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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 17


Chapter 17 ’’Mother and daughter of one heart’’

That was a piece of jade with an emerald green coloration. From the initial carvings on the surface, it appeared very plain and general. How can Ye Qing hold value over this thing?

Just as she was puzzling over this matter, Ling Yue's cauldron mark on her hand began to vibrate slightly, similar to the refined green liquid from the spirit grass.

Something's up with that jade on the floor.

’’Ye Qing, back when you humiliated me, bullied me, have you ever thought of us as cousins? Or is this how Ye Huang Cheng teaches his son, going back on his words?’’ Her eyes slowly drift over to where the unsightly looking Ye Huang Cheng stood.

If his son couldn't keep a promise, then how was he supposed to become the future family head?

Fuming inside, Ye Huang Cheng didn't dare speak right now.

’’But then again, this matter isn't without room for negotiations.’’ Ling Yue casually points this out.

If she did force Ye Qing into cursing at his own father in front of the whole family, it was equal to insulting Ye Gu also. That dumb pair of father and son may not realize this due to their low intellect, but that doesn't mean Ling Yue couldn't.

Secretly happy inside, Ye Qing mistakenly believes that little slut indeed doesn't have the nerve to offend him.

’’The wager is changed. You can copy a dog and crawl a lap around the ground. This jade here will count as compensation.’’ Moving before anyone can object, Ling Yue flash steps up to the jade piece and snatches it.

Hearing this, Ye Qing's complexion abruptly changed for the worse.

That piece of jade was no ordinary jade. It's called Xuan Yuan Jade. By keeping it close to the body, the wearer's speed of absorbing Yuan energy can increase dozens of times each day. Towards a martialist in the lower celestial rank, this thing was a priceless piece of treasure.

In order to give Ye Qing a chance to break into the top three rank of the competition, his older sister specifically sent this valuable piece of trinket home, which was why he's able to push out four thunder streaks of light from his punch.

’’This won't do. I'll give you twelve silver and you return the Jade back to me.’’ Ye Qing's nervous expression causes Ling Yue to be even more certain of this jade's value.

Twelve silver, does he take her as a beggar that can be shooed away so easily?

’’Lowly child, put the Xuan Yuan Jade down.’’ Seeing Ye Ling Yue snatching the jade away, Ye Huang Cheng can't stand idle anymore. With one harsh roar, he dived down like an eagle, his fingers locked tightly against Ling Yue's shoulder.

In the face of this sudden attack, she can only feel a bone piercing energy shooting into her body.

The abrupt attack by Ye Huang Cheng shocked the crowd, unsure how to react to this outburst.

’’Ye Huang Cheng, remove your hands!’’

From below the stage, a person shot through the crowd like a tidal wave and charged directly at Ye Huang Cheng.

In order to dodge the oncoming attack, this shameless man could only release his prey.

Above the stage, the third miss of the Ye household releases the full might of her powers, covering every inch of the arena with her Yuan energy and causing Ling Yue to straight up tremble like she's been caught inside an ice freezer.

’’Ye Huang Yu, humph, based on what can you be so arrogant?’’

’’Based on me being able to send you flying with one slap across the face back then.’’ Her eyes were overbearing, glittering with piercing sharpness.

Making blood shot eyes, Ye Huang Cheng's body was trembling with anger now that his old wounds were reopened. Following the release of his powers too, the two opposing force of Yuan energy began shaking up the entire stage. They didn't even need to exchange blows yet and the entire area was like a battlefield.

Seeing the Ye family's Third Miss making a personal appearance, the entire martial hall began boiling with anticipation.

How many years has it been? Ever since the Third Miss became a divorced woman and came back home, she's been like a shadow, invisible to the eye. According to rumors, she's no different from a cripple and ceased to be the same as back then.

But the recent Third Miss was nothing like the rumors, she's arrogant and overbearing.

’’Heaven Sundering Strike.’’ Ye Gu cuts in-between the two, his energy expanding outward like waves across the stage. Unable to bear the pressure from Ye Gu, the alchemic stones used to construct the arena began to crack with veins under his foot.

Both their scowls stiffened and the two adults stepped backward a step.

Seeing this scene, Ling Yue's heart was beating unceasingly because the entire arena was destroyed in one short breath by her grandfather.

The head of the Ye family, Ye Gu, a upper celestial rank martialist was like a pillar, unwavering and unmoving in the middle of the destroyed arena, his face angry and fuming with rage.

’’What's the meaning of this!’’ Ye Gu's gaze was like a blade as he scanned everyone, eventually landing on Ling Yue and Ye Qing.

The former was still fine, but the latter instantly turned pale white upon being stared at, unable to say a word.

Rather it was Ling Yue who returned the gaze and frankly explained everything about the bet and how the people from the martial hall can testify.

’’Father, this is clearly a joke between the kids. We mustn't take this seriously.’’ Ye Huang Cheng pleads anxiously.

’’Bullshit. Ye Huang Cheng, it's a joke when your son loses, but when my daughter loses she has to be humiliated by you and your son? So your son is precious and my daughter is trash?’’ Ye Huang Yu's voice began to rise.

’’Enough, this time is Ye Qing's lost. If you agree to a bet then you must accept your loss, that's only proper.’’ Ye Gu still haven't forgiven his son's rash impulse from earlier.

Such disposition, how was he supposed to bear the family's burden in the future?

’’Grandfather!’’ Ye Qing begs. He's not going to believe this grandfather who had always doted on him would embarrass him for this stupid slut.

Ignoring his grandson, Ye Gu turns away. As for Ye Huang Cheng, he can only warn his son by shaking his head.

Ye Gu was a person that puts a lot of weight in one's promise. Now that Ye Qing has lost the wager during this crucial period of vying for the family leader position, there's no doubt Ye Huang Cheng's status inside his father's heart would waver.

Kneeling on both legs, Ye Qing's head was hanging down while he struggled to climb up from the floor. He's been accustomed to the fine treatment of a young master for all his life, never has he been treated so rough. Against the rugged gravel, his knee was in so much pain from the rubbing of his skin that sweat began pouring down his forehead. His image now was no different from a dog being thrown on the street.

’’He deserves what he gets today.’’

’’That's what he gets for bullying others every day when using others power.’’

Those from the main and branch family who have been bullied by Ye Qing during the years are all turning tail and hitting him while he's down.

From the corner of the ear, sarcasm, ridicule and countless supercilious eyes were shooting at him from all angles. For someone that has never faced such hardship, a gush of blood poured out of his mouth due to the humiliation, causing him to faint the next moment.

Seeing Ye Qing had actually fainted due to his own uselessness, Ye Huang Cheng glared at the daughter and mother pair with full hatred. With no other options left, he can only grab his son and leave this place shamefully.

Watching those two leave, Ling Yue remains indifferent as if the victory she just earned had never happened.

Towards her demeanor, Ye Gu secretly took it all in. This child doesn't gloat against victory, doesn't bend against pressure, and her temperament was even tougher than her mother.


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