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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 171


Chapter 171

Chapter 171 ’’Fatter, I Like It’’

’’You don't need to mind what I said, I only, I only... like you. I was going to silently like you from the side. I know I'm not qualified to say these words so....’’ At this moment Feng Shen was acting like a inexperienced lover boy who confessed for the first time.

’’If you like me then you need to keep your health up.’’ Towards the frantic appearance from the boy, a chuckle escapes her.

Startled by the demand, Feng Shen's whole world just went silent. No pain, no fever, to him, there's only the flowering smile and the crescent eyes of the girl before him and nothing else.

’’Ling Yue doesn't hate me?’’ Ever since his big reveal that rainy day, Feng Shen's been anxiously worried about the outcome of his confession, afraid their friendship would come to an end as a result.

’’You are so silly, who can hate a person like you,’’ she teases him.

Then at the worst timing possible, Mr. Mu makes another visit. Followed by a series of servants carrying all sorts of dishes from behind, the elder had prepared these knowing both of them likely felt starved to their stomach after not eating for so long.

As the elder started to tear up again after seeing the young lord awake and well, he didn't forget to sneak a peek here and there at Ling Yue while he went on and on about the great ancestor of the family and such.

’’Mr. Mu, did I not mention you need to prepare a rich diet for him? Aside from all these meat dishes, Feng Shen also needs to eat fresh vegetables and fruits.’’ A dissatisfied look overtakes Ling Yue's face as soon as she saw what's on the dinner table.

Gaping his mouth up and down, Mr. Mu didn't know how to explain this to her.

’’Ling Yue, you shouldn't blame teacher. The truth is, it's not because the chefs aren't willing to make them, it's me who dislike eating those stuff.’’ Still on the bed, Feng Shen weakly explains this like he's guilty of some crime.

Hearing this, she immediately found her brow pricking up, ’’Mr. Mu, I like you to list all the ingredients that's prohibited around him.’’

Against that tone and phrasing, Feng Shen instantly found himself trembling. A bad premonition hovering dangerous close to his head. In a panic, he shoots a warning glare at the elder.

First looking at his young lord, then back at the half-baked healer Ling Yue, Mr. Mu started to struggle at making his decision. One side of him wanted to do as the lord commands, but the other side knew full what it meant if he went against the future mistress of the house.

Out of ten Phoenix Lords, nine are always slaves to their wives. Against those odds, the answer became obvious. Without hesitation, the elder brought the writing material out and listed the long lines of ingredients that's usually off the meal platter.

In no time at all, the entire list was done. From radishes to sweet peppers, the variety of fruits and vegetables were so long that it was shocking. How can someone be so picky?

In Ling Yue's view, she's certain anything remotely related to healthy are on the list at this point.

How did Feng Shen even grow this big with this diet?

Leaving without a word, she directly left the estate and strolled through the market for any ingredients she's lacking. Then mixing the spices and stuff with her fruits and vegetables from the Red Mist Sky, Ling Yue took it upon herself to personally prepare the dishes for Feng Shen to partake.

Watching the dishes of everything he hated on the table, dark gloomy lines appeared his usually handsome face. Like a fussy child, Feng Shen resists the urging pressure to dig in.

’’As per the saying goes, food makes up the world. You mustn't be so picky in your diet so hurry and move your hands.’’ Ling Yue commands using her eyes.

Despite those pressuring eyes, Feng Shen refused to move in the end after struggling to balance the pros and cons of what he's about to do.

Then before he knew it, Ling Yue made the decision for him and grabbed a piece into his bowl.

Against that intimate face so close to himself, a burning sensation flares up from below his bottom half. Finally caving in, he picks up the vegetable in his bowl with the chopstick and bites down.

He didn't have much opinion about the flavor, but just the fact that it was Ling Yue who made it for him was enough. Even if it's poison, he will gladly ingest it.

Though that's what he's thinking, Feng Shen was pleasantly surprised to find the taste tolerable. There's no strange funky taste to it like what's usually served at home, instead, there's a crisp aroma similar to the type coming off of Ling Yue's body. Unconsciously, this act repeats itself and Feng Shen soon found himself ingesting over two bowls of the food he so despised until today.

Watching this on the side, Mr. Mu nearly broke out into tears as usual.

’’Now that's a good boy.’’ Seeing how her dishes are being consumed left and right, Ling Yue then showed a satisfied smile, ’’From today onwards I will personally manage your daily meals. As for the fruit and vegetables, I will have them sent over every day.’’

Considering the fact that these produces are all from her pocket dimension, it's a certainty Feng Shen wouldn't have a problem eating them despite his pickiness.

’’Ling Yue, you need to eat too. You are too thin.’’ Feng Shen furrows his forehead after seeing how little the girl had eaten.

’’It's better for a practitioner to be on the lighter side,’’ she fluently replied.

’’I like it more if you are a bit fatter.’’ Feng Shen didn't forget how light she was when he held her.

Coughing at the statement, Ling Yue suddenly found her bowl filled to the brim with meatballs. Against that stare, a sense of helplessness overcomes her and could only submit to the feeding.

After the meal was over, Ling Yue could hardly keep herself from falling over due to her big tummy. But against the rosy cheek of the boy and his happy smile, it was all worth it.

’’Feng Shen, I've been meaning to ask you this. Are you acquainted with the Ghost Emperor Wu Chong?’’ Seeing the boy's complexion to be much better, Ling Yue dismissed the servants and casually asked this.

Against that name, Feng Shen's brow instantly twitched upward. ’’I... Heard of his name, but never met him.’’

’’Come to think of it, it's best you don't know him. A person like you would only be swallowed alive by someone so dangerous.’’ In her view Feng Shen was akin to a harmless sheep. Against the big bad wolf known as Wu Chong, only his bones would remain if they crossed paths.

Gaping his mouth up and down, Feng Shen found himself wanting to say something but couldn't. It was then Mr. Mu came in, again. This old man simply won't go away!

’’Miss Ye, your family has sent word for you. According to the messenger, the Queen Dowager is seeking your audience. You should quickly enter the palace.’’ No other choice, Ling Yue can only get up and leave. Before her departure, she made sure to tell them she will come visit again in the next few days.


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