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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 15


Chapter 15 ’’Dual wield, poison and medicine’’

At the end of the Red Mist Codex, a note was also made.

’’The power of the cauldron will vary accordingly to the host's own strength, strong for the strong, weak for the weak. However, through diligence and constant improvement, the true power of the cauldron will one day be revealed.’’

After reading the Codex, Ling Yue then turns to eye the cauldron mark on her hand. Inwardly, she can't resist getting mixed feelings about all this and be elated at how magical this thing was.

Long ago, Mr. Red Mist can hold the world in the palm of his hand. Towards someone standing at the epitome of this world, It truly was difficult to imagine how great the cauldron must've been for someone like that.

But while in Ling Yue's hand, the only use for this cauldron was refining spirit grasses into liquid. This wasn't the cauldron's fault;it's due to her own inability in bringing out the hidden secrets dwelling inside.

’’A ignorant person is innocent until they become aware, and a person's talent will arouse the envy of others if not hidden.’’ Using this saying as her base, Ling Yue decides from this day forward, unless it's her last resort, she will not divulge the secrets of this mysterious black cauldron or her dimensional space.

’’Squeak.’’ Cute little fox tugs at her trouser, motioning Ling Yue to go have a look at the opposite straw house.

(In case anyone still can't imagine what a straw house looks like, think three little pigs and the big bad wolf)

The opposing straw house belonged to Mr. Red Mist's lover, the Venerable Poison Hand Jade. Like the first house, there were some books with some differences of course, mainly poison manuals instead of medicinal records.

One of the books that stood out to Ling Yue was the (Ghost Sect's thirteen needle manual) - the Ghost Sect's thirteen needle was a unique needle technique created by Poison Hand Jade. Unlike the general form of medicinal acupuncture style, this form of needle use was solely meant for killing people by piercing into the lethal dead points of all living creatures.

’’These two old seniors sure are interesting;one only knows how to save people and the other only knows how to kill.’’ Ling Yue fell into laughter from being wordless. Then without delay, she began memorizing both manuals.

In the following ten days, Ling Yue didn't leave ’’Red Mist Sky’’ and would only spend her time reading through all the records left behind by the two masters: drugs, poisons, medicines, biology, anything she could get her hands on.

Ling Yue's memory level was truly astounding. Unknowingly, she had completely memorized all of the manuals and was now equipped with various knowledge of medical cases and poison types on the continent.

’’Now that I'm done with the books, it's time to give spirit force a try.’’ Coming out of the dimensional space, Ling Yue came up to that Qingmu fruit patch.

According to the records of Mr. Red Mist's Codex, aside from his cultivation in Yuan energy, he also practiced the use of spirit force.

Not only that, the Codex also recorded a basic formula for training in the use of this power. After memorizing the phrases and practicing a little, Ling Yue has now roughly mastered the methods in utilizing her spirit.

One of the perks from this was that she can directly transfer external objects into her dimensional space at will.

On her first attempt, Ling Yue kept reciting the word ’’Qingmu fruit’’ with the hopes of succeeding, but of course, she failed to transfer the item into her little space.

Then on the second try... She failed, and so and so on.

’’Seems I'm in too much of a hurry, let's try something smaller for now.’’ Not being anxious, Ling Yue moved onto a leaf, then a stone, then finally the fruit again.

After two days of repetitive training, Ling Yue can now fully transfer the entire Qingmu fruit tree into ’’Red Mist Sky’’. Once inside, the fruit tree was flourishing with lush green leaves and plump juicy fruits.

’’Yes, I succeeded!’’ She became delighted at her achievement.

With the transfer of the Quingmu fruit tree, the entire supply chain for this item in Autumn Maple Town will soon fall into her hands. Compared to the Vitality Condensing Grass, this fruit was more valuable.

Only issue was the bigger the item, the more spirit force she must use in order to transfer the object. Using a full day, Ling Yue has finally moved every Qingmu fruit tree she can find inside this ridge.

’’Oh crap! Counting the days, the Ye clan's assessment competition has begun already!’’ Ling Yue had been so busy these past few days that she forgot what date it was. Calculating the time she's been in Seven Star Mountain, it's been over a month now.

And going over the numbers, this should be the third day in the competition. Realizing this, Ling Yue was greatly startled and rushed for the martial hall because if she doesn't, it will end soon! With Little Squeak in tow, she exited the mountain.

Meanwhile in the Ye clan's martial hall, everyone under the age of twenty was busy with the competition.

Making a circular formation, several fighting stages were erected in the middle with the elders of the family on the upper stage located at the sideline, this included Ye Huang Cheng and Ye Gu on the main chair.

Like hawks pinning down from below, the elders of the family made sure to not miss any details for this competition only happens every three years. Regardless of the child's origin, branch or main family, all boys and girls may participate. For the top ten winners of this event, those children will be regarded as the elites of the family and will be able to obtain more future resources for training, propelling themselves even further ahead and securing their future career.

What's more, the top three winners are allowed to enter the Ye clan's martial shrine and be able to personally select a basic martial technique for self-cultivation. For every child of the Ye family, this was a great honor in itself.

Years ago, Ling Yue's mother also went through this procedure. Jumping through all hurdles and knocking down all her opponents, Ye Huang Yu achieved first place in the clan's assessment competition at the tender age of thirteen.

Thinking about it, due to Ling Yue's mental state before, this was her first competition and only competition thus far.


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