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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 173


Chapter 173

Chapter 173 ’’Can't Poison You to Death? Then I Will Scare You to Death’’

Knowing her memories are very good, Ling Yue concluded the maid must be working for Consort Luo. Becoming aware of the problem, she quickly masked her vigilance in order to not alarm the foe.

’’Thank you aunty, here is an appreciation gift from me. I hope you can say some more kind words to her highness in the future when I'm not around.’’ At that, she pulls out a piece of gold for the maid. Making sure to wipe something onto the surface when the woman wasn't looking.

As predicted, the greed in the maid's eye was easy enough to expose. Leaving a few pointless words, the two went their separate ways. The maid returning to the old queen while Ling Yue headed down the path prescribed for her.

’’That's what you get for offending Consort Luo. There are no rooms for the likes of you in the palace.’’ Towards Ling Yue's disappearing backside, the maid viciously spat a mouthful at the floor. Then squeezing the gold in her hand and biting down to make sure it's authentic, the maid then left to carry out her business of reporting back to Consort Luo.

Unbeknownst to Ling Yue, the palace wing she's currently heading for was called the ’’Morning Flower Wing’’, and it belongs to the queen herself. Ever since the sixth prince went through his drastic personality change years ago, this place has been under constant lockdown. If an intruder were to trespass, only ’’death’’ awaits those who dare.

As a newcomer to the palace, Ling Yue naturally wouldn't know any of these hidden secrets.

Back over at the Hundred Phoenix Wing, her highness the dowager was currently lying on the couch with her eyes closed while a maid hands her a cup of freshly brewed tea.

’’This tea?’’ The fragrant flavor causes the old queen to snap open her eyes in surprise.

’’Your highness, these tea leaves and water were brought into the palace by Princess Yue today. According to her words, they are from her hometown and has a special flavor. Since the tea leaves looked nice, I made the decision to accept them.’’ The old maid currently serving her has been around for many years, therefore she knew very well what the dowager's preferences are.

’’The tea is good, and the person is skilled too,’’ she ponders, her gaze fixated on the floating leaves in the cup.

Compared to the tea inside the palace, this one can only be better and not worse.

’’Your highness, then why leave the task of leading Princess Yue to someone like Qiaoyun? That lass belongs to Consort Luo.’’ The old maid didn't understand why the dowager would do this. It's no secret that Consort Luo holds a prejudice look at Princess Yue.

’’The palace is a place of survival. It's either you die or they die. As a clever child, I'm certain nothing would happen to her. Besides, it's about time someone tamed Consort Luo's arrogance.’’ As she says this, the old queen gulps down the last remnant of the tea and returns to her frail appearance.

’’You are saying you personally saw Princess Yue entering the Morning Flower Wing?’’ Consort Luo asks this while fiddling with a jade ruyi (scepter) on the coach.

’’Yes your grace, I saw everything clearly, there's no doubt about this. However, the dowager seems to have taken a liking to the girl and awarded her with a token for entry. If she dies so suddenly, wouldn't her highness the dowager be upset?’’ From the part of keeping the young girl for dinner, to the praising words, the maid didn't leave out a single detail.

’’That's exactly what I want. I need the old woman investigating, otherwise I can't implicate the queen in the matter. Unless that expired bitch is dragged down from the position as the queen, I will never ascend to her post and become the true ruler of the inner palace.’’ From that enchanting face, Consort Luo's laugh radiated success for she can already see herself in the phoenix robe reserved solely for the queen.

Just as she's enjoying her moment, the servant girl currently kneeling in front of her suddenly released a scream of horror.

’’Your grace...’’ The maid known as Qiaoyun abruptly falls to the floor and started to roll around. Festering in the flesh, it didn't take long for the girl to dissolve into a puddle of foul blood. What remains now was but the clothes and the two eyeballs still swimming in the fluid. The stench absolutely nauseating to the nose.

’’AHHH~!!!’’ Frightened to the point of turning ghastly pale, Consort Luo couldn't stop her body from trembling in shock.

’’Your grace, Qiaoyun she...’’ In order to figure out the reasoning for the sudden death, several of the maids went up to investigate. But as soon as they came into contact with the foul fluid, their own bodies also started to fester. In no time at all, they too melted away into nothing but blood and bones due to the contamination.

That's when all hell broke loose in Consort Luo's residence.

How can all these people just suddenly die like that!

’’Your grace, Qiaoyun was poisoned.’’ One of the more thoughtful maids beside the consort managed to inspect Qiaoyun's carcass to determine this much, ’’but it's not certain what sort of poison it was.’’

’’Damn it. Hurry and throw these carcasses out and clean up the mess. Make sure none of this get's out tonight.’’ After ingesting a calming pill, Consort Luo then breaths a sigh of relief.

This matter relating to Qiaoyun was far too serious and Consort Luo didn't want to blow it out of proportion. Her suspicion mainly fell upon the dowager and the queen, but never once did she point the arrows at Ling Yue because no one could imagine a fourteen-year-old girl capable of carrying out such a deadly attack.

By now Ling Yue have entered the Morning Flower Wing. According to her internal clock, she figured the poison should've activated by now in front of Consort Luo. It's not hard for her to image the woman having a sleepless night tonight.

Indeed, the poison used on Qiaoyun was from her. Ling Yue had intentionally wiped some of her newly concocted poison onto the gold she gave away. By mixing the fire viper egg she bought from the auction house with the ice grass concentrate, the effects are lethal once it comes into contact with the skin. In half an hour, not only will the flesh rot away, even the bones will be corroded, leaving nothing but rotting blood.

I won't harm others if they don't harm me, but if they scheme against me then I will make sure they are at least a cripple if I don't kill them.

Coldly sneering, Ling Yue made a turn around the corner and entered a dark corridor. In front, there's no movement whatsoever.

From the outside things didn't look so big, but after entering, only then did she realize how grand this place was. Compared to the dowager's Hundred Phoenix Wing, this strange place wouldn't lose out in any way in terms of size.

Just that, why there's no one around in such a huge palace? It's like a ghost town here. No guard, no maids, even the trees are withering away. It's absolutely lifeless like an entity ready to devour those who comes inside.

’’It can't be, this isn't the ’’Cold Palace’’ right?’’ A bit depressed at the thought, Ling Yue was ready to turn back when...

Note: ’’Cold Palace’’ is like the banishment wing for the unfavored consorts of the king. Once in here, these women are usually stuck for life and things usually don't end well for them. It's like a fancier version of a prison without the bars.

Poof- Poof- Poof- Poof-

Towards the multiple bursts of whistling sound tearing through the air, all alarms were going off in Ling Yue's head. Almost instantaneous, she activated her blink shield to block off her vital areas for safe measure.

In coherent with the sniping arrows coming her way, multiple dark figures also dashed out of the shadows. To think there would be so many upper celestial martialists waiting in ambush.

Seeing it's impossible to avoid anymore, Ling Yue inhales deeply and mobilized all her powers. Activating the Yuan energy in her body to the maximum level, she fires out the dragon needles with a wave. Under the disguising darkness of the corridor, only sparks of metallic light and impacting sound of the arrows gave proof to their fight.


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