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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 151


Chapter 151

Chapter 151 ’’Self-Exploding Egg’’

Secretly ecstatic inside, Hong Yu Ying simply knew this girl from the Lan House wouldn't dare offend herself from the Hong House.

So what if she has Sir Qing protecting her? Compared to my mother and father, she's nothing.

Finding the girls finally calming down and not fighting over the eggs, the shop owner screams ’’god bless’’ inside and rushes in to carry out the egg exchange. Fifty eggs for Ling Yue and the last egg for the ladies of the Hong House.

’’Have them all hatched then.’’ Indignation still shows on Ling Yue's face, but inside, she's laughing so hard her stomach was starting to cramp.

Hong Yu Ying, do you really think you've won? Just wait, the good show is coming up.

’’Mother, you are the best. That little bitch wants to contend with me, dream on!’’ Holding the egg, Hong Yu Ying treats it like a rare treasure.

’’A child like you is simply too unruly. Now come on, go and have it hatched. It's an egg we spent over three thousand gold for so it must be good.’’ After raising a storm for this egg, Zhu Ge Rou herself was honestly curious about it too. Just as she's reaching out to touch it...


The egg explodes without warning.

Suddenly, the whole pet shop became filled with the pungent odor of rotten egg.

Then looking back at Zhu Ge Rou and her daughter again, their bodies were covered in a thick mucus like fluid from head to toe. The best description here would be them being egged with rotten eggs, thus destroying every ounce of the fine ladylike image they portrayed earlier.

The grannies and maids they brought along were all screaming and shouting at the sight as the group attempted to wipe the substance away, but rotten egg was rotten egg. No matter what they did now, the foul odor can't be removed. If anything, the constant rubbing only made the smell worse by spreading it.

What a sixth rank spirit beast, this is clearly a rotten egg.

Such a change had completely caught Zhu Ge Rou and her daughter by surprise here. In Hong Yu Ying's eye, a visible flame could be seen burning for she has completely humiliated herself in front of Sir Qing.

’’Little bitch, I'm going to get even with you at all cost! Return my eggs to me.’’ Livid with anger, Hong Yu Ying was ready to jump at Ling Yue like a mad woman.

’’Hong Yu Ying, please pay attention to your words. Every word from you is bitch this and bitch that, is this how the Hong House teach their children manners?’’ Feng Xiu and Liu Cheng couldn't stand down anymore and backed their friend up.

’’Miss Hong, none can predict the rotten egg to explode. Also, it was your side who initiated the exchange. If you have any dissatisfaction then please have your grandfather, the old marquise make a visit to my home for discussion.’’ Sir Qing's says this with heaviness in his voice. From the side, several hidden guards jumped out.

Everyone here saw it, this pair from the Hong House used their status to bully others. If he doesn't do something now after being courteous once, then he might as well not show himself in public again. As the heir to the Qing Clan, he can't be seen backing down when opposed.

Turning his head to the side in disgust, Sir Qing didn't want to even look at this Hong Yu Ying for the foul odor was truly repulsive to his nose.

’’You... She... ’’ Hong Yu Ying became lost for words.

’’Yu Ying, enough. This time its us who's in the wrong, we will come apologize at another time.’’ After hearing this incident might involve Marquise Qing himself, Zhu Ge Rou's nerve promptly swung into retreat mode.

If she somehow dragged the elders of the families into this small matter, then it will no doubt be a blemish to her husband's record and lower the chances of him ever taking the chief post in the future.

Although Zhu Ge Rou was a mess right now, she still manages to retain that smile of hers, something not everyone can do in this predicament. Just this fact alone was impressive enough.

Taking this all in, Ling Yue snickers in her heart.

The first confrontation between her and this mother and daughter pair was over for now, but make no mistake, everything has only just begun.

Departing with her daughter in toe, Zhu Ge Rou gained nothing out of this encounter other than getting herself covered in stink and slime. As such, their moods were absolutely terrible.

’’Madame, that egg...’’ A strong looking old granny next to Zhu Ge Rou wanted to say something but didn't have the nerve to finish the last part of her sentence.

’’I know, that little girl did something to the egg. Second miss of the Lan House eh, humph, nothing more than a little bitch that can't be showed in public. Just wait, the palace banquet is coming up soon. At that time, I will have those people from the Lan house humiliated in front of everyone until they can't raise their head.’’ No longer showing the generous and dignified appearance she portrayed thus far, only a sickly hostility of hate could be seen on Zhu Ge Rou's face.

Following the departure of the group from the Hong House, only the boss of the pet shop remains with his worrisome face as he swept the floor.

’’Boss, here's some gold. Consider it the hatching fee and cleaning fee.’’ Sir Qing awkwardly foots the bill for the mess while Ling Yue enjoys herself after teaching those people a lesson.

She did indeed do something to that exploding egg from earlier. As to why it would explode at that critical moment, she had the spirit smoke to thank for it.

During her contention with Hong Yu Ying, Ling Yue had injected part of her spirit smoke into the egg like fueling a bomb. Once stimulated by some external pressure, the egg will take it as a signal and explode.

if there's anyone to blame, then they can only blame themselves for being too stupid.

’’Much thanks to Lord Qing, and much thanks to the young miss here. It won't be long until the two superior eggs are hatched. As for the other eggs, I will have them all sent to the general's estate once they are incubated.’’ Nothing speaks better than money. With the bags of coins in front of him, the shop owner's impression of the girl from the Lan House shot up like a rocket.

Not long after, the two superior eggs Ling Yue scammed out of her victims were placed before her. The first was a fourth rank spirit beast while the second egg hatched a pair of spirit carp.

’’Congratulations to the young miss, your luck is simply extraordinary. This pair of Yin-Yang Carp is a type of fifth rank spirit fish. By keeping the pair in a pool, the carps will naturally gather the energies of the world to aid the owner in their cultivation.’’ Once the owner found out it's a pair of Yin-Yang Carp, he became so excited that he ran back out to report the good news.

The role of Yin-Yang Carp had similar properties to that Vitality Condensing Grass she once owned, but compared to these carps, the grass paled in terms of benefits.

Despite being a fifth rank spirit fish, these carps had next to nothing in terms of defensive and offensive capabilities. What it does have though was the ability to aid its owner in gathering the energies of the world. The female will gather the dark Yin energies and the male will gather the light Yang energies in the heaven and earth. In simpler term, the carps are the perfect assistance in helping a martialist grow until they hit the Dan realm.

Even for someone like Sir Qing who owns quite the collection himself, he couldn't help but become envious of Ling Yue's fortune. Yin-Yang Carps are very rare and hard to come by.

’’Miss, forgive me for being prudent. I'm wondering if you would like to sell me this pair of Yin-Yang Carp. I'm willing to offer ten thousand gold coins as payment.’’ Not hesitating, Sir Qing immediately inquired if she's willing to sell.

No doubt about it, Sir Qing wants the carps to help aid his cultivation. He's already at the breaking point of reaching the Dan realm. With a little push, he might achieve just that with these carps.

’’Miss, if you are willing, my humble establishment is also willing to offer fifteen hundred gold coins.’’ Though there's a risk of offending Sir Qing here by offering this price, the shop owner does it regardless.

Unlike Sir Qing who wants the carp to help aid him in advancing his cultivation, the shop owner instead wants to use the carps as a living signboard to lure in more customers.

’’My apologies to the both of you, I don't intend to sell this pair of Yin-Yang Carp.’’ Using a polite tone, Ling Yue refuses their offer cleanly.


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