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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 162


Chapter 162

Chapter 162 ’’A Smart and Shitty Father part 2’’

The initial inspection has been done so the soldiers were in the middle of releasing the carriage through.

’’Hold it,’’ Hong Feng comes up to the vehicle.

Hearing the new voice all of a sudden, all three occupants inside were startled, afraid there might've been a flaw somewhere they overlooked.

This was especially true for Ye Huang Yu. Recognizing the voice belonged to Hong Feng, her hands tightly gripped into a ball under her sleeve, veins popping from the intensity.

Making a silencing gesture with his finger, Lan Ying Wu raises a corner of the curtain to peer outside.

’’Hello there, I heard his highness had an assassination attempt at his life tonight. Is he alright?’’

’’General Lan, his highness the crown prince just gave the order. Any carriage passing through must be searched thoroughly. Please have the madam and your daughter dismount from the carriage.’’

Through the small opening of the curtain shield, Hong Feng attempts to get a clearer picture of those inside.

For some unknown reason, he's been getting an odd feeling after his initial meeting with that second miss of the Lan family.

That pair of eye... it's too calm for a lady of her age. And the similarities between her and Ye Huang Yu were too close that he can't ignore.

Dismount for inspection...

Both Madam Lan and Ye Huang Yu reached out for each other's hands for comfort, knowing full well what this meant if they walked out.

Just as everything was falling apart, a loud ruckus catches their attention at the other end of the street, ’’Assassin! We found the assassin!’’

Hearing the cry, Hong Feng had a slight change to his complexion. Dropping his original plan of inspecting the Lan family's carriage, he rushes to the indicated location.

While the biggest danger has come to pass for the three, Ye Huang Yu remains to be very tense on her face, ’’Ling Yue, you must come back safely.’’

’’Don't worry, Ling Yue will find a way. Let us go back first. I'll go gather more information afterwards.’’ Lan Ying Wu hurries back onto the carriage and directed it away into the disappearing night.

Meanwhile at the other end of the street, an agile figure continues to leap across the tiled roofs of the various buildings in the district, for if she doesn't, she will be killed by the constant shower of arrows coming her away.

Fortunately for Ling Yue, she had the spirit force at her disposal that stopped any from landing;otherwise, the arrows that had aimed true to its target would've punctured her body by now.

By the time Hong Feng arrived at the scene, the shadowy figure had already escaped the blockade and was in the middle of heading for the city's outskirt. Watching the smooth dodging skill of the assassin, he couldn't help but wrinkle his brow.

Earlier he had clearly wounded the target, but instead of moving with great difficulty, the assassin now appears to be moving faster and more skilled than before. If this didn't raise questions then he be a total fool.

Or is this one here a distraction so the other one can escape? Oh Ye Huang Yu, what sort of medicine are you trying to sell in that gourd.

Unrelenting in his pursuit, Hong Feng led a bunch of his finest men and chased the female assassin all the way to the outer forest until dawn arrives.

Originally he and his men thought the chase would be easy knowing the other side suffers from a heavy injury, but he soon came to regret his misjudgment.

If he, a reincarnation realm master, would find it tiresome after chasing the entire night, imagine what it must be like for his men who was inferior in terms of cultivation. Apparently the answer wasn't a good one. If not for the fact that their lord was with them, the soldiers would've crashed to the ground by now.

While they are suffering from fatigue and exhaustion, the female assassin on the other hand appears to be doing just fine and showed no signs of slowing down.

It's not like he couldn't locate the presence of the assassin, but whenever he closes in on the target, the other side would seemingly disappear in one second and then reappear the next at another location.

Like a game of cat and mouse. This repeated running around had left the soldiers finally gasping for air and could no longer move. This included the military hounds they brought along to sniff out the assassin's scent. Poor dogs, they didn't deserve this torture.

Noticing the pursuing soldiers are at their limits, Ling Yue makes a small smirk. Bringing out another spirit fruit from within her pocket dimension, she begins munching on it to replenish her lost stamina as she continued her escape.

This explained a lot. No wonder Hong Feng would be depleted yet Ling Yue could still keep going like it's nothing, it's due to the spirit fruits she's been consuming!

’’Damn assassin, you dare toy with me!’’ A flare of anger seared into his face, making Hong Feng appear vicious and dangerous.

To answer that rage seeping out from the man's body, the trees here bathing in the morning mist abruptly started to change in tandem to that emotion. First it was just some rattling of the leaves, then the vines, then finally the roots also started to act up. Like snakes slithering across the soiled ground, the forest itself came alive and reaches out towards a certain direction.

This is?

Still wandering around in the forest, Ling Yue suddenly became aware of the strange behavior happening all around her. Like tentacles, the vines and roots were the first to grab at her.

What kind of ability is this?

Unbeknownst to Ling Yue, her paternal father, Hong Feng could also manipulate the powers of the wood element in addition to the fire element he mainly specializes in. As such, these rattans and vines and other softer appendages of a tree were now under his control. Pawns he could use in the forest.

’’Not good!’’ Alarmed with all the bells ringing, Ling Yue quickly brought out her blood daggers and sliced everything remotely close to her.

Originally she thought a forest would be her best source of concealment, but now it seems it's a mistake. She can't stay here any longer.

Fortunately for her, not far away was the exit of the forest. Dashing in that direction, she makes a run for it.

Soon, the greenery of the forest was behind her and in front were the images of several magnificently built mansions. Hanging at the entrance was the name: Hot Spring Palace.

As mentioned a while back, this place was the newly constructed hot spring villa ordered by the king of Da Xia himself.

Due to it being early in the morning and the king not being present, it didn't take much for Ling Yue to avoid the lax security here and jump over the wall.

’’Report my lord, the place ahead is the hot spring palace. That assassin just entered there.’’ A guard comes up to inform Hong Feng.

Hot Spring Palace?

Due to the main attraction here, the sulfur hot springs, most of the estate was shrouded in steam and mist, making visibility very poor.

Looking over, Hong Feng could barely make out anything past the front entrance.

The mansion didn't take up much land, only two acres in space. Problem was, there's over fifty hot springs here. If he had to search every one of them, this might prove difficult.

’’Someone come, we will divide our men into three groups. Two will be overseeing the entrance and exit while the rest follow me inside to search.’’ Hong Feng appears determined to catch the female assassin today.

Back inside. After Ling Yue first entered the building, she too soon noticed the abnormality of this place. It's all hazy and misty. But that's not important here. When her pursuers pressed on inside for her, she was left with no choice. Without a second thought, she dunked herself directly into one of the pools until the voices were gone from her ears.

Making a splash with her surfacing, Ling Yue was mentally blown away by the pair of legs in front of her eyes.

It can't be, I'm not seriously this unlucky to meet someone in a hot spring right?


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