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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 16


Miracle doctor chapter 16

Chapter 16 ’’To amaze the world with a single brilliant feat’’

In the ring, two young men were in full swing competing with each other.

’’Get down there.’’ Like a tiger in a cage, one could only hear this shout before Ye Qing swept his leg across the other person's body and kicking him out of the stage.

’’Young master Ye Qing's strength sure improved a lot. Seeing his cultivation, he should've have broken through to the fourth stage of the constitutional domain.’’ One of the elders of the family began praising the young lad.

Since Ye Qing's participation in the clan's assessment competition, he's been on a five win streak without any signs of stopping. Like his win, his rank suddenly leaped to the third and would likely become one of the top three by the end of today!

Also, he's the son of Ye Huang Cheng;the one responsible for overseeing the Ye household's mining operation and a popular candidate for the next family head.

Against such odds, the elders of the family would naturally be happy to curry favors towards this pair of father and son.

’’His fists are too rigid and fierce, not enough flexibility in there.’’ Ye Gu shakes his head, his sight sharp as he swept through the crowd for a familiar figure.

Seeing Ling Yue and her mother absent from this event, his eyes flickered a flash of disappointment.

Based on his judgment, he thought the girl would compete in this year's competition.

Following Ye Qing's victory, his face was full of pride for he knew very well that little bitch Ling Yue hasn't shown herself during these past few days.

Snorting, he made it sound like it's to be expected.

’’Ye Yin Shuang, where's that retarded girl? Didn't she make a wager with me that she will come join the competition? It's already the third day, it can't be she became a coward and ran away like a turtle now did she?’’ Ye Qing's words had just ended and his lackeys down below were already laughing.

Ling Yue never once stepped into the martial hall for the past month, for this reason, Ye Qing assumed she had ran away out of fear.’’

’’Ye Qing, don't push your luck. If Ling Yue don't come then I can fight in her place.’’ At that, Yin Shuang leaped into the ring like a bird.

Yin Shuang had also won five rounds and was ranked number seven in the competition.

’’Come on then. If you lose, you can crawl on the floor like a dog just like that retarded girl.’’ Ye Qing began to ridicule her by laughing.

Inside he was thinking: Ye Yin Shuang, don't think you can be at the same level as me just because you broke through to the fourth rank, dream on!

’’Ye Qing, eat my attack then.’’ A vigorous amount of Yuan energy began pouring out of Yin Shuang's body as she charged at Ye Qing.

But it was then that Ye Qing made a sneering sound and four streaks of blue lightning emerged from his fist.

Four lightning streaks?

Turning pale from shock, Yin Shuang never expected this person to be capable of managing four lightning streaks!

If she takes on this attack, there's no doubt her body would suffer greatly from the heavy blow.

For Ye Qing to be so ruthless against one of his own family, that's simply too much.

Watching this from the side, Ye Gu frowned and was ready to shoot a point of energy from the tip of his finger inside his sleeves.

Just then, Yin Shuang's knee went numb and lowered her body in the nick of time, bypassing the attack above her head as a result.

Yin Shuang thought she was done for this time, but unexpectedly, she made it through. Her eyes were filled with bewilderment at her own luck.

’’Ye Qing, your opponent is me.’’ A calm and cool voice of a girl came from below.

Dispersing, only a dirty looking girl could be found from the source.

Once in front of everyone, the crowd finally recognized her, it was Ling Yue!

’’So she's Ling Yue, the daughter of the third miss?’’

’’But why is she so dirty looking, almost like a beggar.’’

Under the despising eyes of those present, Ling Yue continues to move through the crowd.

Those in the arena may not have noticed what happened just a moment ago, but Ye Gu was a martialist in the upper celestial domain, he didn't miss a spec.

Next to Yin Shuang's feet, there was a barely noticeable rock.

That rock is ...

’’Ling Yue, you are back!’’ Yin Shuang exclaimed in astonishment.

Compared to the Ling Yue from a month ago, the Ling Yue today had most certainly went through some changes.

In spite of her tattered clothes, her temperament was like a sharpened sword and her whole body exuded an unusual sharpness.

Ling Yue nodded. With a tap of her foot, her entire body was already up on the ring.

’’Ye Ling Yue, you actually dare to come? Unfortunately for you, it's already the last day of the competition. No matter what, you lose.’’ Ye Qing sneers in a mocking tone.

’’That may not necessarily be true. In the Ye family's rule book, a newcomer has the right to challenge any of the top ten fighters at will, and if won, they will replace that individual in the ranking board. This is my first time here and I challenge you.’’ Ling Yue directly points to Ye Qing without any mistake.

’’You don't know how to die.’’ Ye Qing scoffed at the threat. Steadying his legs, he began charging up his fist with all his Yuan energy and charged at Ling Yue with his Lightning Burst Fist.

Pouncing at her, the four streaks of blue lightning was like a hungry wolf, ferocious and wild.

Not avoiding or dodging, Ling Yue raised her fist and released her own attack.


Five lightning streaks instantly engulfed Ye Qing's four lightning streak.

Shattering the attack, Ye Qing was sent flying out of the stage. Upon landing, a hair raising sound of bone cracking echoed out to everyone's ear.

And remaining on the stage was Ling Yue and a piece of object that fell out of Ye Qing's clothes.

’’Poof.’’ A gush of blood began pouring out of Ye Qing's mouth, ’’How can that be, five streaks....’’ He mutters to himself.

Below the stage, Ye Gu's pupil retracted heavily for that was five streaks! A little girl was able to do something even most adults can't do!

Lightning Burst Fist may be a technique that most children of the Ye Household would learn, but to be able to utilize it up to five lightning streaks was something usually found only in adults around the twenty to thirty years of age.

But how old was Ling Yue? Thirteen! And to top it all off, according to Ye Gu's knowledge, that little girl only began learning the technique a month ago.

Unable to resist, Ye Gu's eye began to daze out little by little. Gradually, the look he gave Ling Yue also began to change.

The same aloof uninhibited physique, the same stubborn temper, the eyes of Ling Yue looked so similar to Ye Huang Yu from so many years ago.

While the crowd fell into a full uproar, Ling Yue only stood there up on the stage with eyes of indifference. To her, this boy lying on the floor in front of her was no different from a puddle of mud, insignificant.

’’Ye Qing, you lost. As per our arrangement, the bet is doubled so when will you pay up?’’ Ling Yue's words were like needles, piercing him until he turned pale.

’’Ye Ling Yue, don't push me, otherwise.’’ Ye Qing guiltily glances over to his father.

Ye Huang Cheng's complexion was livid, his eyes staring closely at Ling Yue. Fortunately Ye Gu was present for today's event;otherwise he might have stepped in already.

If Ye Qing really crawled in front of the whole family and called his father a dog, how will this father and son pair continue to stand up again inside the Ye clan?

At this time, Ye Qing really wanted to faint so he would have an excuse.

’’Ye Qing, are you going to bulk at your own words?’’ Ye Ling Yue began cornering him with every word.

’’Ling Yue, considering we are cousins, why don't we forget about our bet?’’ Ye Qing's voice became weaker with every word.

Forget? Ye Ling Yue wanted to refuse but became distracted by a shiny object on the stage. According to her memories, this thing should've belonged to Ye Qing.


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