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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 165


Chapter 165

Chapter 165 ’’Saving Mother’’

After dismounting from the carriage, Feng Shen never gave so much as a glance to anyone. In his eyes, only Ling Yue mattered. But that doesn't mean he's not aware of Yanche's presence either. According to his memories, he's very certain Ling Yue didn't have a character like this around back in Glass City.

’’Feng Shen, this is Yanche, someone whom I rescued off the streets not long ago. He's originally from the central plains. Yanche, this here is Feng Shen, my friend. It's thanks to him that I'm able to escape unscathed.’’

After the brief introduction, she went straight into the estate, completely oblivious to both men's gauging gaze the entire time.

When General Lan and the others saw the Phoenix Lord making a personal visit, they were all taken for quite the surprise. Fortunately, they also knew the relationship between the two were unusual so they didn't make a big deal out of it.

Though Ling Yue went through a lot in order to give her mother the opportunity to escape last night, the situation remains bleak. General Lan already called over every trustworthy healer that he knew, but every single one of them explained they couldn't do a thing.

’’How's my mother?’’ Giving a rough cleansing of the clogs in the meridian, Ling Yue can tell her mother's conditions are only getting worse by the minute.

According to her findings with the spirit smoke, the problem lies mainly with the ’’Dan Core’’ inside the dantian area. This normally wouldn't be an issue, but Ye Huang Yu was only an upper celestial master when Ling Yue left Glass City. How can someone advance an entire realm in such an incredible short time of a few months? Something's not right here.

’’Do you also notice it Ling Yue? If my speculations are correct, your mother must have used some special means to forcibly raise her cultivation for this assassination attempt.’’ When Lan Ying Wu first checked Ye Huang Yu's condition, he immediately noticed the oddity inside.

This also explained why Ye Huang Yu was able to force the soldiers back so easily and exchange several blows with Hong Feng last night.

’’Mother, how can you be so foolish.’’ Ling Yue herself never expected her mother to take such high risks.

Even if nothing happened, forcibly raising one self's cultivation through unconventional means will have dire consequences. If lucky their cultivation will only take a beating and drop a level or two. If unlucky, the user's life will be the price to pay.

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Looking at her deathly pale and unconscious mother, Ling Yue's anxiety only got worse with every passing second. Then as her heart's about to explode, an eerie calm wrings her right back to focus. Ordering everyone to leave, Ling Yue mustered every fiber of her will and started to repair the damage one tick at a time. Unlike the first, the injury her mother suffered this time vastly exceeded what her spirit smoke can consume in one go.

A whole day later after depleting the last wisp of her spirit smoke, Ling Yue manages to repair the shattered bones and tendons inside. Unfortunately, that's all she could do. The problem with the brittle Dan core remains.

From the outside, Lan Ying Wu and the rest rushes through the door after hearing the meek hail to enter. ’’Ling Yue, you must take a rest first. At least your mother's life is saved now. Just that...’’ Lan Ying Wu never thought the girl would be so capable. Using only one whole day, she manages to repair all the shattered bones and ruptured veins in one go that would normally take months or years for a conventional healer.

Pity though, this much wouldn't be enough to save Ye Huang Yu's cultivation. Considering how unstable the Dan core was acting, it won't be long, likely only a few days before the bead shatters. Towards this ending, Lan Ying Wu and his wife both lamented this fact.

They all know how headstrong the woman can be. If it becomes known she couldn't use Yuan energy anymore, that's worse than death itself.

’’No, mother's cultivation can't be lost. If we can find a master to help condition mother's current state, this misfortune might just become a blessing in disguise.’’ She knows her mother well. Rather than be a cripple, there's no doubt in Ling Yue's mind that her mother would rather choose death.

She must come up with a plan to save her mother's cultivation.

If her spirit smoke were just a bit stronger, then she might've been able to solve this problem already. But the procedures thus far had already exhausted her reservoir and refilling it won't happen any time soon.

But this hurdle won't be enough to make her fall into dread. According to a certain case recorded in the codex, Mr. Red Mist had treated a patient with similar symptoms.

The method was called ’’energy exchange’’.

Using the power of a high-level master, outside energy is forcibly injected into the patient to help push the individual into having an artificial breakthrough. This way around, the fake Dan core can be renewed and rebuilt into the true thing.

The only requirement here was that the master had to be a reincarnation realm expert of the fifth element, otherwise the method simply wouldn't work. Also, the risk involved was very dangerous. If there's so much as a slightly mishap along the way, both lives will be endangered.

Among those known to meet this requirement, there's only two in Da Xia. One of them was of course the old marquise of the Hong House. That's definitely out of the question. The second being...

’’In the whole of Da Xia, other than the old marquise of the Hong House, there's only Marquise Wu then. There's in fact another person that may be able to save your mother, the only senior alchemist in the association, but that person is perennially away on travel. To find that old senior is practically impossible.’’ General Lan sighs, frustrated he couldn't do more.

’’Then it only means I have to go beg Marquise Wu. God father, I know you are Marquise Wu's subordinate. Can you give me a referral?’’ In the end Ling Yue can only place her hope on her god father's benefactor and great tutor.


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