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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 161


Chapter 161

Chapter 161 ’’A Smart and Shitty Father’’

When seeing her daughter Ling Yue again, Ye Huang Yu's eye became blurry with tears for she honestly thought tonight would be her end.

’’Ling Yue, how can it be you? You leave this instant. We're surrounded by Hong Feng's people. With me dragging you down, we won't be able to get out like this.’’

’’No mother, I have a way to get us out. You're hurt so stop forcing yourself to talk.’’ Probing her mother's wrist for a rough idea of the condition, Ling Yue's brow quick furrowed into a knot.

Damn that Hong Feng, he didn't hold back at all.

Wounded once again, the recently healed injuries are now back at a more serious level. Even for Ling Yue and her spirit smoke, she's not certain if she can cure the damages incurred this time.

The first instinct Ling Yue had was to hide her mother inside the pocket dimension, but seeing the condition she's in, the thought was quickly tossed aside.

Don't panic now Ling Yue, think, think, THINK!

Coming up with a plan, she first stabilizes her mother's condition by injecting a strand of spirit smoke into the body and then lifting Ye Huang Yu onto her back. In a few quick dashes and careful leaps through the air, they were already in front of the Lan family's carriage not far away.

Rushing inside without another thought, Ling Yue surprises the occupants with her entrance.

Lan Ying Wu and his wife had expected Ling Yue to return eventually after hearing the cries about ’’assassins’’, but when they saw the injured Ye Huang Yu along with her, they were both quite startled.

’’Ling Yue, what's going on here?’’

General Lan also knew about the crown prince traveling with Hong Yu Long tonight after drinking too much, as such, he had directed his carriage to check up on the situation back when the commotion first started. But as he closes in on the epicenter of the ruckus, the entire perimeter became closed to everyone by the soldiers of the Hong House.

And then that's when Ling Yue started to get anxious and nervous without indication. Without saying a word, their god daughter suddenly leaped out and disappeared into the night.

Now this was quite the surprise for the Lan couple because they didn't expect Ling Yue's senses to be so sharp that she could guess the assassin was her mother.

Just that considering the fact that Ye Huang Yu had no grudges between her and the crown prince, the two elders can deduce the woman had made a mistake and ambushed the wrong person.

’’All of you stay in the carriage for now while I go check ahead.’’ Departing from their ride, Lan Ying Wu walked ahead to inquiry the patrolling soldiers further away.

’’God mother, my mother suffered a very serious injury so I could only temporarily stabilize her heart until we get proper treatment. I know the streets are already blocked off by Hong Feng and his people. If we are to go through like this, it's unavoidable they will question and inspect us. I'm going to leave my mother here, so please watch over her while I pull their attention away.’’ Stripping her original dress off, Ling Yue replaces them with a black attire similar to her mother's.

’’Ling Yue, let me down from here, I can't drag the Lan family into this.’’ Wanting to struggle, Ye Huang Yu knew very well what her daughter intends to do.

Considering Hong Feng's current level of cultivation, Ling Yue stood no chance if a fight broke out.

’’No Miss Ye, you are injured and cannot leave this place intact. We've already taken Ling Yue as our god daughter so we are all family.’’ As a woman, Madam Lan had never encountered a situation as intense as this.

But as a general's wife, as Lan Ying Wu's wife, her mentality can't be weak.

At first her emotions were mixed and afraid because she understood very well what it meant to harbor a criminal who took aim at the royal family. If found, the consequences will be disastrous.

But rather than giving in to her fear, admiration took the better part of Madam Lan's heart. Towards someone like Ye Huang Yu who would dare show such pure love and hate, how can she hand her over?

Besides, her belief lies with her husband and daughter making the same choice as herself if stuck in the same predicament. They will not hand over Ye Hung Yu and choose to help.

’’My wife is right, don't be rash. Ling Yue is a smart child, I'm sure she will know how to get away.’’ Lan Ying Wu had returned by now and got a pretty good picture of the situation outside.

Exactly like how Ling Yue predicted. Hong Feng and his men had closed off every street in the area and was searching through every nook and cranny for the assailant.

Regardless of who or what lived in where, all residences inside their homes were forced out onto the streets.

As for the moving carriages on the street, the only way to continue now was to present an identification token as proof of their background.

’’God father, I beg you, you must help me get my mother out of here.’’ Slightly calmer after getting confirmation of her guess, Ling Yue believes that with her god father's identity, bypassing the blockade wouldn't be an issue.

’’Ling Yue, where are you going?’’ Lan Ying Wu gives his god daughter an uncertain look after noticing the black attire she had on.

’’God father, there's not enough room in the carriage to stash so many of us. In order to avoid showing any flaw, I'll follow from behind while all of you leave first.’’ At that, she covers her face with a black cloth and swings herself up to the nearby roof.

Taking a second look at the inside of the carriage, Lan Ying Wu didn't want to admit, but there's not enough room to hide four people inside as per Ling Yue said.

As a result of the timely rescue by Hong Feng, the drunken crown prince only received some minor scratches and a shock. Overall, the guy remains unhurt.

’’Damn it, how dare they make an attempt at my life. Royal tutor, you must capture that assassin and have the person go through hell.’’ The crown prince of Da Xia may have the gentle face of Consort Luo, but the teenager had a terrible temperament that could hardly be tamed by anyone. The only exception being Hong Yu Long because they've been friends for years.

Saying a few soothing words, Hong Yu Long does his magic and eventually manages to subside the prince's temper, ’’Red assured your highness, my father will definitely find that assassin.’’ Hong Yu Long wasn't so calm himself either and got quite the shocker from the whole ordeal.

Back then the crown prince may have been drunk and didn't hear it, but he himself wasn't. He clearly heard it, the assassin said, ’’Hong Feng, hand over your life.’’

It's obvious to him the man came after his father's life and not anyone else, but based on that voice, he can tell it's not a man, it's a woman.

And he also noticed it too. Back then his father actually had the opportunity to kill the female assassin, just that he held back for some reason.

Like his son, Hong Feng also got mixed feelings inside of him at the moment.

He suspects the female assassin was the very same Ye Huang Yu he abandoned years ago.

Issue with this theory was that back when the woman was driven out of the Hong House, he was perfectly aware of how heavy of an injury his wife's people had done to her. If no miracle occur, Ye Huang Yu should still be a wreck that's not much better than a cripple.

But then why, why would that female assassin be a Dan realm expert? Can it be Ye Huang Yu had some sort of great encounter?

At the thought of that long-forgotten woman, Hong Feng inexplicably recalled another individual who was also driven out of their house: the baby girl from back then.

The baby girl was also his flesh and blood, just that due to Ye Huang Yu's folly, she ended up becoming a mentally damaged person.

’’Father, Father,’’ Hong Yu Long voice causes Hong Feng to come back to reality.

’’Yu Long, you stay and keep the prince company. I will have a look at the end of the main street. Your Highness, please be assured that the masked man cannot escape our enclosure with those wounds.’’

As the night of the Ghost Festival banquet, there are bound to be a lot of carriages moving back and forth on the city street, therefore it became quite congested after they set up these interrogation points.

As Hong Feng rode into the checkpoint with his men, he coincidentally met up with the Lan family's carriage that's currently trying to gain passage.


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