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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 158


Chapter 158

Chapter 158 ’’Titled Princess’’

Everybody knows that the Queen Dowager hated those who behave rudely and don't know their manners the most. Nangong Qinglin was the best example here tonight.

Of all things considered, Ling Yue should be even worse, according to what's known to the public anyways. She's but a recently recognized daughter of the Lan House who never received a proper education, forget about showing off a talent, the majority here don't even believe she knows how to keep up her etiquette.

Needless to say, the talent show tonight was also a scheme set up by Zhu Ge Rou and Consort Luo to snub the Lan family.

Originally Zhu Ge Rou and her daughter intended to only use the other ladies in the crowd to shame them, but instead of succeeding, the whole ploy became unraveled by that dumb girl Nangong Qinglin.

However that matters not now. As long as Ling Yue couldn't show off a decent talent in front of the old queen tonight, Consort Luo will step in and make things difficult for her, thus achieving their intended goal.

That's what happens when Zhu Ge Rou and Consort Luo are friends.

’’Ling Yue...’’ Madan Lan was so anxious that her palms were sweating.

’’Don't worry mother, watch me perform.’’ Leisurely getting up, Ling Yue moved with grace and finesse like a how her god mother taught her.

Due to being excluded by the crowd when they first arrived, both of the members of the Lan family could only sit in the dimmest part of the hall;as such, none noticed Ling Yue's dress until now.

Moving like clouds under the reflecting lights of the lanterns, the embroideries on her dress came alive that swayed with every step she took.

’’That is... North Qing's Cloud Silk?’’ Both the Queen Dowager and Consort Luo were greatly startled.

What an unexpected surprise to find this little lass from the Lan House wearing the specialty fabric of the North Qing kingdom. Even inside the palace, only the Dowager herself and the Queen had some in their collection.

’’Lan Ling Yue pays her greeting to your grace, Consort Luo, and the rest of the ladies' present.’’ With proper posture, no fault could be found in Ling Yue's wording and curtsy.

Now this wasn't what the old queen was expecting based on all the rumors she's been hearing.

’’So you are Ling Yue? What a befitting name, you are indeed worthy of standing above the moon as per your name.’’ Smiling, the old queen only had praises in her eye.

Note: Ling Yue in Chinese means above the moon.

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’’What fortune the Lan House has to raise two fine daughters like so.’’ The Queen Dowager's wording slightly eased Madam Lan's heart, but not enough to completely calm her worry because the talent part didn't even happen yet.

’’Miss Lan is indeed very beautiful, but I must ask, what sort of talent would you be showing us tonight?’’ Consort Luo can see the old queen looked highly at the girl so she had to be careful and not making it too obvious she's trying to cause trouble.

’’My apologies. I was born in the countryside so I'm not proficient in any of the arts a normal young miss of a house should know. As for swordsmanship, I fear my skills wouldn't be enough to impress the Dowager either for I heard her grace is a very highly skilled martialist back in the day.’’

Hearing how humble she was, the old queen immediately broke out into a smile. She didn't expect it, but it seems she underestimated the observational skills of this girl from the Lan House.

As per the girl says, she honestly didn't hold much liking to the fanciful crafts usually practiced by the female se*. As for the swordsmanship showcased here tonight, none could catch her eye because other than the genius daughter of the Hong House and the first daughter of the Lan House - both of which are absent - none showed anything remotely worthy of praising.

’’But I did learn some massaging techniques from the common folks. It's very useful in soothing rheumatism. If your grace doesn't mind, I be happy to show off what I know.’’ This information greatly moved the old queen and her trusted maids.

Years ago when the old queen carried the king in her belly, she became careless and didn't pay attention to her environment. As such, lingering conditions of joint pains stayed with her long after giving birth. Nowadays, the only remedy she could turn to was the reliance of acupuncturing techniques by the royal physician and a bath in the nearby hot spring.

For this matter, only the most trusted of the old queen's maids and the king himself knew. To think a girl like Ling Yue would see through this in one glance, how can they not be moved?

’’What sort of talent is massaging? How embarrassing, as if her grace would need you when there's so many better hands in the palace.’’ Hong Yu Ying's cynical mouth started to act up again.

’’Filial piety is also a merit. Very well, come forward and give me a message.’’ The old queen's word gave quite the fright to everyone, especially Zhu Ge Rou and Consort Luo.

Going up, Ling Yue gently kneads the old woman's temple, followed by some soft knocks on the bone.

At first she didn't feel anything exceptionally different, but gradually things changed. From Ling Yue's fingers, a warm current infiltrated her body like small little streams and rectified the damages incurred through the years. Whether it be back pain or muscle cramps, all of it had magically disappeared. Relaxing, the old queen closes her eye and left Ling Yue to the task.

On the side, the old maids that came with the Dowager were all amazed by this feat because only they knew what it meant.

’’Very good, very good. Not even the royal physicians are as good as you.’’ The old queen praises after opening her eyes again. From her fingers, the woman removes a ring and places it on Ling Yue's instead.

’’Mrs. Lan, your youngest daughter is very good. From now on she will be titled 'Princess Yue'. If nothing's happening at home, come visit me in the palace more often.’’

No longer worried, Madam Lan joyously came forward and kneeled down in front of the Dowager as thanks for her kind words.

Following her god mother's lead, Ling Yue did the same.

This end result greatly shocked both Zhu Ge Rou and Consort Luo because they had expected to shame the Lan family, not give them the chance to get another princess title.

’’Congratulations to Princess Yue and Mrs. Lan.’’ Though Consort Luo didn't like how the situation was unfolding, she couldn't just turn away. Keeping up her false smile, she congratulates them both while Zhu Ge Rou and Hong Yu Ying gnashes their teeth on the side.

Now that the Lan family got two titled princesses in their house, the event was bound to be a hot topic discussed for days to come.

After the palace feast, Ling Yue and her mother mounted their chariot for the gates. Coincidentally, the Lan family's chariot and the Hong family's chariot ended up moving adjacent to each other.


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