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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 168


Chapter 168

Chapter 168 ’’Marquise Wu's Entry’’

’’How did I get back here?’’ Ling Yue makes a small groan after opening her eyes, unsure how long she had fainted for. According to her last memory, she fainted after succumbing to fatigue.

’’You silly child. You haven't eaten or rested for several days, how can you go kneel in front of the marquise's home like that.’’ Madam Lan wipes her weeping tears after seeing the haggard appearance on the girl.

’’It's the Phoenix Lord who brought you back here.’’ Lan Ying Wu exhales deeply, his heart aching over the stubbornness of the child. ’’How can that Hong Feng bear to discard such a good child back then,’’ he murmurs this in his mind.

’’Feng Shen brought me back?’’ Zooming by like a firelight, the scene returns to her.

Feng Shen says he likes me?

Almost instantaneously, her breathing became erratic.

No, she must have misheard him.

’’His highness also got wet from head to toe when he carried you back. He's home now after his attendants came for him. I just hope he's not sick.’’ Madam Lan sighs, sad over the condition of everyone. With that scrawny body and he still managed to bring Ling Yue back in that weather. There's heart in the boy.

Back when she and her husband saw them returning from the rain, both were frightened at the sight. Unlike the usual gentle and kind boy they are accustomed to, the Feng Shen they saw looked gloomy and distant.

After some inquiry, Ling Yue then learned that upon her return she's been unconscious for over a day. This worried her god mother sick as a result.

’’I'm sorry for being so rash. How's My mother, is she doing okay?’’ Despite her body being weak, the first thought to come to her mind remains to be her mother.

’’She's stable right now after eating Feng Shen's medicine.’’ Not hiding it from her, Madam Lan explains what Feng Shen did and how valuable the Dan pill was.

Towards the story, Ling Yue got mixed feelings. Part of her felt happy, the other half worried.

Just as the three didn't know how to continue the conversation, Yanche barges in on them and broke the awkward atmosphere. ’’Mistress, there's an old man asking for an audience. He claims to be Marquise Wu.’’

Now this was something that never even crossed Lan Ying Wu's mind. Didn't this mentor of his say he's not going to help, why the sudden change of heart? And to come in person too!

In a rush of panic, Lan Ying Wu and his wife scrambled out to receive the old man.

’’Your lordship, is it really you?’’ For one that always talked with strength in his voice, Lan Ying Wu appears to have reverted into a powerless child while in the presence of his mentor. Even his existence seems to have shrunk.

’’So you are Ye Ling Yue?’’ Gu Cangtian didn't pay any heed to his student, instead his entire focus was solely focused on Ling Yue who had also came out to receive him. His eyes an inspecting one.

When meeting the old marquise for the first time, Ling Yue was also taken aback by the man's appearance. What great legend of Da Xia? This person looked no different from an average old grandpa that one can find anywhere on the street. Even more bizarre was the way the old man looked at herself.

Is that fear she's sensing in those eyes?

’’I am indeed Ye Ling Yue. May I know why your lordship is visiting in person?’’ Not minding her manners, Ling Yue got straight to the point and asked because she didn't like being looked at by his scrutinizing gaze.

’’I am here to save your mother.’’ Turning sharp in his old eyes, Gu Cangtian glared at her, ’’Hurry and move aside now. Don't blame me if something happens because you are delaying me.’’

What sort of attitude was this, it's like the old grandpa's afraid Ling Yue will refuse the request if he said another word. Then again, blame can't be on him. Never in his life did he ever get threatened so badly.

Towards the strange behavior of the old marquise, none of the occupants in the hall could wrap their heads around it.

What the heck is going on here? One minute he's refusing to help after being begged at his door, the next he's turning around to beg us in letting him help. What sort of scenario is this?

’’This way please sir. Wife, Ling Yue, you two wait out here.’’ Lan Ying Wu also didn't understand what's going on either and why the change of heart in his mentor.

’’This is too great. If his lordship is willing to help then sister Huang Yu's cultivation will be saved.’’ Madam Lan couldn't stop her smile from coming out.

Because of this whole situation with Ye Huang Yu, none in the Lan family could rest at ease for the past few days.

’’You stand guard out here. I only promised to help. As for whether or not I can save Ye Huang Yu's cultivation, that will depend entirely on herself and fate.’’ Upon their arrival at the room, Gu Cangtian orders Lan Ying Wu to wait at the door.

Not daring to refuse his mentor, General Lan retreats without another word.

Coming up to the bedside, Marquise Wu examines Ye Huang Yu's condition. A touch of surprise surfaces in his old eyes upon inspection.

This... This woman got some great fortune going for her here.

One of the main reason he refused to help save Ye Huang Yu earlier was due to the injury sustained on the bone and tendon structure. If he only relied on his own Yuan energy to forcibly heal everything, the process will be extremely complex. If he so much as lose focus for a second, the recoil from the failure will bounce right back at him and cause both parties to suffer.

Then there's the personal reasons why he didn't want to come. As the leader of the common birth faction in court, he's the direct opponent of the one from the Hong House. How can he bring himself to help a woman that's supposedly the daughter in law of his enemy? Though Ye Huang Yu's been expelled years ago, but the underlying relation was still there.

Lastly, he's not even familiar with this Ye Huang Yu aside from the stories he heard from Lan Ying Wu. Why would he risk so much for an unknown person?

But now everything's changed. With the backing of the Ghost Emperor, he can't turn a blind eye or face the repercussion. Also, after taking a quick examination, he found the injury to be much easier to deal with than he imagined. Bones and tendons are perfectly healed, and there's also a force of energy from some sort of medicine vigorously supporting the body.

’’Very well Ye Huang Yu. If fate won't let your life end here than I will comply with the heaven's will and help you. Whether or not you can be reborn anew though will depend entirely on your own will now.’’

Climbing atop of the bed, he positions them both into a meditative pose and begun forcing his energy into her. Gradually, the nearly destroyed core inside the dantian starts to heal and repair itself. No longer a false one, new life starts generating from within.

Still outside, Ling Yue and her god parents are eagerly waiting for the results.

From sun down to the twinkling stars in the sky, none could be certain whether or not Ye Huang Yu will be reborn anew or face the cruel ending of being a cripple. This night will be a very long one.


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