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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 159


Chapter 159

Chapter 159 ’’Father and Daughter Reunion

Upon their arrival at the palace gate, Ling Yue and Madam Lan first dismounted from their chariot to wait for Lan Ying Wu because the general still hasn't come out yet.

’’Congratulations to Mrs. Lan for your new addition of a princess in the family. The Lan family is truly fortunate to raise two fine daughters that catches the Dowager's fancy.’’ Stepping off her carriage from behind, Zhu Ge Rou's praising clearly had a tinge of sourness in there.

Grinning a smile, Madam Lan didn't reply;instead, she only nods to signal she heard her.

’’Mother, why do you lift others and lower yourself. It's only a princess title, not like our family is lacking in that department. I'm also a princess titled by the king himself. Plus, little sister Ming Yue is also called 'Princess Ming Yue', way better than some pheasant princess.’’ Hong Yu Ying simply can't keep that mouth of hers shut.

Note: pheasant was supposed to be wild chicken, it's a derogatory addon in Chinese to indicate the other person is of low breed.

’’Let me teach you something Hong Yu Ying, it's called family influence when you get it by relying on your parents. As for me, it's called skill when I get it by myself.’’ Ling Yue coldly grunts to showcase her superior stance.

’’What do you mean by that! Are you saying my title is all because of my parents?!’’ Indeed, Ling Yue's ridiculing words had hit the bullseye.

After Hong Yu Ying learned of her little sister's great fortune of being titled, she immediately ran off to her parents and threw a tantrum. No other choice, Hong Feng could only shamelessly run off to the king and beg for a worthless title.

Just that, aside from those closest to Hong Yu Ying, the public shouldn't know about this because it's been covered up really well. Instantly, a raging flame burst inside of the shameless girl.

’’Whether or not it's true, only you will know.’’ Not caring anymore, Ling Yue left these last words and stopped arguing.

Unable to keep her tempers down, Hong Yu Ying raised her hand, ready to slap her target across the face. However, towards that intense piercing glare, she couldn't move and found her hands frozen in place at mid-air.

’’Yu Ying, what are you doing?’’ Just when she's about to lose her cool, Hong Yu Ying was brought back to reality by the hollering cry originating from one of the military officials coming their way.

The person in question was a gallant looking middle-aged man. At his arrival, Ling Yue couldn't resist narrowing her eyes to cover the dangerous light beaming out of those pupils. Activating her farsight eye ability, she begins examining the man at the front of the group of men.

Note: Farsight Eye is the ability she gained from the jade tablet she got from the Ye ancestor. It let's her see the elements and approximate power of an individual if they aren't far superior to herself.

Unlike an ordinary person, the Yuan energy circulating within the middle-aged man's body was very vigorous and had a golden shade to it. This proved that not only was his strength very high, he's also very lucky in the fortune department.

Indeed, this man was none other than Ling Yue's birth father, Hong Feng. Among all the officials active in the kingdom of Da Xia, there aren't many who could compare with him in the past ten years.

From being a lowly bastard son of a marquise, he rose in rank and became the tutor of the crown prince. This road would've taken most people their entire life to walk, but he only needed ten years' worth of time.

Standing there between his peers, Hong Feng immediately stood out among the pack. A fast indication he's quickly becoming the alpha and a potential leader in court.

Though Ling Yue's god father wasn't bad himself, but standing side by side with Hong Feng there, it appears Lan Ying Wu remains to be inferior by a small margin.

’’Father, Lan Ling Yue is taking advantage of her newly bestowed princess title given to her by the Dowager to humiliate me.’’ Twisting reality, she jumps the gun and turns it on Ling Yue instead.

Bestowed a princess title by the Dowager?

The sentence causes both Hong Feng and Lan Ying Wu to lapse out for a second there.

Especially Lan Ying Wu here. When he walked off on his own to attend the male side of the banquet, he's been worried sick over his god daughter's wellbeing, afraid the girl might cause some sort of mistake and be reprimanded. But then upon his return, he's suddenly faced with the news that he just got a new titled princess in the family? Now that's quite the shocker.

Thinking back on it, there's not a single official in court to enjoy such honor ever since the founding of the kingdom. Or rather, it's due to this second miss of the Lan family being too extraordinary.

’’Nonsense, you are not small anymore and should be paying attention to your demeanor and your surroundings. This here is the palace, not a place where you can throw your tantrums. Go home and self-reflect so you can stop embarrassing me.’’ Cupping his hand, he apologizes to the Lan family.

So this is my real father, Hong Feng?

Standing only three feet away, Ling Yue can clearly make out the man's feature despite the dim lights of the hanging lanterns.

At thirty-five years of age, he has a calculative pair of eyes and a polite smile that seems to never disappear. A perfect façade to impress the public.

But in Ye Ling Yue's view, all this only amounted to more proof of Hong Feng's true personality: the world's number one hypocrite.

As if aware of Ling Yue's unfriendly gaze, Hong Feng tilts his head to the side to match her line of sight.

This was his first meeting with the second miss of the Lan House, and the initial impression he got was a girl of similar age to his own daughter. But unlike his own, this one had an uncanny calmness that wasn't consistent with the females of that age group.

What an arrogant youngster. Merely a title princess and she got the nerve to challenge my Hong House?

Back when he was walking over, Hong Feng also heard the provocative sentence about relying on parents and one's own skill. He didn't like her at first contact, but since they are in open public, he quickly covered up his discontent with his hypocritical kind smile as he nodded to Ling Yue.

’’You are too polite. My girl only got lucky tonight in earning the Dowager's favor. Compared to the daughters of the Hong House, she's still lacking in many areas. Forgive me for not staying longer, but I'm a little tipsy from drinking too much tonight. I and my family will first take our leave.’’ Lan Ying Wu knows very well his god daughter wants revenge, but this wasn't the right moment.

Afraid the girl might get impulsive and do something rash, he pushes Ling Yue into the carriage and left the scene.

’’Father, how can you punish me for that little wrench. It's her, she's the one who embarrassed me and mother at the pet shop. Also, she caused the daughter of General Goldsword to be reprimanded by the Dowager.’’ Never in her life did she get scolded by her father like so, plus it's in front of so many people. Feeling embarrassed, Hong Yu Ying started to show off her missy tantrums again.

’’Yu Ying, how many times have I told you? Avoid getting into conflicts with the Lan House. Now that Lan Ying Wu made a breakthrough and advanced into the Reincarnation Realm, he's bound to be highly valued by the king. As for the Dowager's favor in bestowing a princess title, it's nothing more than a tactic to woo the Lan family. Besides, it's a well-known fact dealing with the king is the same as dealing with a tiger. As for the Dowager, that old fox isn't so easy to serve. What do you think my love?’’ On the moving carriage, Hong Feng finally reveals his true nature.

’’Husband is right. It's not easy to please the Dowager.’’ Zhu Ge Rou covers her lips in order to mask that devious chuckle: ’’It's one thing if the girl doesn't enter the palace, but once inside, there's plenty of opportunities to make her disappear without anyone ever noticing.’’


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