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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 160


Chapter 160

Chapter 160 ’’Ye Huang Yu's Assassination Attempt’’

Silently nodding, Hong Feng tacitly acknowledges his wife's word.

Women's affairs shall be left to the women's, after all, the inner palace is the battlefield of the female se*.

As the carriages belonging to the Hong House traveled through the nightly streets of the capital under the full moon, there's apparently not a single soul to be found in the brightly lit streets.

Back inside the carriage, Hong Feng inexplicably furrowed his brow for some unknown reason and peered out without alerting anyone to his maneuver.

To reach the status he has today, there are bound to be plenty of enemies, meaning no shortages of assassination. As such, he always keeps his caution when out traveling.

’’Husband, let me help you into bed early when we get back, you've drank a lot tonight.’’ Zhu Ge Rou softly chimes in next to his ear, her charming face full of concern.

’’Thank you my love for your trouble.’’ Hugging his wife, he kisses her on the forehead.

It's been more than a decade since the two married but their love remains strong. At least on the outside anyways.

While the two expresses their love for one another inside the carriage, somewhere else hidden in the darkest corner of the street stood a figure.

Ye Huang Yu, her eyes blazing with fury as she stared at one of the carriages coming her way and the two looming shadows inside.

Hong Feng, you heartless man. For over a decade, you indulge in your life with wife and child in hand while I and Ling Yue suffers alone.

It's been some days since she arrived in the capital and had already went to check up on Ling Yue in secret. Finding the Lan family getting along with her daughter so harmoniously, she resolved herself and left in silence to not disturb that connection while she carries out her plan.

She originally wanted to look for an opportunity to mix herself into the Hong House to assassinate Hong Feng and Zhu Ge Rou, but Ye Huang Yu soon realized she's been careless. Unlike back then, the defenses around the mansion had grown exponentially.

Not only that, there's a massive field of Yuan energy constantly shrouding over the entire estate. Obviously it came from the old marquise who already went through five different light pillars of the reincarnation realm. Doesn't matter what she did, her actions will be known the second she steps into that boundary.

Without an alternative plan, Ye Huang Yu could only continue her mission of lurking outside in wait until an opening presents itself. Then came tonight, the day of the Ghost Festival banquet. Through much patience, the opportunity finally arrives this evening.

By this point several of the carriages belonging to the Hong House had bypassed the corner of this street, leaving only the single carriage furthest in the back still remaining. According to her observation thus far, this carriage was the one Hong Feng usually rides in when he attends court in the morning.

For this moment, Ye Huang Yu had waited for oh so long that she could barely retain her emotions.

Activating her preset trap, the iron net on the ground pulls up and tightly bounds the carriage from head to toe. ’’Hong Feng, hand over your life!’’

Shooting out like an arrow, Ye Huang Yu appears in front of the carriage like a flash of light and strikes down with a mighty amount of energy in her palm strike.

Due to the carriage being made out of the finest moon iron one could buy in the market, her palm strike remains ineffective to cause proper harm to its occupants. However, the recoiling force did finish off the horse pulling at the forefront.

In a squeal, the poor animal plummets to the ground and loses all life as blood gushes out of its mouth and eyes.

The failure came as no surprise to Ye Huang Yu though for she expected some form of defense. Long prepared for the possibility, she throws in several smoke grenades into the carriage to force the occupants out.

In the next moment, chaos gripped the carriage and those inside.

’’Assassin! Someone wants to assassinate his royal highness!’’

Breaking out into calls for help, Hong Feng suddenly appears from the sky and strikes down at Ye Huang Yu still on the ground.

Shrinking her eyes in, she now realizes she's been had and the occupants inside the carriage were never her target.

At the same moment, two men cluttered out after being forced out by the smoke. The first was of course the panic-stricken crown prince and the second being Hong Yu Long.

So what happened was that when the crown prince drank a little too much at the banquet tonight, arrangements were made for Hong Feng to escort the boy back to his mansion. The ones riding at the leading carriages were Hong Feng and his wife while the crown prince and Hong Yu Long rode in the back carriage.

Immediately, the streets became flooded with cries for help as the royal guards rushed over like gushing water from all angles.

Adamant to admit, Ye Huang Yu knew her assassination tonight has failed.

As more and more soldiers closes in on them, a flicker of light grips her eyes. Without fear or hesitation, she strikes out at Hong Feng and causes an explosive amount of wind when their palms strikes met.

Dan realm expert?

Hong Feng had known earlier there's someone tailing them from behind after he sensed the oddity in his surroundings. As such, he intentionally switched carriages and used the crown prince as a scapegoat.

’’Hong Feng, I'll kill you!’’ The voice from the masked man causes some drastic changes to his complexion.

He didn't expect the masked man to be a woman instead, and there's no doubt in his mind that the voice sounded familiar to his ear.

From within the deep reaches of his memory, a name that had been long forgotten to him for over a decade once again resurfaces.

Ye Huang Yu!

In his momentary lapse of surprise, the masked woman had jumped at him again.

Knowing full well there would likely be no other chance again to make another attempt after this failure, plus she accidentally aimed for the crown prince's life tonight, only one path remains before her.

Give everything here and now to kill Hong Feng!

Understanding this much, Ye Huang Yu steels her heart for the worst. Attacking with everything she has that ripples the air itself, she sends the guards coming her way flying back several feet with every swing of her kicks.

As her ferocity intensified, so does the number of victims. In mere seconds, dozens of guards had perished under her attacks.

Taking it all in, Hong Feng became even more certain now the style of fighting belonged to his former wife.

’’Capture her alive.’’ In a dashing step, Hong Feng comes in front of the assailant and meets her strike head on. As a reincarnation master himself, Hong Feng's power far exceeded that of his former wife's who was still at the Dan realm.

Shivering at the impacting shock, the blood inside her body took a heavy blow and forced Ye Huang Yu to her knees. Part of her already dug deep into the ground as her internals howled with pain.

To think this man who had the same level of cultivation as myself back then would be so much higher now.

Closing her eyes, Ye Huang Yu's last remnant of will disperses as she gives in to reality.

In the end, I couldn't kill this ungrateful bastard.

Just when the soldiers were about to apprehend her by swarming in like a locus swarm, several black bally things slipped through the crowd and rolled in front of Hong Feng.

Following the flickering light of the torch, Hong Feng's expression promptly collapsed into utter horror. A feat no easily achieved from his past records.

’’Every disperse, its Thunder Seed!’’ He didn't expect there to be another accomplice nearby.

Note: Thunder Seed, a grenade type of weapon first introduced back in Glass City with Sha Kaung.

As soon as his voice ended, Hong Feng immediately grabbed Hong Yu Long and the crown prince into his possession and leaped into the air a hundred meters away. In concurrent with this, another shadow came in and snatched Ye Huang Yu on the ground and ran in the opposite direction.


The grenade like balls explode shortly after and destroyed almost the entire street along with the whole carriage. In its wake, only a charred crater remains.

’’You are?’’ Weak and injured, Ye Huang Yu asks with no energy in her voice.

’’Mother, it's me.’’ The one to rescue her pulls down the masking cloth to reveal an all too familiar face.


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