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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 164


Chapter 164

Chapter 164 ’’Only for You Will I Comb Someone's Hair’’

Hong Feng never expected the phoenix lord to be so possessive towards the maid. Now that he's aware of this fact, he can't exactly go up and drag the girl out of the prince's arm when they are this intimate.

’’Many apologies to your grace.’’ Without other options at his disposal, he can only have his men randomly search the premise for signs of the assailant. Of course, they found nothing in the end.

As Dao Nu watches his young lord carry out the tiresome act of carrying someone, he somehow had the bright idea of helping. Definitely a dunt in the head because when he tried, Feng Shen immediately shot him a burning gaze that left no doubt in his mind he needed to retract those hands of his that very instant.

In all his years together with Feng Shen, Dao Nu never once encountered a similar situation. This was the first.

With Ling Yue firmly in his arms, Feng Shen completely disregarded the crowd and walked away to his quarter.

’’They are gone Feng Shen, can you put me down now?’’ After determining there's no prying eyes around, Ling Yue pops her head up.

Due to the fact that her face had been affixed to the naked chest of the boy until now, she couldn't resist blushing hard with those cheeks of hers.

’’You are hurt so you shouldn't carelessly move,’’ Feng Shen declares. Though his words are gentle and caring, there's no room for argument in his tone. Besides, her hands and legs are tightly bound so how can she get off when he won't let go?

She did find this strange though. In her mind, Feng Shen had always been the sickly boy so why are those hands so strong?

As soon as they were inside the mansion, Feng Shen immediately ordered Dao Nu to retrieve something clean from the cabinet. Normally this task would be left to the servants or maids in the palace, but due to Feng Shen's preference of keeping a calm environment in his place of residence, he only brought his guard along and no one else.

After the lesson from earlier, Dao Nu knew better than to stick around. Leaving the clean clothes on one side of the table inside the room, he removed himself from their eyes.

’’Ling Yue, where did you hurt yourself?’’ Only now does he let her down, his voice full of concern.

’’I'm not hurt, the one wounded is my mother. Feng Shen... ca-can you turn ar-around first while I change.’’ A bit embarrassed, Ling Yue ended up stammering in her request.

They didn't think much of it due to the urgent situation earlier, but now that they have a moment to calm down, the problem with their clothes, or lack thereof, became blatantly clear.

Realizing this fact, Feng Shen couldn't help but send another ogling glance at her. Just thinking of how they were rubbing their skins together with only a thin fabric between instantly knocked him back to his senses because he himself didn't know where that sort of boldness had come from...

Making a couple of coughs to hide his awkwardness, Feng Shen pretends to be ignorant of Ling Yue's revealing skin and turns around.

Under the effect of the burning stove inside the room, the temperature seems to have suddenly skyrocketed for the boy when he heard the rustling of a certain girl undressing.

By the time he turned around, Ling Yue had changed into something new and dry. Due to the lack of maids here, the set of clothes she had belonged to Feng Shen when he was a bit younger.

Despite the robe draping over her body, the linings didn't appear overly broad. In fact, it gave her a refreshing look of a girlfriend waking up in the morning with her boyfriend's shirt on. Matched that with her wet hair, slightly bulging chest, and slender long legs, the alluring charm she gave off to Feng Shen just reached a new time high.

’’Why not dry your hair? Otherwise you will catch a cold.’’ Flowing with care in his eyes, Feng Shen walks forward to untie her braided hair so that he can help wipe them clean.

Ling Yue at first felt embarrassed and uncomfortable at being touched, but soon that feeling subsided when the she realizes how comfortable his hands were.

Like a wet kitten being combed and cleaned, she indulges herself under that touch.

Originally she thought a prince like Feng Shen wouldn't know how to care for others, but her bias soon got broken by how pleasant it was. Every movement, every touch, sent tingles through her skin. Unavoidably, her heart was racing now.

Under the heat of the burning stove in the room, her raven black hair was soon dried and felt silky smooth as it flowed down to her shoulder.

’’Just help me randomly tie a braided bun for my hair. I'm always unable to do it properly.’’ Clumsy her could never get a decent braid going, as result, the task had always been left to the maids in the Lan House.

Hearing a slight giggle next to her ear, Ling Yue found her struggling hands patted away by Feng Shen. In no more than a minute, a simple yet generous bun was done for her.

’’Feng Shen, I never knew your hands are so good at details. If you are a woman, I don't even want to image the number of men's that will fall under your charm.’’ Marveling at her hair bun through the mirror, Ling Yue couldn't resist praising it.

Blushing somewhat, Feng Shen replies, ’’I will only comb your hair. When I was a child, I once saw my father helping my mother do it. Back then I was sitting on her lap so I still have some impression.’’ When talking about this subject, a watery light grips his beautiful eyes.

Stoked for words, Ling Yue then remembered the boy had lost his parents at a very young age. And on top of that, she heard the cold sickness also started around that period. As someone who grew up with her mother and Granny Liu, Ling Yue can't possibly imagine the painful memories he had to endure at such a young age.

’’Speaking about it, I have to really thank you for today;otherwise I don't know how I could have escaped from Hong Feng and his men. Is the sun already up over our head? I better get back home and check on my mother. I'm worried about her injury.’’

’’Wait, Hong Feng will definitely increase the security around the city when he gets back. Let me go back with you to help get you inside. Besides, it's been a while already since I visited General Lan and his family.’’ Feng Shen already knew of Ling Yue becoming the second miss of the Lan House so he's not adamant about suddenly barging in.

Words can't possibly describe his emotions now that he's learned of her arrival in the capital. No way he will just say goodbye like so.

As per Feng Shen's speculation, Hong Feng indeed raised the number of soldiers watching over the entry points of the city. Setting up various checkpoints at every turn, it was all thanks to Feng Shen's flag that they were able to travel so smoothly.

Upon their arrival, they coincidentally bumped into a certain individual that came running out of the Lan estate. Tall and handsome, it's none other than Yanche, Ling Yue's loyal follower.

’’Miss, it's wonderful that you are alright.’’ Apparently Yanche was very relieved to see his mistress safe and sound again.

Then as the big guy looked up to see Feng Shen for the first time, he immediately had a second of shorting out.

How can there be someone so beautiful?

Yanche also belonged to the good-looking type, but against the level of this boy in front of him, he somehow found himself wanting to hide in shame.

And relying on his innate intuition, Yanche felt that the relationship between his mistress and the boy here wasn't exactly normal like you would find between friends.


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