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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 150


Chapter 150

Chapter 150 ’’Shame the Shameless’’

’’Mrs. Hong, Miss Hong, the result this time is also a third rank spirit beast.’’

While one side suffers, the other side wins.

As Feng Xue and Liu Cheng are busily enjoying their moment with their newfound pets as the tiny creatures licked their hands affectionately, both of them felt like they are in a dream to be able to experience something so amazing. In the capital of Da Xia, only individuals in high ranking posts or with deep backgrounds can afford to keep a fifth rank spirit beast as pets.

’’Ling Yue, thank you so much.’’ Feng Xue and Liu Cheng were absolutely thankful.

’’You're welcome.’’ Like her friends, Ling Yue also felt happy at the sight.

Those two eggs were already among the best here. Even for her with a cheating ability like the spirit smoke, Ling Yue would find it very difficult to locate another of similar quality. Nevertheless, it's almost time anyways. If she continues to showcase such extraordinary skills, not only will Sir Qing find it suspicious, others will start asking questions too.

In the upcoming pick, she will choose some random egg of low quality and call it a day.

’’Mother, this shop must be deceiving us, otherwise why would our superior eggs be inferior to those unknown eggs.’’ Irritated, Hong Yu Ying started mouthing off without watching her words.

’’Miss Hong, you mustn't start squabbling nonsense without proof. My family have been servicing the residence of Da Xia's capital for the past century. Whether it be the price or quality, its always fair and everyone knows this. Even the pets of the royal family members and the palace are from my establishment. If you continue to spout nonsense, then don't blame me for blacklisting the people of the Hong House.’’ The last comment from the girl have finally pushed the shop owner to the edge of annoyance.

If this place stops receiving the members of the Hong House then things will become huge.

With that in mind, Zhu Ge Zou immediately gave her daughter an angry glance and hurried to apologize. ’’Boss, you mustn't get angry. I've spoiled my daughter too much so forgive her.’’ Then dragging her daughter to one side, she started to whisper something: ’’Yu Ying, are you trying to pull this matter up to your grandfather's ear? If that happens, just wait and see how your father will deal with you. It's just some lowly eggs so calm yourself. I say the problem lies with that girl from the Lan House. She likely has some special ability to aid her. Listen to mother. In a minute, when she goes up to pick something, you pick it too before she can grab it.’’ Zhu Ge Zou's words immediately reversed the upset attitude of her daughter.

As such, Hong Yu Ying immediately ran to the edge of the egg cabinets with her head held high.

Finding the suddenness of the act, Ling Yue can easily speculate the girl didn't hold any good intent.

Sure enough, as soon as she wanted to grab some random egg to meet the quota, Hong Yu Ying dashed over and beat her to the punch.

’’I'll take the egg.’’

’’Miss Hong, it's I who first fancied it.’’ Ling Yue says this with annoyance in her voice.

This mother and daughter pair are natural born ’’stealers’’. The mother likes to steal other's husband, the daughter likes to steal other's egg. What a waste of talent that they don't become professional bandits.

’’Who says it's your egg? Did you pay already? I'm not like you who lure others to buy things for you.’’ Hong Yu Ying attempts to ridicule Ling Yue as a gold digger.

’’Yu Ying, go ahead and take whatever you like, mother have already paid three thousand gold in advance.’’ Despite being so shameless, Zhu Ge Rou instead puts on a motherly appearance that loves to dote her child.

Seeing this, Sir Qing's face promptly took on a scowl. He's not a fool. Readying to stop this by getting up, he was halted by the slight shake of the head from Ling Yue when he looked her way.

Lots of money eh?

Likes to steal eh?

Fine, then I'll let you steal until you are full.

Whether it be my shitty father or these ’’unknown eggs’’, you can have them all until you puke it back out!

Not arguing with the shameless girl, Ling Yue turns away to reach for a different egg. And sure enough, Hong Yu Ying beats her to the punch once again.

Not uttering a single word of complaint, this picking and stealing nonsense continued until fifty eggs were taken.

Although the price of these ’’unknown eggs' are inexpensive, only fifty gold, but they are still talking about gold coins and not silver. Going over the total, the numbers have easily reached twenty-five hundred gold at this point, coming close to what Zhu Ge Rou paid just now.

Zhu Ge Rou may have the backing of a martial sect, but she herself was but the wife of Hong Feng, meaning she don't control the finances of the entire Hong House. That luxury belongs to the main wife of the eldest son. If she squanders all of her money here today, it's unavoidable today's event will be used to criticize her.

’’Yu Ying, this is enough with so many eggs.’’

Tired too after dashing around so much, Hong Yu Ying was ready to stop when she overheard a ’’Eh’’ sound from Ling Yue. Seeing the girl was trying to rush over to grab a different egg again, she couldn't let this slide for she knew that egg must be exceptional.

Not caring at all if her assumptions were true or not, she dashes over again and grabs onto the egg.

Flustered on their faces, both girls had a hand on each end of the egg, unwilling to let go no matter what.

’’Let go, this egg belongs to me.’’ Hong Yu Ying was determined to get this egg at all costs. She's certain the previous eggs were all a ploy to fool her for this one.

’’Don't push your luck Hong Yu Ying, this egg is mine.’’ Not relenting, Ling Yue refuses to let go either this time.

Poor egg. Under the intense grip of both girls, it looked like it would pop at any moment from excessive force.

’’Ladies, please have mercy. Why not choose another one?’’ The shop owner has never in his life encountered such troublesome customers before.

What egg picking, this is clearly a fight between these ladies.

’’No, if someone needs to choose another then it's going to be her. Ye Ling Yue, who do you think you are. You are but a miss of the Lan House with an unknown origin, while I, am a dignified miss of the Hong House. If you offend me, you can bet that the Hong House won't let you go.’’ Hong Yu Ying spat this all out in one breath.

’’Hong Yu Ying, you are but a daughter of a bastard son in the Hong House. Quit dreaming.’’ Ling Yue countered with a mocking sneer.

Observing everything on the side, Zhu Ge Rou didn't miss the gradually changing expression on Sir Qing's face. Then looking back at the girl from the Lan House, she has come to a conclusion this last egg must be better than all the rest. After all, the previous choices were all fifth rank spirit beasts. A good pattern to follow upon on.

Can it be a sixth rank spirit beast? If so, then even at the expense of all the rest, they must get this last one at all cost.

’’Sir Qing, what do you think we should do? My daughter has been spoiled too much so she definitely won't yield on this last one. If you and the miss over there is willing, we can trade all of the previous eggs for this one instead. What do you say?’’ Zhu Ge Rou tries to sound sincere in her persuasion.

’’This...’’ Sir Qing can't be a dumb person if he manages his family's business on a regular basis. Fifty eggs for one, this was a bargain they can't pass up on!

Besides, based on his assessment of this Hong Yu Ying's personality, he can tell the girl would rather lose all then let others have their way.

Moving forward, he whispers something into Ling Yue's ear.

Still angry and annoyed, Ling Yue eventually relented and loosened her grip on the egg.

’’Very well, I will give Sir Qing some face this time and yield this egg under the conditions that you give me the eggs that you've amassed thus far. Afterwards, don't come back to me if you regret it.’’ Ling Yue's expression continues to look like she's unwilling.


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