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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 153


Chapter 153

Chapter 153 ’’Precious Fifth Rank Steed’’

After hearing Lan Caier's reminder, Ling Yue then realized it's been over a month since she arrived at the capital and away from her family. Aside from the initial letter to her mother at the beginning, she hasn't made any contact since. And for some unknown reasons, her mother didn't reply either to her letter.

Back in the memories of her former self, Ling Yue didn't forget the cozy image of her mother and Granny Liu spending the Ghost Festival holiday with her in that tiny shack. They didn't have much then, even so, the presence of those important to her made everything all so precious.

I wonder if mother is lonely without me this year, and everyone else back in Glass City, I wonder how they are doing.

Thinking up to this part, Ling Yue decides she must write a letter again.

As per the name implies, the Ghost Festival was a traditional holiday in Da Xia with a focus of making offerings to the deceased. As such, the palace would traditionally host a moon gazing banquet for the families of the fifth ranking officials or up within its walls.

Though mandatory attendance had never been set in cold stone, but no official of the court would be foolish enough to think otherwise. Besides, who wouldn't want to make a close appearance in front of the royal family?

Due to the fact that Lan Ying Wu only recently transferred back to the capital and retook his old post, as such, the madam wished to use this event to formally introduce Ling Yue as the ’’lost daughter’’ of their home to the rest of the high society.

Knowing this fact, Lan Caier would of course not want to bash on her mother's plan to the point of postponing her own breakthrough.

’’Sister, your advancement is the most important so you can't stall this. I heard that the timing in breaking into the Dan realm is very important. If the key moment passes, then the next opportunity will be hard to come by again. Let's do this then. Since there's still a few days between now and the Ghost Festival, you can first go into secluded training while I and mother ready ourselves for the Ghost Festival banquet. If you can't make it then I and mother will cope with whatever is to come. I'm sure nothing can possibly pose a problem for us.’’ Ling Yue advises her sister.

Musing over the suggestion, Lan Caier eventually relented under the badgering words of her little sister.

In the following next day, Ling Yue went to the Grand Martial Hall for her lectures as usual, but unlike her first visit to the school, the reception she got now was vastly different after word got out of her ability to dish out punishments. To the rest of the kids, she was akin to a death star. The further they can get away, the safer they would be.

Feng Xue on the other hand was in high spirit when she arrived at the school. Running over, she welcomes Ling Yue with open arms.

’’Hmm, where's Liu Cheng?’’ Ling Yue asks, finding it strange the scholarly boy would ditch school.

’’I heard he made a breakthrough early this morning after taking your Dan pills last night. He sent quite the shocker to his parents I tell you. From what I hear, Liu Cheng's father became so worried that he called in sick and didn't attend the morning meeting in court, just so he can stand guard at home so nothing happens to Liu Cheng.’’ Feng Xue sounded extremely pleased when she explained this. Like Liu Cheng, Feng Xue only figured out the wonderful effects of the pills she received after taking one herself.

Compared to the stuff they can buy outside, the quality of Ling Yue's pills were way better so it's wonder the girl's so happy.

Though she herself didn't make a breakthrough right away like Liu Cheng, Feng Xue had the confidence she can also break into the upper celestial realm if she went into secluded training.

Add in the fact that she and Liu Cheng now owns a fifth rank spirit beast, neither of them have a need to fear the other students of noble lineage anymore.

’’I don't see Yu Zhao either,’’ Ling Yue screens the field for signs of the boy.

’’I heard the Minister of Rite took some days off for him. After the matter of his framing broke out, it's safe to presume Hong Yu Long and the rest will expel him from their group after being shamed in the open.’’

’’Now that you mentioned it Feng Xue, I remember there's still one more good show waiting for us today. I can't wait to see the Scarlet Horse Sir Qing won from Hong Yu Long.’’ Ling Yue grins mischievously.

’’Now, now, ladies, it's not a good habit to talk ill of someone behind their backs. If you must talk ill of someone, it's best to do it in front of them so it stings more.’’ As both girls were busy chatting away, Sir Qing arrives to join their conversation.

Giving them both a greeting, Sir Qing looked absolutely refreshed. No kidding. If Ling Yue were to get a Scarlet Horse too, she be looking just as good.

Rumor has it that the ’’scarlet horses’’ are capable of galloping for hundreds of miles without rest, a fine steed indeed if that were true. However, the best part wasn't that. It's the fact that they could trek through harsh terrains like snow and rugged terrains without hindrance, something most mount out there could only dream of.

As the youngest grandson of his family, Hong Yu Long would of course win the most favor from the old Marquise. According to what's known, the old Marquise had personally captured this scarlet horse from the snowy reaches of the north for his birthday.

Before long, Hong Yu Long arrives at the entrance of the Grand Martial Hall with the animal in question.

It's no secret Sir Qing and Hong Yu Long made a bet yesterday, therefore a good number of people came to witness the exchange after being attracted by the event. Even if Hong Yu Long didn't want to give his precious horse away, he can't openly defy the bet he made in front of so many at the risk of shaming himself and his family.

Following closely behind Sir Qing, Ling Yue and the rest walked together to meet Hong Yu Long outside.

Originally everyone thought the boy would be riding his scarlet horse over for the exchange, but instead the fine steed was locked behind a cage and escorted by a cart.

’’Sir Qing, I've brought the scarlet horse over, but this one is a stubborn one so I haven't manage to tame it yet.’’ Continuing to show a gentlemen's appearance with his waving fan, he signals his men to push the cage over to his side.

Meeting so many strangers, the scarlet horse started to puff out gushes of hot air from it's nose. From the way its acting, the horse seems to be quite irritated in the unfamiliar environment.

It's already been some days since Hong Yu Long got his hands on this scarlet horse, but due to its extreme temper, none in the Hong House could manage to tame the beast.

So for the time being, Hong Yu Long could only lock the animal into a cage instead of riding it over to the Grand Martial Hall.

At the beginning he was still depressed over the fact that he lost the bet, but after careful thinking, Hong Yu Long figured Sir Qing wouldn't be able to manage the horse either. If he's lucky, the guy might even hurt himself in the process. If that happens, Hong Yu Long would be laughing to his heart's content.

’’My lord, your body is too prestigious to risk riding this untamed creature. Please let one of our tamers handle it before you mount it.’’ One of Sir Qing's servant suggests from the side.

Holding great value for this scarlet horse, Sir Qing directs the best veteran tamer he brought today for the task.

But as soon as the tamer mounted the unruly horse after bringing it out from the cage, it immediately started to go on a rampage. Snorting constantly through its nose, it refuses to be ridden by flicking the poor tamer off its back and sending the guy flying with a powerful hind kick.

’’Hurry and go help him.’’ Sir Qing never expected the scarlet horse to have such a grumpy temper. Hurrying his men to help, he steps back to a safer distance.

It seems their efforts only frightened the horse more than ever. In its rampage, the horse ends up ramming into several of Sir Qing's men and injuring them in the process. The lucky one's only had a small concussion while the unfortunate one's had a few bones broken when the horse stomped on them.

The scarlet horse may be a ’’horse’’ in name, but it's still a fifth rank spirit beast. In its frenzied state, its offensive capabilities wouldn't lose out to a peak upper celestial martialist, making it extremely dangerous in its current state.

Against the bloodshot eyes of this horse, the students who came to watch this event all fled with their tails behind their butts. Screams and cries of panic gripped the entire school field and the streets outside.

Sneering at the sight, Hong Yu Long couldn't ask for more out of this chaotic mess.

Just as when the scarlet horse was ready to charge into the school field through the front entrance, Ling Yue and Feng Xue coincidentally happens to be in its direct path.

’’Feng Xue, you retreat to the side.’’ Ling Yue frowns when she made eye contact with the horse. In her view, this horse was acting exactly like how Big Yellow was when they first met.

This scarlet horse, is it sick too?


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