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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 167


Chapter 167

Chapter 167 ’’Personal Visit by The Ghost Emperor’’

This sudden downpour lasted over several hours before it finally halted. During the entire duration, Marquise Wu's been maintaining the same sitting posture inside the main hall. The cup of tea on the table chillingly cold to indicate how long it's been untouched.

At seventy something years old, this person who had a very old appearance was a legendary figure in Da Xia. Spending the majority of his lifetime in defending the kingdom by following the former king into the battlefield, he's undeniably the most influential person in court due to his authority to control over seventy percent of the military's power. This was aside from the king himself of course, but even then, Da Xia's ruler wouldn't dare act rashly in front of this trusted loyalist of the kingdom.

Normally no king would allow a subordinate capable of threatening their position to exist, but Marquise Wu was an exception. Aside from the decree handed down by the former king to hail him as the kingdom's ’’guardian’’, Marquise Wu never wedded or produced an offspring. This meant that once the old man's gone, his blood line ends. As such, it's not hard to imagine how surprised he was when his most highly favored student, Lan Ying Wu, came to him with the news of Ye Huang Yu's injury.

The old marquise had known about Ling Yue's background story way back in Glass City through the mails he shared with the general. Feeling the same compassion for the young girl and her mother, this old mentor of the general had fully supported the idea of adopting Ling Yue into the Lan family, but never once did he expect a storm as big as this to come as a result of that decision.

Although Marquise Wu himself despised the usual style of the Hong family and their methods of handling things, and in all fairness, he really does pity Ye Huang Yu's tragedy, but who doesn't have a sob story behind them? To expend a vast amount of his own Yuan energy for some irrelevant person, he's not that open hearted especially when the assailant herself had threatened the crown prince.

Moreover, Consort Luo and Hong Feng's men are currently wantonly searching the city. If he makes the slightest sign of moving, there's a high probability his actions would be noticed.

’’Is the second miss of the Lan family still kneeling outside?’’ Gu Cangtian taps on the cup lid.

’’My lord, the young lady fainted not long ago and has been sent away by her own people. However, she's really a conscientious person. If not for the sudden downpour, it's likely she would've continued to kneel outside.’’ Even the servants inside the residence caved in to Ling Yue's will and showed their compassion.

’’She's a filial daughter, but unfortunately for that pair, the Hong Household's century old foundation won't be shaken so easily. An ant can't topple a tree, that's the fact of this world.’’ Marquise Wu shakes his head.

He's been a political player all his life, what sort of people haven't he seen yet.

If that Ye Ling Yue can abide by her duty then maybe one day she will get the queen's favor and get a decent marriage arrangement. But if she continues to obsess over family hatred, only destruction awaits her.

’’Who says an ant can't topple a tree.’’ An abrupt voice falls from the sky.

Crushing the tea cup in his hand, Marquise Wu's energy field explodes out of his body and envelops the entire estate. When did someone come inside? He never felt a thing.

Standing up, ’’Who dares to trespass in my home.’’

’’I can come and go as I wish. You think too highly of your measly home.’’ Without indication, sitting on the master chair beside the old marquise was another figure.

Upon realizing the man in question had a golden mask and sipping a newly brewed cup of tea, Gu Cangtian immediately found his forehead wrinkling out a layer of cold sweat.

To enter his estate undetected and still talk so calmly in front of him, Marquise Wu only knows about ten figures in the entire continent capable of such a feat, and the one from the Hong House wasn't among that list. Then of those ten, most were already around his own age with only three being so young.

It's a no brainer at this point considering the man's attire.

’’Ghost Emperor Wu Chong, why did you come to my home?’’ Gu Cangtian blurts this out without any forethought.

According to his memories, he doesn't recall ever having any dealings with the Underground Palace.

’’To save someone.’’ Wu Chong says this while fiddling with the cup in his hand.

’’Save someone?’’ He found the answer hilarious.

The phrase ’’saving someone’’ can be spoken by anyone, but to come out of the infamous Ghost Emperor, now that's a new one. Who doesn't know this mass murderer only knows how to kill and bring death to wherever he goes? Compared to himself who spent a majority of his own life in the battlefield, Marquise Wu can bet there's more blood stained on this Wu Chong's hand than his own.

’’Go save Ye Huang Yu.’’ Wu Chong plainly states this.

Listening to this part left Marquise Wu a bit confused but didn't know how why. Then it dawned on him. He speculates the Ghost Emperor was here to ask him to go save that Ye Huang Yu.

But, is this the sort of tone when begging others? It's clearly a command!

As the number one commander of Da Xia's military, since when did he ever get bossed around like so. Unhappy about being belittled, he coldly grunts to show his displeasure.

If he had heard such words from anyone else, Gu Cangtian would've kicked them out right away. But the one here wasn't just anyone, it's the Ghost Emperor Wu Chong! Against a troublesome entity like this, he's utterly helpless because the rumor circulating outside was that this person had mastered a ’’Emperor Class’’ technique capable of flattening mountains and carving out lakes.

If that were true and the guy goes on a rampage in the capital, Marquise Wu don't even want to imagine the collateral damage on the city.

’’You are related to the Ye family?’’ Gu Cangtian didn't expected the Ghost Emperor would make a visit in person for a wounded woman.

’’Ye Huang Yu is my mother-in-law.’’ Ghost Emperor Wu Chong answered this part very smoothly and sent the old marquise jumping with fright.

Does that mean Ye Ling Yue is the Ghost Emperor's woman?

But that idea only lasted for a second before Marquise Wu realized there's major flaw to his theory. He himself was but a reincarnation master of the fifth element, compared to the Ghost Emperor before him whose likely well into the Avatar Realm, why need an old man that's weaker? Why not just directly go help and skip this visit?

Probably aware of the old marquise's doubt, Wu Chong made a slight cough before explaining, ’’It's not convenient for me to lend a hand right now. Ye Huang Yu is temporarily still only my expected mother-in-law.’’

Understanding, Gu Cangtian figured the man was still in the middle of pursuing the daughter. Now this left the old marquise giving the young girl a new appraisal from his initial impression.

To think there's still a female capable of refusing the pursuit of the Ghost Emperor, what a girl.

Now Gu Cangtian was starting to regret his decision. He really should've went to see this Ye Ling Yue.

’’But what if I refuse to help?’’ He refuses to relent.

’’Then after tomorrow there won't be a kingdom called Da Xia anymore.’’ Wu Chong replies with confidence in his threat.

’’How presumptuous! What a good Wu Chong, do you think my Da Xia is that easy to exterminate?’’ Veins popping on his forehead.

’’Marquise Wu, do you recognize this object in my hand?’’ Wu Chong flips his hand around to reveal a certain item.

One glimpse was enough to cause Gu Cangtian's eye to twitch. That's the military seal of Da Xia.

’’This is what I stole from under the king's pillow last night. Why don't you take a guess? Would it be easier to steal the military seal or the king's head?’’ Wu Chong's laugh sounded both wicked and frightening like a demon looking down at one's soul.


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