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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 166


Chapter 166

Chapter 166 ’’A Out of The Blue Confession’’

’’I fear this matter will be difficult Ling Yue. Now that the prince's assassination has been made public, Hong Feng had sent the order that everyone is to look out for injured martialists of the Dan realm level in the city. In circumstances like these, Marquise Wu will absolutely not lend his help in curing your mother.’’ Lan Ying Wu also found the matter tricky to handle.

Known as the guardian of the royal family, Marquise Wu's stance on this matter cannot be good for Ye Huang Yu. Though her target only consisted of Hong Feng, she did indirectly attack the crown prince, something highly frowned upon by the old marquise.

’’God father, no matter what I must give this a try, otherwise mother's cultivation will be destroyed for good.’’ Ling Yue herself knows the chances of success was minimal, but she can't just sit still and do nothing.

Knowing her god daughter's determination, Lan Ying Wu immediately headed for the marquise's home to ask this favor. Sadly, by the time he returned the following day, only disappointment could be found on the general's face.

’’Aigh, I'm sorry Ling Yue, Lord Wu refused my request.’’ Despite his explanation of the full story, the old marquise refuses to lend a hand.

Although she had expected an answer along these lines, but the results still left Ling Yue very disappointed and sad.

’’Ling Yue, the truth is there's another person who can help save your mother. Don't you know the Ghost Emperor Wu Chong? He's capable enough.’’ In his desperation, the idea suddenly squirmed its way into the general's head to only be dismissed the following second.

The world is so big and the Ghost Emperor moves without forewarning. If they are going to look for a man like that, they would have a better chance at locating the only senior alchemist of Da Xia whose currently out traveling. Moreover, why would a mass murderer help save someone when all the guy does is kill?

It's not that Ling Yue never thought of seeking Wu Chong out, but that inscrutable man was simply too difficult to handle. Unless it's the last resort, she's not willing to go provoke an entity with a history as bad as that.

’’Ling Yue, let's think of another solution then. Go take a rest for now. You haven't slept for a few days already. I worry for your health.’’ Watching how fatigue her god daughter looked, Madam Lan was aching with pain in her heart.

’’No god mother, I must go see Marquise Wu first. Only he can help mother at this point.’’ There's no question in her mind now only the old marquise can help her mother.

Dashing out without turning back, Ling Yue left the Lan estate without giving anyone a chance to stop her. Watching this on the side, Feng Shen also showed a worrisome face.

From when they returned from the hot spring palace, he's been waiting inside the Lan family's manor without leaving. Therefore, as soon as he got the full detail of Ye Huang Yu's condition from Madam Lan, he didn't think twice and brought out a bottle of medicine. ’’Madam Lan, I have here a seventh rank Soul Renewal Dan pill. Take this to Ling Yue's mother first. It should be able to help even if it can't solve the problem.’’

Watching the Dan pill in front of them, both elders of the Lan family became astonished. Although they aren't fluent in the effects of the medicine in question, but the pill here was a red pattern! One of the highest grade around.

’’Your highness, that is the life saving medicine created by his grace just for you. We can't...’’ Seeing Feng Shen bringing the valuable Dan pill out, the first instinctive urge Dao Nu had was to stop him.

’’Dao Nu, this business isn't something you should meddle in.’’ Feng Shen retorts coldly.

Going mute immediately, Dao Nu knows well enough that his lord was angered by his outburst just now.

Seventh rank Soul Renewal Dan pill, a medicine said to be capable of ’’bringing the dead back to life’’. Even for a powerful kingdom like North Qing, it's limited to three per year in its production.

To think the Phoenix Lord would cede over something so great, does this mean he's willing to hand over his life for Ling Yue? Both elders of the Lan family exchanged a meaningful glance.

They originally thought the prince and Ling Yue was but good friends, but now they know their assumption had been way off. No friend would just hand out their own life saving measure without a second thought.

Ling Yue and him...

’’You take it first, I'll get Ling Yue back.’’ Leaving these words, Feng Shen also headed out of the Lan family's home.

’’This... they all left! Now what, are we supposed to use this medicine or not?’’ Lan Ying Wu hesitates, unable to decide on the matter.

’’Saving a person's life is more important. First feed it to Ling Yue's mother.’’ Madam Lan takes the bottle off her husband's hand and made the final call as usual in this household.

Aside from the palace itself, Marquise Wu's manor was the most heavily guarded estate in all of Da Xia. Normally it's said that not even a fly can make it inside without someone knowing, but today, there's been a person kneeling at the gate since noon.

Although it's well past the day of the Ghost Festival, the weather, mainly the sun, remains very strong and intense.

Burning under the searing heat of the glowing orb in the sky, Ling Yue continues her plead, ’’Marquise Wu, please save my mother's life.’’

From crisp to rasp, her voice repeatedly echoes around the estate to get no response from those inside. The main door remains closed regardless of her efforts and trickling sweat.

From the start of it all till Ling Yue came running over to the marquise's home, she's not slept or ate at all. As strong willed and durable as she, her body remains to be that of flesh and will eventually crumble if she don't stop soon.

’’Squeak~’’ Watching his mistress's suffering, Little Squeak became especially anxious. Then from god knows where, the little fellow managed to find a big lotus leaf to help give Ling Yue some shade while he worked hard to wipe the sweat away.

It's bad enough the searing sun had done enough to make her mind a total daze up to this point, now there's also a possibility of heavy rain by the looming clouds coming their way from the west.

’’Ling Yue, let's go back.’’ Feng Shen's unexpected voice catches Ling Yue' attention.

Looking up in her dizzying state, Ling Yue was welcomed with that caring smile she's become so accustomed to. ’’No, I must bring Marquise Wu back with me no matter what. Only he can save my mother from becoming a cripple.’’ Like a stubborn child, only this idea fueled her resolve from collapsing.

’’Then I'll wait with you.’’ Knowing her personality of never giving up unless the goal has been achieved, Feng Shen stops his persuasion and instead stood next to her. Like a towering tree, he will be her shield against all those who wish her harm.

Moving his umbrella slightly over, he gives the girl all of the shade and exposes himself to the sun in her stead.

’’Your highness?’’ Dao Nu steps forward at this time to get nothing but a cold dismissal from Feng Shen.

Due to the excessive exposure of the sun, his usual white skin now carried a reddish hue. A bad sign of an impending heat stroke with his poor body. Even so, he stands firm and continues to be by her side, refusing to budge an inch away.

Before they knew it, the sky had unconsciously turned dark with the occasion thundering rumble in the sky. Bead after bead, the droplets of water soon became a downpour and submerged the land in heavy rain.

’’Feng Shen, you go back.’’ Despite her own poor condition, Ling Yue worries for the boy's health, ’’Why are you doing this for me?’’

’’One doesn't need a reason to do something for the woman that he likes.’’ Feng Shen's confessing words gently fell into Ling Yue's ear.

Like... Feng Shen and me...

Apparently the information had driven her mind over the edge. Finding everything in her sight a total blur, her mind starts to spin and eventually all strength left her body. Just as she's about to touch the ground in her semi unconscious state, a warm and powerful arm catches her. That's when she completely blacked out at the familiar touch.

’’Squeak~’’ Little Squeak cries out, curiously looking at his mistress and... how should he put it, the Feng Shen that's giving off a different vibe than usual.

While Feng Shen looks down at the little woman in his embrace, only gentleness and undemanding love could be found in his irises. But as soon as he lifted his head to look at the forever closed door of the marquise's home, a total storm was raging in his eyes.

’’What a good Marquise Wu, what attitude.’’


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