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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 152


Chapter 152

Chapter 152 ’’Phoenix Talent’’

Although he's unable to procure the carps off her hand, Sir Qing nevertheless didn't blame Ling Yue. As a fellow martialist, he understands full well that one would want to keep them for their own use.

Regardless of his grand gesture, Sir Qing didn't forget to snatch up the remaining ’’unknown eggs’’ in this shop. He's not going to miss the chance to get something good after witnessing something so outstanding.

A super rich is a super rich, Ling Yue can only shake her head at the squandering of others.

Before leaving the pet shop, Ling Yue also bought some spirit insects of the butterfly and bee variety.

’’Thank you Sir Qing for your generosity today. If you have time, please visit me and my sister's restaurant. It's called the Drunken Immortal and it's grand opening is happening very soon. If you visit and state my name, you can enjoy a fifty percent discount.’’ Taking this opportunity while in the presence of a walking bank like Sir Qing, she attempts to woo some business for her restaurant.

’’I be sure to make a visit on the grand opening.’’ Exchanging some more pleasantries between themselves, Sir Qing eventually went his separate ways.

’’Ling Yue, we have to thank you for today.’’ Feng Xue and Liu Cheng still have trouble believing all the fantastic things that occured today.

’’No need to be so polite with me. By helping you two in the Grand Martial Hall is equal to helping myself. From now on we are of the same boat.’’ Ling Yue had always been a good judge of character.

Liu Cheng and Feng Xue are both honest and trustworthy people. As for their fathers, they are also honest and incorruptible officials of the court. Going on these points alone, Ling Yue believes they are great allies to have if she wishes to keep a firm hold in this city.

Then taking two bottles from her pockets, Ling Yue hands them over to the two. ’’These two bottles contain some blue pattern Xuan Yin Dan pills I concocted. Both of you need to improve your strengths as soon as possible. Remember, only by becoming stronger can we survive in the Grand Martial Hall.’’ Her gesture now was her way of showing her trust towards them.

Once back in the Lan House, Ling Yue quickly transported herself into the Red Mist Sky to transfer the carps into the rainbow creek. In the water, the carps were merrily swimming around.

Not forgetting she bought the insects too, she releases the bees and butterflies into the air.

This form of mass releasing continued for the next few days as the spirit beasts slowly arrived from the pet shop in batches. Everything ended up in the Red Mist Sky of course.

All of a sudden, Ling Yue's dimensional space had become quite lively with a vibrant feel to it.

Finding so many new friends to keep him company, Big Yellow started to run around the place in great excitement.

Back when Ling Yue overheard Sir Qing owning a sanctuary for spirit beasts, she also wanted to create something similar in her pocket dimension. Though her Red Mist Sky had limited space in its current form, she's certain its just a matter of time before the scope can be raised following each upgrade.

At this moment, her attention was drawn away by Little Squeak who squirmed over.

’’Squeak~’’ Calling out two times, Little Squeak sounded pleased in his tone.

Ever since Little Crow popped out of her egg, Little Squeak's been spending his days thinking of ways to teach the bird. Based on that tune, Ling Yue can guess there's been some success along the way.

’’Are you saying you've finally discovered Little Crow's hidden talent?’’ Ling Yue curiously asks.

’’Squeak!’’ Puffing out his chest with front arms stabbed against his waist, Little Squeak puts on a charmingly proud appearance.

’’You say, we just need to tug at Little Crow's wing and she would show her ability?’’

’’Squeak~’’ Little Squeak complacently raises his chin, confirming the question. This secret was something he discovered after spending a long time training with Little Crow.

A bit doubtful, Ling Yue had to test it out before she can believe something so silly.

’’Squeak!’’ he calls out again and put his words into action by tugging at the bird's wing. In a puff, Little Crow disappears under a cloud of white smoke.

’’This is?’’ Ling Yue found her mind shorting out for a second there.

Standing there after the dispersal of the smoke was another ’’Little Squeak’’.

’’Squeak!!’’ Little Squeak's gaze towards Little Crow was that of triumph and satisfaction.

Thousand Face Phoenix! This black bird from head to toe was in fact a very rare, and highly valued Thousand Face Phoenix!

The so-called Thousand Face was a unique talent among the sacred beasts. It allows the creature in question to take on any arbitrary form without limit.

Pity though, Little Crow's age remains on the small side. If she matures enough, she will be able to take on the appearance of anyone in existence that can't be distinguished with the naked eye.

’’And here I thought she's an ordinary one, instead she's the rarest of the rare. From now on you can call me mistress like Little Squeak.’’ Ling Yue gently picks the bird up to receive an unexpected snuggle from Little Crow.

It seems that from Ling Yue's body was a familiar aura which causes Little Crow to have an instinctive urge to get closer to her.

Back when Little Crow was still inside the egg and about to perish, she felt cold and desperate without hope. Then it happened. A warmth dragged her back from the depths of darkness and away from the grasps of death.

Even now, that warmth continues to linger with her, never leaving her body.

’’Mistress ~ Ling ~ Yue ~’’ Little Crow stammers in her effort to speak.

Hearing the child like babbling, Ling Yue's loving attachment to Little Crow skyrocketed.

Not bad! If she continues on this pace, Little Crow will definitely be able to impersonate a human one day.


Looking at the affection going back and forth between his mistress and Little Crow, Little Squeak started to wail for he just fell out of favor.

Based on what can Little Crow learn to talk after only a few days, that's not fair! Wahhh!!!

For the next three days, the pair of Yin-Yang Carps grew quickly and started to mutate under the effects of the pocket dimension. No longer just black and white, their scales are now a rainbow shade that changes color depending on the angle. Using the improved energy gathering benefits of the carps, Ling Yue also made some advances herself. From the entry level of the lower celestial rank, she jumped into the advance level, one step away from breaking into the upper celestial realm.

Then by the tenth day, the carps started to lay eggs and out came another four pair of baby carps.

Gifting a pair to Lan Caier, Ling Yue knows her elder sister will also benefit greatly from these carps.

’’Ling Yue, this is great. With these carps I will be able to go into secluded training and have a try at breaking into the Dan realm. But first, we need to attend the Ghost Festival Banquet in the palace that's coming up. As members of the family, our attendance is required.’’ Admiring the beautiful little things, Lan Caier could barely let go of them in the tub.


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