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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 178


Chapter 178

Chapter 178 ’’Me and You, Alliance’’

After Xia Hou Qi started his cultivation of the spirit force, he did advance by leaps and bounds, but he also noticed his control slowly slipping out of his grasp.

Then strange things started to happen around him, and the gazes coming from his royal mother and father also changed. It's fear.

One day, the worst scenario occurred. During one of his daily bullying sessions at the hands of a sibling, he lost himself to anger and his spirit force went on a rampage.

By the time he woke up again, the body of that boy was torn to shred and scattered across the garden. A frightening scene for anyone.

At that time, Xia Hou Hong and the others were also nearby. They all cried in fear and reported the event to the king and queen. They claimed he's gone mad and killed that sibling.

Since that day onwards, the reputation of Xia Hou Qi becoming a crazy lunatic was set in stone.

No other option, the queen can only shut her son inside her quarters to avoid any more casualties.

That's the real truth behind Xia Hou Qi's ’’madness’’, and the reason why the boy would refuse to accept the queen into his heart.

’’If you've been through all this since you were little, would you still sit here and act so calm while conversing with me?’’ He eyes her with a self-pitying smile.

When everyone thinks you're crazy, you can only be crazy even if you're not.

Just thinking of all those ugly faces waiting for him outside was enough to deter any desire to leave. He would rather be insane all his life in here.

’’Almost died? Your highness, you think what you've been through is the worst in this world?’’ After listening to the full story from the boy, Ling Yue not only didn't show sympathy, she started to mock him by laughing.

’’What's the meaning of this?’’ As a prince, since when did he have to endure such humiliation.

An insignificant girl would dare use such tone to talk with him. Just thinking of this was enough to make him churn inside.

’’Have you ever experienced being abandoned by your biological father upon birth?’’

’’Have you ever experienced being scolded from an early age?’’

’’Have you endured endless bruising?’’

’’Have you tried eating stale dog food?’’

’’Have you ever stepped into death's door and come back?’’

Standing up, Ling Yue used the most direct words she can to question the prince.

Every word she asked would cause a slight change to the boy's expression.

These things... can it be... Xia Hou Qi looked towards the maid in disbelief.

Compared to himself, the girl's age was even smaller, yet those eyes are as sharp as a knife.

’’That's right, all those things happened to me. The me before I turned thirteen. Now then, what do you have to say about your experience after hearing mine? Do you still think you are the most unfortunate person in the world?’’ Not batting an eyelash, Ling Yue fires them out like the person in the story wasn't even herself.

For a second there, Xia Hou Qi couldn't utter a word. His heart throbbed for her and an unprecedented desire materialized from within.

’’Where are they, those who bullied you, I will get revenge for you.’’ He blurts this out without realizing it.

Although this was his first encounter with the girl, but due to the paper crane that's been visiting him, Xia Hou Qi had virtually taken Ling Yue as a friend already.

As someone who's been isolated by his peers since young, Ling Yue would be the first person to have entered his heart.

This feeling was very subtle, so subtle that even he himself didn't know why.


Cracking a chuckle, Ling Yue portrayed a look like she just heard the most hilarious statement ever.

’’I say your highness, you should first worry about yourself don't you think? I know you are a smart person, smarter than what you led others to believe, so don't lie to me. I know you can tell you and your mother have been played by your fourth brother and Consort Luo. Don't you want revenge against them?’’ From her words, doubt was cast in the prince's heart.

’’If you don't mind, can I see that training manual you have in your possession?’’ She must confirm her speculation.

Not denying her, Xia Hou Qi knew enough to know she's also a cultivator.

As expected, it's as she thought after skimming through the pages, ’’this book needs at least a sixth rank alchemist to practice, and part of it is missing too. It's no wonder your spirit force is running out of control. I believe one of these days I will need to bring you to my teacher in the alchemist tower and have him look at you. Maybe he will find some clue. However, one thing's certain. That fourth brother of yours, he's not a good person. So little back then and he could already use such vicious means against you, such evilness.’’

’’Fourth brother, he...’’ his eyes turned gloomy.

Back when he had just been imprisoned, Xia Hou Hong would occasionally come visit him. He thought it was out of concern, but that ended the day his fourth brother became the crown prince.

Now that he looked back it all, it appears Xia Hou Hong only wanted to confirm if he's truly gone mad.

’’You don't need to worry your highness. It's not too late yet. At least in this huge palace there's still two people who care about you. All you have to do is win over the dowager's support, and you are already halfway there.’’ Ling Yue guides him along to her desired outcome.

’’You haven't told me who you really are yet, and why you want to help me?’’ Though he only just recovered, there's still some wariness left in the boy.

How can he believe a stranger when his own brother would scheme against him? Besides, he got a uncomfortable feeling against this young girl, especially those eyes. It's like he can't hide anything from them.

’’Please rest assured your highness, I will only be your ally and not enemy. My cover name is Lan Ling Yue, second miss of the Lan House. As for my real name, it's Ye Ling Yue. Hong Feng, the royal tutor of the crown is my biological father.’’ After she stated the last part, any form of doubt disappeared from Hou Qi's heart.

Now he knows why the girl would choose him.

Although he doesn't have the details as to why she would hold such grudge against the Hong House, but to topple that huge clan, this Ye Ling Yue needs a backer, and that backer was himself.

’’If that's the case then we will be of the same boat from this day forward.’’ Xia Hou Qi's a smart man. Not needing extra time to deliberate, he seals the deal to ally with her.

Whatever and whomever wronged them, they will make them pay. Blood for blood, death for death.


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