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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 169


Chapter 169

Chapter 169 ’’Mother's Decision’’

By the next morning Ye Huang Yu finally comes out of her unconscious state.

When she first saw Marquis Wu beside her, her instinctive reaction was to kneel before the man. ’’Thank you for saving my life your grace.’’

Ye Huang Yu knows full well how terrible her injury was. Unless the person was a reincarnation realm master of the highest level, there's no hope for her survival. And in the entire capital of Da Xia that fits into this elder age group, there's only one person and that was Marquis Wu.

’’Get up, I only saved you because of someone else's request.’’ After expending a vast amount of his energy, Gu Cangtian remains seated on the bed to recoup some of his power.

Despite his words, Ye Huang Yu didn't get up. Her legs firmly plastered to the floor.

’’What are you doing? I already said I'm helping you because of an old acquaintance's request.’’ Although the deed's done already, Marquis Wu still held some resentment inside.

’’I have no way to repay this debt, so please, accept me as your disciple so I can serve by your side.’’ Determined, she lowers her head too.

In her entire life there's only been two tragedies that has crossed her path, and they are all at the hands of the Hong House. She definitely gained a lot of insight from this experience, but she also realized how powerless a single individual was against a powerful clan. If revenge was her goal, she needs more than just herself to shake the foundation of the enemy. And mostly importantly, she mustn't implicate her daughter Ling Yue again.

’’You want to become my disciple? But you do know that I never took on a female disciple before right?’’ Aside from being astonished by the woman's courage, he's also tempted by the proposal.

The truth be told, he already noticed the exceptional talent inside Ye Huang Yu, adding in the effects of the red pattern Dan pill working inside that body, he's certain this woman will achieve great things in the coming future if he carefully cultured her.

If not for the fact that she's a female, he would've accepted the idea.

Just when he wanted to speak again, Ye Huang Yu abruptly lifted her hands. Using her own Yuan energy as a medium to form a blade on her fingers, she lops off her precious long hair from the shoulder down to showcase her resolve.

’’You...’’ He became tongue-tied, ’’Fine, fine, fine. It seems fate has put us together. From today forward you will follow by my side. As to whether or not you can exact your revenge, that will depend entirely on your own fate. Go open the door and let the others know you're fine. They've been waiting outside the entire night.’’

When the doors opened again, Ling Yue and her god parents all rushed in without a second thought.

’’Mother, you are?’’ Ling Yue was a little startled by the fact that there's a bundle of hair on the floor and the way her mother stood by the old marquis's side.

’’I'm okay now, I'm sorry you had to suffer so much during this period.’’ She's learned by now from Marquis Wu's mouth of how much Ling Yue had done for her, therefore the remorse in her heart only got worse when she remembered it's all due to her own recklessness.

’’If your injury is healed, then what about your cultivation...’’ Checking her mother's pulse, Ling Yue got quite the shocker.

Not only did Ye Huang Yu's injury become fully healed, she also broke through into the ’’Big Core’’ stage of the Dan realm. Now there's only a short distance left between her next breakthrough into the reincarnation realm.

’’Ling Yue, mother have already become his grace's disciple. From today onward I will be following by his side, meaning I can't come see you as often as I like. You must take care of yourself while I'm not around.’’ From her eyes, there's only the tenderness of a mother's love.

’’What, Miss Ye, you became master's disciple?’’ His brain still not responding fast enough, ’’No, wait a minute, I should be calling you junior sister now.’’ Grinning with joy, Lan Ying Wu didn't mind this at all. His mentor hasn't taken on a new student in more than ten years already. To get this big surprise, that's one happy event on top of another.

’’The prince's assassination is a very serious matter. From now on there will no longer be a Ye Huang Yu, only Gu Huang, your junior sister. As my youngest disciple, she will follow me around and learn martial art and military tactics.’’ Gu Cangtian have already came up with a brand new identity for Ye Huang Yu. She will disguise herself as a man instead of keeping her female gender.

Even if Hong Feng flips the entire city apart, there's no chances of them thinking the assailant would be hiding in plain sight at the old marquis's side. That's literally unfathomable considering the old man's status.

However, this meant that Ye Huang Yu will have to part ways from Ling Yue for a long period to come. They only just met in the capital but they are being forced apart so soon. Sentimental feelings are unavoidable.

’’Why are you all being so sobby, how unsightly. Ling Yue, since your mother is my disciple now I can't have you fainting as often as you do. I have here a martial tablet. Take it and study the technique well. It will be embarrassing for me if you get bullied wherever you go.’’ Watching the sobbing and crying show of this pair, Gu Cangtian couldn't stand it anymore. With his beards raised from huffing so much, he conveniently tossed over a jade tablet for the girl.

Against those belittling eyes, Ling Yue suddenly found her mind being invaded by a certain figure: Ghost Emperor Wu Chong.

Every time she meets that bastard, the guy would always make fun of her with that poisonous tongue. Always claiming she's weak.

Unconvinced, Ling Yue started to retort back with her mind. What weak! Your whole family is weak before I'm weak. Just you wait you old prune. Once I master the thirteen ghost needles I will poke so many holes in you that you will shout mercy.

Though she's thinking that, her hands said otherwise. Ling Yue wasn't one to refuse a gift after all. This was especially true when the gift bearer was the old marquis himself. It's not often one gets something from a legendary figure!

Looking down at the description, Ling Yue saw that the title was: ’’Nine Phoenix Transformation.’’

’’This is a cultivation method meant to train the body. Based on the idea of rebirth, the meaning of the name is the immortal nature of the phoenix body. I accidentally came across this technique years ago when I was out traveling. It's best suited for the female se* that's at the lower celestial realm, meaning you meet the requirement.’’

In reality, this ’’Nine Phoenix Transformation’’ technique held a lot of similarities to the five elemental trials of the reincarnation realm. Unlike the latter, the former helps improves upon the physical nature of the practitioner. If mastered, Ling Yue would have a body strong enough to contend with an average reincarnation realm expert.

Gu Cangtian originally wanted to pass this onto Ye Huang Yu instead of Ling Yue, but out of consideration for the age and level of the woman, he figured It's too late at this point.

Understanding this, Ling Yue swore that she will redouble her efforts and make this old man open his eyes in admiration one day!

’’Ling Yue, aside from his grace's help in saving me, we also need to thank Feng Shen. If you see him in the future, help mother give him my thanks.’’ After leaving behind these words, she left with Marquis Wu immediately to not make the farewell any harder.

Getting the reminder, Ling Yue then remembers there's still Feng Shen who she hasn't seen yet since waking up.

I wonder how he's doing.

Making a quick inquiry into Feng Shen's address, she quickly headed out to make a home visit.


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