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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 170


Chapter 170

Chapter 170 ’’Sharing the Same Bed’’

Looking at it from a layout point of view, the Phoenix Manor in the capital was very similar to the one back in Glass City, the only exception being the size. It's much bigger.

Coming here for the first time, Ling Yue couldn't resist sticking her tongue out at the sight. In a city where every inch of land was worth its weight in gold, how astronomical the price must have been when purchasing a perimeter this size.

After her announcement for entry, the first scene to welcome Ling Yue was Mr. Mu anxiously pacing around like a swarming ant on a frying pan. Beside the elder there also stood a dozen other individuals, mainly some healers and alchemists that came to help. They all had a frown on their faces, a bad omen.

’’It's you.’’ Seeing the guest was Ling Yue herself, Mr. Mu didn't know whether to be happy or to be angry. Originally his young lord's health has been doing well thanks to the hot springs here, but after she appeared, the condition immediately took a nose dive.

Through a short inquiry, Ling Yue then learned of the whole situation. After returning that day from the rain, Feng Shen's been running a high fever that simply wouldn't recede no matter the medicine or medical techniques used on him.

Worried, she quickly went inside to check the boy's temperature by touching the forehead. Without surprise, Feng Shen's cheek was like a red tomato due to the burning heat. Digging deeper to verify her suspicion, she loosens his collar to find the same black tattoo markings on his chest.

On the one hand he's running a high fever, the other his original cold sickness was having a relapse. This was no different from forcing Feng Shen's body into a state of ice and fire. No wonder the medicines aren't working from the various healers and alchemists, how can they help when there's two illnesses running in parallel?

’’Mr. Mu, please send these people away, I will take care of him. Also, I will need some ice so would you prepare some for me?’’ Ling Yue may not be a physician, but after witnessing her abilities several times in the past, Mr. Mu have subconsciously registered her as a doctor.

After the elder departed from the room, Ling Yue then released Little Squeak from her pocket dimension.

As usual, Little Squeak's first order of business was to explore all forms of beautiful things in his vicinity. Ambling up to the bed where Feng Shen lay, he curiously touches the boy's forehead to only be shockingly burnt by the intense heat. Retracting his paw in haste, Little Squeak became teary because he felt like he just touched a stove top.

While the little rascal tended to his burning paw, the ice that Ling Yue ordered has arrived from the outside. Using a cloth to wrap the cubes, she used it to cool down Feng Shen's forehead, making sure to change it every half an hour.

At the same time during this process, she also manipulated her spirit smoke to absorb the frost from within the boy's body. Continuing this procedure for over two hours and working up a sweat, she eventually succeeded in calming down that intense fever.

As the night went on and morning arises, Feng Shen eventually comes out of his slumber Fluttering those long lashes, there was a hint of surprise when his sight noticed the odd presence of a girl by his bedside.

It appears Ling Yue had unconsciously fell asleep next to the boy when she caved in to her fatigue.

’’Squeak~’’ When the little fella noticed the patient in question had regained consciousness, Little Squeak's first reaction was to wake up his mistress. But when he went to carry out the task, Feng Shen stopped him with a ’’quiet’’ gesture.

Lifting the girl up from the bed side, Feng Shen had them both firmly tucked on the bed together, making sure Ling Yue got the comfiest spot.

Due to the bed being designed for one person, it became a little crowded with the added person. As such, he can only curl up to one side to give more room to the other. Despite the uncomfortable pose, a smile escapes him because this level of happiness was unprecedented for him.

’’Young-’’ Mr. Mu's voice fell stuck in his throat when he came in upon this scene.

What did I just see? One man one woman soundly asleep together on one bed, the male partially hugging the female with one hand. They didn't even notice the small disturbance made by my intrusion.

How many years has it been? Since that year when he returned to us in blood, the young master hasn't had such a calm rest. Now that I think about it, the young lord seems to be always calmer when she's around. Also, the frost attacks are happening much less often! Can it be... This is all because of Miss Ye?

Wiping the trickling tear slowly coming out of the corner of his eye, Mr. Mu found a flood of emotions spilling out with no way to stop them. His mind coming to a decision as he left the two alone.

After exhausting herself Ling Yue did have quite the nice sleep today, but when she woke up and saw Feng Shen right up against herself, she practically jolted up from the bed out of reflex.

Blushing red from embarrassment, she kept trying to think back to what happened and how she unknowingly ended up on Feng Shen's bed.

Restless from the fluttery butterflies in her stomach, Ling Yue did the next best thing she knew how: drink some cold water to cool herself.

Now that she regained some composure, not much but still, she suddenly noticed something different about herself. Investigating for the source, her consciousness soon fell upon the spirit cauldron. In there, the spirit smoke had grown exponentially.

What's going on here? I clearly used a lot of it, but instead of weakening like usual, it's grown!

From the original small garden snake in size, the width and length has reached a whopping size of a large anaconda.

Ever since Ling Yue got her hand on the spirit smoke, she's been racking her brains out for ideas to increase its size and power. But no matter what she did before, it was to no avail.

Is it because of the frosty energy inside Feng Shen?

Thinking back and forth, this was the only answer she can come up with. If this were true, then it's a news worth celebrating. As long as she keeps helping Feng Shen with the cold sickness, she can grow her spirit smoke while also helping the boy. Two birds with one stone, who wouldn't like it?

While she's in the middle of her grand plan, Feng Shen who was still on the bed finally wakes up too. ’’Feng Shen, you still have a fever so don't move around so much.’’ Ling Yue quickly went over to help lift the boy up.

Upon physical contact the two then remembered the words spoken that day in the rain. Suddenly, an awkwardness shrouds over the atmosphere and left them both unsure what to say in order to break the ice.

This silence continued until Ling Yue took the initiative to make a sigh. ’’Thank you Feng Shen, but you are such a fool. By giving your medicine to my mother, what are you supposed to do when something happens to you?’’ Ling Yue shoots a sideway glance at the boy.

Due to the effects of the fever, Feng Shen's slightly rosy cheeks made him look exceptionally good-looking. Against that appearance, Ling Yue's original grumpy heart melts away and aches for him.

’’What are you saying, there is no need for thanks. If you wish, you can take anything of mine.’’ Feng Shen murmurs this in a soft voice, ’’No matter the medicine, its all wasted on me anyways.’’

’’You are not allowed to say such nonsense, I will cure you.’’ Ling Yue interrupts him.

Acting like a defenseless animal, Feng Shen eyes her with those mesmerizing eyes of his and breaks down the last piece of defense.

’’I will definitely cure you,’’ her gaze determined.

Though he didn't know what to say against those words, Feng Shen did feel a sense of warmth overtaking his heart.

’’That day, I remember what you said.’’ This part from Ling Yue's mouth instantly rattled Feng Shen's heart.

She remembers...?


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