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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 174


Chapter 174

Chapter 174 ’’Da Xia's Sixth Prince’’

It's just a little girl?

Giant axe in hand, the royal guard commander was greatly startled when he got a closer look at the intruder because the girl was but a lower celestial martialist. Not easy for someone of this caliber to counter a dozen arrows at once.

A Dan realm master!

Only now does Ling Yue realize this place wasn't the ’’Cold Palace', it's the queen's Morning Flower Wing.

’’Sir, this is a misunderstanding. I am the second miss of the Lan House, Lan Ling Yue. Due to my late departure from the dowager's residence, I became lost and unknowingly entered this place. I didn't mean to offend anyone.’’ Consort Luo's vicious intent was now clear as day to Ling Yue.

They wanted to use the queen's hand to do their dirty deeds.

It's no secret to the scheming consort that there's many highly skilled martialists stationed at the queen's quarter. Led by the infamous Deputy Commander Chiyan, this sizable fighting force would slice down any who dare trespass into the wing. To add credit to their reputation, the number of maids or eunuchs to die at their hands numbered no less than a hundred, that's how frightening they were.

Knowing Ling Yue was but a lower celestial martialist, Consort Luo had assumed the girl would surely perish at the hands of the deputy commander. In reality, this would've been the case if not for the fact that she can wield the spirit force.

’’You say you are invincible general's second daughter? I think I did hear something like that and that the girl became a titled princess at the dowager's hand,’’ the deputy commander mutters this, not forgetting to eye Ling Yue up and down to verify the claim. Like General Lan, this Chiyan was a ruthless and fierce individual when fighting.

’’If your lordship still doesn't me then I can show you this. It's the dowager's token that I got today.’’ Rummaging through her pocket, Ling Yue brings out the token and tosses it over.

’’Lord Chiyan, this isn't good, her highness the queen...’’ While Chiyan was busy verifying the story, a maid from behind staggers over, her chest full of blood to indicate the seriousness of her injury. At the sight of the commander, the lady finally succumbed to her wounds and dropped to the floor, all life leaving her eyes.

Seeing the dreaded appearance of the maid, the deputy commander abruptly had a change in his complexion. Tossing the token back to her, ’’leave this place immediately, and remember, none of what you saw tonight is to leave your mouth. Otherwise, your life will not be pardoned.’’ At that, Chiyan led the royal guards away into the depths of the residence.

This is...

Plucking her brow up, Ling Yue saw that underneath the wound in the maid's chest was a piece of porcelain. On it, remnant of the spirit force continues to linger on. This was proof enough that the lady was killed by a user of the spirt force, but who? Why would there be a hidden cultivator in the Morning Flower Wing?

Musing over all the information, Ling Yue figured she can't just leave after witnessing such a thing. With one dash, her body was now moving quickly into the depths of the palace ground like the guards before her.

Further inside, the entire hall had plunged into a chaotic mess by now. Burning lanterns littered the floor, unmoving bodies lay there lifelessly, the entire scene was of death and carnage.

Despite all this, a faint intermittent voice continues to call out.

’’Son... I am your mother...’’

Standing in the middle of it all, the figure of a teen appears before Chiyan and the rest when they arrived.

Despite the constant plea by the woman in the boy's grasp, the shabby looking teen continues to grip harder and harder with his slender hands at the victim's neck. His intent obviously clear, he wants to strangle the middle-aged woman who had lost all hope in her eyes.

’’Your highness!’’ Seeing the critical urgency, Chiyan and his men all rushed inside out of desperation.

But as soon as they took their first step across the doorway, the teen becomes aware of their presence and looked up. His dark pupils flickering a strange light like a meteorite flying through the night sky.

Then in the next moment, the vase that's placed nearby on the floor suddenly shoots up into the air and explodes without indication. The shattered fragments raining down at the royal guards like deadly spears.

’’Fire Wind Palm Strike!’’ Out of worry of accidentally injuring the queen, Chiyan didn't dare confront the shards head on. Instead, he uses this palm strike to block off the attack by turning the porcelain into harmless powder.

Even so, the teen refuses to stop. Making a freaky smile, the boy issued out a sharp shrill scream that causes everyone to fall to their knees. The sound painful to the ears of those who listen.

’’Son, stop, they are innocent.’’ The middle-aged woman attempts to stop his son after seeing what's happening. But in her attempt to climb up after being harshly dropped, the teen reverts his gaze back to the woman and shoots another vase directly at her.

’’STOP YOUR HIGHNESS, THAT'S THE QUEEN!!’’ Grabbing his head in pain, Chiyan looked on in horror as he crawled forward.

Just as the vase was about to land on the queen herself, mere inches away, a puff of yellow smoke pops out of the ground out of the blue and blurs the teen's line of sight. As a result, the vase loses its trajectory. Bypassing the woman, the item smashed into the ground directly behind her.

By the time the smoke clears up again, all signs of her highness the queen were gone. In it's place, only the shattered fragments and a few drops of blood were all that remain.


Following the metallic sound of a mechanical contraption activating, all of the windows and doors were tightly sealed by a series of iron bars.

Grumbling, the teen then let's out a savage roar no different from that of a wild animal and attacked the cage. Try as he might, the bars hold and keeps the dangerous boy inside.

Meanwhile back outside the hall, the queen was just coming out of her stupor state at being rescued. Looking around, her gaze eventually fell upon Ling Yue who's' supporting the lady.

’’You...’’ Not getting the chance to finish her question, the queen suddenly loses consciousness and fainted away.

’’My queen! You... why are you still here?’’ After Chiyan and his men got away from that freaky sound, the headaches they were experiencing instantly went away.

’’First take her highness the queen away. Deputy Commander Chiyan, is that person just now the sixth prince, Xia Hou Qi?’’ Ling Yue didn't forget the paranoid look coming off of the teen's eye.

How can a highly favored prince become like that? Also, he knows how to wield the spirit force, and based on those attacks, it's not shallow either. The prince must have practiced for a long time to build up such a strong foundation. Just that, it appears his knowledge in its uses remain to be on the rudimentary level.

Once the queen was returned to her bed chamber, Ling Yue first fed the woman some water and followed it up with a massage session with her spirit smoke.

Though the queen's body remains weak after that ordeal, fortunately it doesn't matter in front of Ling Yue's ability. As her complexion regain some color, so does her consciousness.


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