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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 18


Chapter 18 ’’Top three’’

Ye Qing may have been defeated, but the competition must go on. With Ling Yue taking victory on her first match, her rank has temporarily shot up to third place.

And due to the destruction of the arena ring, everyone can only relocate the remaining matches to the field.

At this time, a fifteen to sixteen year old girl came forward from the crowd. She had almond eyes with a sedated and dignified look.

Finding this challenger unfamiliar, Ling Yue speculates this girl must be an older sister from the branch families.

’’My name is Ye Ning, I hope little sister here can help advice me.’’ As she said that, she flings her long hair backward, thus making her appear confident and agile.

’’It's actually Ye Ning. Ye Ling Yue is screwed now.’’

Paying attention to those voices from the crowd, bits and pieces of information drifted into her ear.

Only the top three in this competition may receive a reward, so towards the branch families who are allocated much fewer resources, this reward from the competition undoubtedly becomes very important.

Earlier many stronger members of the family had avoided challenging Ye Qing due to the guy's father, but Ling Yue's different. If they got technical, she can't even be regarded as a true member of the Ye household. Not to mention it's a well-known fact the relationship between the Third Miss and the family head was very bad.

If just comparing strength and ability, Ye Ning can only be stronger than Ye Qing. As a child of a branch family, her ability was truly not bad and has earned her a title of being called ’’Little Ye Liu One’’, indicating her obvious talent.

(Ye Liu One is Ye Qing's older sister and the most talented child in the current generation. She's currently away from training at a school sect.)

’’What a shame, third lassie's daughter can only stop here.’’ One of the elder of the family lamented.

Upon seeing this new girl, Ye Huang Yu's complexion also slightly changed. She can tell. The girl's footsteps were steady and smooth, indicating her cultivation hovered around the fourth rank of the constitutional domain... While her daughter Ling Yue did spend a month in the mountains to self-train, but to break through to the fourth rank in that short period was nearly impossible!

Ye Yin Shuang (dark skinned friendly cousin) had been standing at the side, and due to her worry, Yin Shaung's roundish face had become plump red due to her suppressed urge.

’’That child's talent is not bad.’’ Ye Gu commented, but his words were so vague that no one knew who he was praising, Ling Yue or Ye Ning.

’’Little sister Ling Yue, I'll fight with my all.’’ Ye Ning took a closer look at Ling Yue. Against this girl younger than herself by a few years, Ye Ning found that there's an aura around Ling Yue which she can't ignore or underestimate.

’’I'll also do the same.’’ Ling Yue smiles, her crescent shaped eyes radiated a light brighter than the moon itself at night.

Spreading her legs apart, a force of Yuan energy converges on Ye Ning's slender palm and reshapes itself into a set of claws. Like an eagle's claw, she swipes at Ling Yue's shoulder.

Ninth grade martial technique Bone Splitting Claw Strike!

Among the techniques known by the Ye family, Bone Splitting Claw Strike was a ninth grade martial technique just like the Lightning Burst Fist. They are very similar, the only difference lies in the fact that the Bone Splitting Claw strike was more feminine, a suitable technique for a woman to practice.

Once mastered, this claw strike can emit up to six afterimages, comparable to the Lightning Burst Fist in terms of strength.

Ye Ning's attack was both fast and wicked;fortunately Ling Yue's reaction wasn't slow either after spending a whole month hunting in the mountains.

Swiveling to the right, she escapes Ye Ning's offensive attack and returns with a strike of her own. Condensing the energy into her fist, five dazzling lightning streaks flew out.

Turning white on her face, Ye Ning had noticed from before Ling Yue's Lightning Burst Fist was very high up there. Without forethought, she suddenly pulls both her hands into a claw strike and charges head on against Ling Yue's assault.

’’Both their attacks are at the fifth level, not bad, both of them.’’ Ye Gu nods repeatedly. With only a glance, he can tell the two have honing their techniques very hard.

’’But in terms of age and Yuan energy, I'm afraid little lassie is not an opponent for Ye Ning.’’ Rejoicing was one thing, but Ye Gu can only sigh inside. When both individuals are equal in terms of martial technique, what it comes down to then was their level of Yuan energy.


Just as Ye Gu's voice just died down, the girls Yuan energy had collided together, creating a loud impacting blow as a result.

In the eyes of everyone, Ye Ning who had been thought to have grasped victory in her hands flew backwards like a leaf being blown away by a strong gust of wind. Puking out blood on the corner of her mouth, Ye Ning rolls to the ground.


Ye Huang Yu's body became stiff, her fists clenching tightly as she watched.

Meanwhile on the elder platform, Ye Gu became shocked with fright. Nearly leaping up, he almost couldn't believe his eyes as if the most incredible thing just happened. His eyes staring heavily at Ling Yue without flinching.

To be able to directly blow away Ye Ning, a fourth rank constitutional cultivator, can Ling Yue be.....

At the very least, Ling Yue can only be of the fourth rank or higher!

Inside the Ye family's martial hall, those that had followed Ye Qing in mocking her earlier were jaw droppingly stunned.

’’Ling Yue, you win!’’

Ye Yin Shuang (tanned skin cousin) was the first to run up. Only now does she find her little cousin to be too talented, it's almost like a dream.

Only smiling, Ling Yue walks up to Ye Ning's side and helped her up.

’’You are very good, I am inferior. But next time we fight, I won't lose to you.’’ Not being shy, Ye Ning gracefully admits defeat.

A straightforward character.

Nodding at her personality, Ling Yue and her newfound acquaintance left the makeshift stage.

After overcoming Ye Ning, Ling Yue's strength was for all to see. In the remainder of the contest, none challenged her again. In the end, Ling Yue took third place from the contest, a proud result.

Compared to years ago when Ye Huang Yu taking first place, Ling Yue's performance today can only be regarded as good, but to herself, this was enough because she has done what she set out to do today: no one can hold the northern manor in contempt again as long as she's around!


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