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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 149


Chapter 149

Chapter 149 ’’The Little Ace of Egg Picking’’

’’Mrs. Hong, this here is the second miss of the Lan House along with her friends, Feng Xue and Liu Cheng.’’ Sir Qing didn't get fooled by the gorgeous appearance of the lady. He knows, this woman had more than mere looks in that head.

There are no shortages of concubines and bedding maids within the Hong House, the only exception being this Zhu Ge Rou who have for many years monopolized Hong Feng's focus. They all say its due to Hong Feng's devotion for his wife, hence the reason why he never took in other concubines, but the real reason would likely remain a secret between themselves and not to the public.

’’So it's the second miss of General Lan's house, forgive my manners.’’ Zhu Ge Rou may be giving off a gentle smile like a harmless rabbit, but the disdain and contempt in those eyes were exactly like his son and daughter.

This continued until she made eye contact with Ling Yue. Trembling so slightly, she murmurs to herself: ’’How can this be... why does this second miss of the Lan House have such similar eyes to that bitch Ye Huang Yu? And this age, can she be...’’

’’Mrs. Hong, greetings.’’ Just when doubt and suspicion started to take hold in Zhu Ge Rou's heart, Ling Yue's short greeting brought her back to reality.

That's right, I must have confused myself when looking at the eggs just now. There's no way this girl can be that woman's daughter, especially when Granny Zhang personally threw the baby to the ground and caused the girl to become a cripple.

’’Mother, let's choose these superior and high-class eggs instead.’’ Hong Yu Ying shoots a short intimidating glare at Ling Yue before heading off to pick the superior eggs.

While the unwanted guests had moved away from them, Sir Qing went ahead and ordered the boss to bring out the ’’unknown eggs’’ for Ling Yue to pick after seeing the determination in the girl's decision.

Unlike the superior eggs that costs over five hundred gold per one, these ’’unknown eggs’’ were much cheaper, only fifty gold each.

Ignoring everyone and their opinions, Ling Yue led the way for her friends because they are all novices when it came to this hobby. It didn't matter to Feng Xiu and Liu Cheng anyways if they can't get something nice today. If not for Ling Yue's haggling skills, this would never have occurred at all in the first place.

Pretending to be carefully skimming through each egg in her hands, she was in fact infiltrating the shells to check the content of each egg upon contact.

Sadly, the batch before her were a total disappointment with hardly any worthy choices among the already stillborn.

Meanwhile on the other side, Zhu Ge Rou and her daughter have by now finished their selection. As the disciple of a martial sect, Zhu Ge Rou's eyesight for picking spirit beasts were quite good.

’’Mother, look at that country bumpkin from the Lan House, she's actually touching each egg with her hand like someone at the street market!’’ Snickering, Hong Yu Ying couldn't resist laughing at Ling Yue over her amateurish act.

’’Yu Ying, how many times have I told you already. You are a high lady of the Hong House, you mustn't leave a bad impression for Sir Qing. Now hurry and put on a dignified appearance.’’ She frowns at her daughter's immaturity.

Not long after, Ling Yue finally picked out an egg from another batch. ’’Sister Feng, this egg is good, it's yours.’’ Grabbing one that's around an ostrich egg in size, she hands the big thing to her friend.

’’Lady's eyesight is not bad, this is one of the few good ones among this batch that's of great quality. Unfortunately, the hatching rate isn't high, only around twenty percent.’’ The shop owner had resented the girl earlier due to the fact that Ling Yue had caused him to lose some business, but after witnessing the careful method she used to select the eggs, he can only nod in approval.

Originally, this egg should've been placed among the superior eggs, but due to its extremely low hatching rate, it's been dumped over to the ’’unknown eggs’’ department.

Generally, an egg must have a hatching rate of fifty percent or more in order to be classified as a superior egg.

Twenty percent... This boss is an honest person at least. However, after being refined by my spirit smoke, how can it retain that low probability. At the very least it's now eighty percent.

’’Since you've made the choice, then go ahead and have the pet store hatch it for us using their special technique. It should only take an hour before its done.’’ Seeing there's no changing the girl's mind about picking these ’’unknown eggs', Sir Qing decides to be a good person to the end and paid the extra hundred gold for the service.

At the same time, Zhu Ge Rou and her daughter were also waiting for their egg to hatch.

With the first egg in the incubator room, Ling Yue continued on to select another for Liu Cheng. Things went smoothly until an hour later when news returned from the incubator room.

’’Congratulations to Mrs. Hong and the young lady, your egg hatched a third ranked spirit beast.’’ This news didn't fare well with the mother and daughter pair, leaving their faces looking terrible.

’’Mother, I must have the same fifth rank spirit beast as brother.’’ The temper tantrum of Hong Yu Ying started to act up again.

’’Alright, alright, we'll pick another one.’’ Unable to do anything about this daughter of hers, Zhu Ge Rou went ahead and purchased another egg with five hundred gold.

’’Congratulations to Miss Feng, your egg hatched a fifth rank Flaming Cloud Panther.’’

Fifth rank spirit beast?

How can a ’’unknown egg’’ hatch a fifth rank spirit beast? If raised to maturity, the strength is equal to an upper celestial martialist! By then, who would still provoke that girl Feng Xiu. She can walk sideways if she liked in the Grand Martial Hall and no one will say otherwise.

Losing her grip due to her unstable hands, Hong Yu Ying drops the egg onto the ground and causes it to splatter.


’’What, the egg picked by that little bitch is in fact a fifth rank spirit beast?’’ Hong Yu Ying exclaims with wide eyes.

’’Yu Ying, you...’’ Aching inside over he daughter's folly, Zhu Ge Rou can only accept the fact that another egg's been ruined.

Like the girl, Sir Qing and the shop owner were also shocked over the news. Not only did Ling Yue make her choice among the poorest selection, she also landed a fifth rank spirit beast. That's some crazy luck she had going...

A little regretful he didn't make a purchase too, Sir Qing didn't get envious though for he also had a Flaming Cloud Panther in his animal sanctuary.

But the surprising news didn't end here. An hour later.

’’Congratulations to Sir Liu, your egg hatched a fifth rank Moon Falcon.’’

This level of success has left the shop owner somewhat unstable inside. He's decided now. After the customers are gone, he's going to hatch every single one of these ’’unknown eggs’’. If he can land even one fifth rank, no, even a fourth rank will do, then he will get a full return on his expenses and more.


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