesswork.

Lapsing out for a second, Sir Qing had trouble believing his own eyes there. He himself can also be regarded as handsome among the male gender, but against the man over there, it's utterly shameful.

’’Feng Shen, Sir Qing, how come you two are here?’’ Only until Ling Yue came out to greet them did Sir Qing come out of his stupor. Now he knows, the one to cause him to lose his composure there turns out to be the infamous Phoenix Lord of North Qing.

But then again, when did the Lan House become connected with the Phoenix Lord?

While Sir Qing was busy eyeing Feng Shen, the latter didn't even notice him;instead, he only had Ling Yue in his line of sight.

Sir Qing wasn't an idiot. Even a fool can tell the Phoenix Lord only came today for Ling Yue based on that appearance. Though unwilling, he has to admit the other man was superior. But that doesn't mean he's without hope. As long as Ling Yue remains unmarried, he still has a chance no matter how prestigious that foreign prince was.

’’I am here to congratulate the Drunken Immortal's grand opening. Someone come, bring over the gifts I prepared.’’ At his word, two boxes carrying two ’’Moon Pearls’’ are displayed before the crowd. Based on the fineness and size, it's easy to discern the value was extremely high.

’’Sir Qing is too kind. It's enough that you came in person, no need to be so polite in bringing us such fine gifts.’’ Not giving anyone a chance, Lan Caier snatches the box away at sonic speed.

With Sir Qing's gift out of the way, Lan Caier didn't forget to look for Feng Shen's gift.

’’Feng Shen, where's your gift?’’

Feng Shen was the number one wealthiest giant in North Qing, no way she's going to give up this fine opportunity to pry a big one. That's what happens when you pursue my sister, PAY UP!

Towards Lan Caier's blatant intent to rob them dry, Ling Yue couldn't keep her heads up anymore due to being overly ashamed.

Normally Ling Yue would be very happy to lend a hand at extorting more goods out of her pursuers, but now, she didn't like it when someone's ’’bullying’’ Feng Shen. A miraculous change in treatment after Feng Shen's confession last time.

Towards the open palm coming their way, Dao Nu didn't like it one bit and made a warning glare at the shameless girl. Sadly, as the servant, he can't say no when his lord was already giving him the signal with that nose scratching. From his pocket, Dao Nu pulls out a piece of paper.

Seeing the gift could be a possible bank note, Lan Caier's greedy eyes literally lit up into a blinding star. As expected of the Phoenix Lord. Directly giving money works too!

But as soon as she received the paper in hand and had a closer look, her mouth instantly went into a ’’O’’ shape.

’’Land deed? You actually bought the deed to the drunken immortal?’’ Forget Lan Caier, even Sir Qing became startled.

Every inch of land in the capital was worth its weight in gold. Take the rent of the Drunken Immortal here. One year's worth of rent for this plot of land would cost over a hundred thousand gold per year, so imagine what it must cost to purchase it out right from the original owner.

Sir Qing can't keep still anymore. He bought the entire plot of land? Did the guy have to be so ruthless? It's just pursing a woman, no need to empty the coffers now!

As much as Sir Qing wanted to call Feng Shen a spoiled brat and a fool, internal injuries cannot be avoided at this point. It's fortunate enough that he's not puking up blood at that generosity.

’’Ling Yue, you look after his highness now. Don't worry, leave the restaurant to me.’’ Grinning to her bones, Lan Caier heartlessly sells her sister out and shoved Ling Yue up to Feng Shen. As a service, she didn't forget to forcefully drag Sir Qing into the restaurant to let them both have some happy time.

It can't help eh. In these times, the one with the most money is the brother-in-law. Compared to Feng Shen, Sir Qing is simply too far behind.

Once they were all inside and seated, food and drinks were quickly brought before them and brightened the mood for Sir Qing. At first the boy was still disgruntled by his loss, but one sip of the rainbow wine was enough to lift his mood.

’’Sir Qing, how's our wine compared to the one from the Fair Square?’’ Lan Caier eagerly asks.

’’This wine is entrancing on the tongue and the color is magnificent. Compared to the Five Treasure brew of the Fairy Square, this is miles ahead.’’ It wasn't just the wine that's astonishing for Sir Qing, the dishes were also mind blowing. He couldn't stop indulging himself in the fruits and vegetables.

Finding a big character like Sir Qing praising their food so highly, Lan Caier's confidence likewise shot up. However, thing's didn't go as smoothly as she wished. Aside from their group, no other customers were coming in even after they finished their meal.

That's not a good omen on the first day of their grand opening.

Seeing this, both girls didn't look so well. Unable to sit still, Lan Caier made an excuse and left to investigate outside. Not long after, she returns with a depressed expression.

’’Damn Fairy Square, they're currently holding some sort of drinking contest, that's why there's no customers coming to us. They've all been lured away.’’


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