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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 163


Chapter 163

Chapter 163 ’’The Handsome Phoenix Inside the Hot Spring’’

Shockingly surprised, Ling Yue wanted to scream unfair because the hot springs here could only accommodate up to three or four people at once. In order to not be caught by the person, she could only shrink herself into a corner and hide at the bottom of the pool.

Slowly, the approaching figure enters the water, confirming Ling Yue's suspicion that the newcomer was a man.

Fortunately for her, the mist here was so thick that she won't be noticed in the immediate future.

Thirty second... Forty Second... One minute...

Her lung's about to give at this point but the man showed no signs of wanting to leave.

To make things worse, the man had removed his outer wear, leaving only a hip towel to cover that bottom part. And due to the small size of the pool, her head's currently very, very close to touching a certain area she's not supposed to.

As much as Ling Yue wanted to keep herself hidden at the bottom, these hot springs had the unfortunate case of containing sulfur in its water content. The longer she stays submerged, the more apparent her nose and eyes are starting to itch due to the irritation.

Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and popped out of the water.

As the fresh air rejuvenated her lung and senses, a sharp blade almost immediately found its way up to her neck.

’’Who are you!’’ Accompanying the sound of air being cut was the stern voice of the blade wielder.

Based on the speed of the interrogator, Ling Yue figured the person had to be a master of the reincarnation realm;otherwise she would've been able to dodge in time with her current ability.

Turning glum in her heart, the first thought to hit Ling Yue was the possibility of it being Hong Feng.

’’Dao Nu, stop.’’ Only through the entry of this familiar voice did Ling Yue noticed the man sitting opposite of herself.

Note: Dao Nu in Chinese translates to Blade Slave. It's a lousy name even in Chinese.

Under the effects of the water vapor, that graceful muscle line and marbling white skin left Ling Yue ogling it with desire. Then turning her focus downward to the crotch area, she then noticed the returning gaze coming her way from above. Slightly blushing, she looks up and found an indescribable feeling taking hold in her eyes.

In all her imagination, she never expected her reunion with Feng Shen would be in this manner.

Likewise, Feng Shen was also astonished by her sudden arrival and the way she appears.

Wet on the hair, wet in the eyes, and wet on her clothes. The more he looked, the more his throat dried out because the water droplets slowly trickling down that cherry lip and maturing mounds only made him want to sin more.

If this was a dream right now, he would rather never wake up again for it's too beautiful.

Oh how he had missed her. From the very day he left Glass City, he's been yearning for her ever since.

’’Feng Shen, how come you are here in the hot spring palace?’’ Forgetting there's still a blade at her neck, Ling Yue asks with confusion in her eyes as she blinked and blinked.

’’I came to recuperate in the hot springs here. Only you...’’ Feng Shen then realizes something crucial and moved to block off his bodyguard's line of sight.

’’Lower your blade Dao Nu, this here is my good friend Miss Ling Yue.’’ Now that the girl was wet from top to bottom and showing her very obvious curve lines, he's not going to be happy sharing this beautiful scene with others regardless of who they are.

Her beauty and goodness belongs to him only.

Miss Ling Yue?

As Feng Shen's personal bodyguard, how can Dao Nu not be aware of this name. Especially when Steward Mu simply wouldn't stop mentioning it after they returned to Da Xia's capital.

’’My lord, someone is coming over. They have around ten people with them.’’ Dao Nu informs the two after catching the sound of footsteps coming their way.

’’Feng Shen, those people are coming here to catch me. I can't let them find me.’’ Ling Yue didn't need to second guess they are here for her.

Considering where she was now, it's already too late to escape.

Sure enough, not long after Hong Feng and his men found their way over.

They've searched the whole palace already, including most of the hot springs here. If not for the servants informing him of the prestigious guest currently bathing in this specific pool, Hong Feng wouldn't have reserved it till last.

Walking over, the first thing the guy saw was Dao Nu with his giant blade carefully standing watch over the Phoenix Lord. Just that, aside from the boy, there's another maid currently servicing the prince inside the pool.

’’Hong Feng of Da Xia pays his greeting to the Phoenix Lord,’’ he cups his hand and makes a slight bow. Regarding this prince of North Qing, Hong Feng has had prior meetings before today so he's not totally unfamiliar with Feng Shen.

’’So it's the royal tutor. I wonder what reason brought you here this early in the morning,’’ Feng Shen asks with a mild tone, showing he's not all that interested.

’’To inform the Phoenix Lord, last night there's an assassination attempt on the crown prince. After chasing the wounded female assassin all the way out of the city, we eventually cornered her to this location and found some suspicious footprints in the area.’’

Assassinate the crown prince? Raising his awareness, the news seems to have alarmed Dao Nu.

She's wounded? Feng Shen's brow tightened, his eyes falling onto Ling Yue's body next to his. Who likewise froze at the reminder for she just remembered her mother's condition.

’’In this case, why are you not going to search for the assassin and lingering around here for?’’ For some unknown reason, Feng Shen's voice showed a lot more anger than he should be giving.

’’This servant here searched the palace already and found nothing, leaving only this area of the hot springs unchecked. I suspect the female assassin is currently hiding somewhere in the vicinity.’’ Hong Feng didn't miss the ’’maid’’ currently hiding behind that hazy mist.

As someone with a photographic memory, he's beginning to suspect the maid there to be the one he's searching for. Despite the fact that he can only see the girl's back, plus the clothes are different, his instincts are telling him they are very similar.

In addition to all this, according to what he's heard of the Phoenix Lord, the prince didn't like getting close to the opposite se*. So why, why would the guy suddenly have an extra maid around when all things says otherwise.

Damn this Hong Feng, he's like a haunting ghost that just won't go away. Ling Yue tightens her jaw, cursing at the fact.

But just when Ling Yue didn't know what to do, Feng Shen does something she never expected. Standing up, he tightly pulls her into his embrace and lifts her up like a princess.

Due to the urgent situation earlier, she only managed to remove her outer wear, meaning she had but a thin layer of white fabric on while in the water. To make things worse, now that they are so intimate, her skin color was starting to show through the white material.

As nerve racking as this was for both of them, caused by the intense beating of their heartbeats, Feng Shen manages to be the intelligent one here by slightly motioning her to stay quiet.

’’Your meaning is that you want to enter the bath and have a search?’’ As Feng Shen left the pool with the girl in hand, Dao Nu took the opportunity to cover them both with a huge bathrobe that also managed to cover Ling Yue's face.


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