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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 148


Chapter 148

Chapter 148 ’’The Mother and Daughter Pair’’

In no time at all, the four of them was now standing before the biggest animal shop in the capital that's famously known for their animal eggs.

While Ling Yue herself had visited several pet shops back in Glass City, those mostly carried only adults within a limited space, vastly different from the one here like a huge zoo. Then there's those eggs stacked together on the cabinets, what a sight to look at.

Due to the expensive nature of owning a spirit beast as a pet, the majority of the patrons inside the establishment are wealthy individuals. ’’Sir Qing, welcome to our humble establishment. Are you here to pick out some spirit beasts again?’’ Apparently this Sir Qing was a regular here. As soon as they entered the door, a ruddy looking old man welcomes them without a need for introduction.

’’Boss Xia, I am here today to buy some eggs for my friends. Bring out your best selections for us to choose.’’ Aside from practicing martial art and managing his family's business, Sir Qing's biggest hobby was gathering all sorts of rare and exotic animals. As such, his home retained a sizable sanctuary in place for his collection that wouldn't lose out to the royal hunting range.

Watching the familiarity portrayed between Sir Qing and the assistants here, Ling Yue puckers her lips to the side due to her inability to understand the pleasure of owning an animal that's more expensive than a slave.

Wonder what sort of expression he would make if I tell him I owned a phoenix egg before?

As much as Ling Yue wanted to brag about her own achievement, her sense of pride was promptly swashed when the assistants brought out the eggs. Each with a selling price of over five hundred gold, she and her newfound friend were all stoned for a moment.

How can an egg be this valuable?

’’Too expensive, Ling Yue, these eggs are too expensive. We don't have the courage to pick.’’ Liu Cheng and Feng Xue's are both dumbfounded by the asking price. In a year, their parent's yearly salary can't even be comparable to a single egg here.

’’Not an issue. Since I agreed to give you all a gift, then feel free to pick one,’’ Sir Qing gracefully smiles in assurance.

According to the shop owner's explanation, the majority of these eggs are from differing spirit beasts of the third or fourth rank. Their spawn rate hovered around fifty percent.

Considering a fourth rank spirit beast had strengths equal to a celestial martialist, this asking price can't be called expensive.

’’Boss, we don't need these eggs. Do you have any other selections here?’’ Gently sifting her hand across the collection, Ling Yue soon lost interest.

What a joke, the highest among the collection here was only a fourth rank of mediocre lineage.

In her eyes, a fourth rank spirit beast can only be called average. Compared to her Big Yellow, these here are nothing special.

On a normal day the boss would definitely become outraged, but since there's Sir Qing here, he didn't have any room to do that.

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’’This young lady, in addition to these superior grade eggs, our humble establishment also carried some high-grade eggs, as well as mid-grade and lower-grade eggs. Lastly, we also have a section for eggs that we consider unknown.’’ The boss went on a string of explanation that simply wouldn't end.

Since there are so many varieties of eggs in the shop, not even the owner himself can be certain of what will come out at the end. This was especially true for the ’’unknown eggs’’.

’’Unknown eggs, what is that?’’ If she didn't care about some egg from a fourth ranking beast, why should she go look at anything otherwise lower.

But Sir Qing's explanation from earlier did give Ling Yue an idea. Maybe she can turn her personal dimensional space into a mini ranch for spirit beasts.

The so-called ’’unknown eggs’’ are those that the boss himself couldn't identify. More often than not, these eggs have a low probability to hatch and even when they do, its likely a deformed still born creature.

’’How funny is this for someone to buy those 'unknown eggs'. Sir Qing, you must be careful now. There are those who specialize in seducing men with alternative motives roaming the capital recently.’’

Just when Sir Qing wanted to persuade Ling Yue to reconsider, another figure had walked in on their conversation.

When seeing the intruder, the first reaction Ling Yue had was to prick her brows.

The one speaking was a bright-eyed girl. Though young, the features of a beauty had already started to take shape on that face.

Finding the face somewhat familiar, Ling Yue immediately thought of a certain individual from the Grand Martial Hall: Hong Yu Long. Whether it be the height or size, this girl and that boy looked practically the same. Clearly the girl was the twin sister of Hong Yu Long and Ling Yue's step sister.

It's unsure what sort of luck Ling Yue had going on today, but first it was Hong Yu Long, and now this unruly sister Hong Yu Ying. Jackpot?

At this point Hong Yu Ying still doesn't know her twin brother's fine stead had already been lost to Sir Qing;therefore, she's been making a huge ruckus at home the entire time. Unable to calm her precious daughter's tantrum, Zu Ge Rou can only bring this girl out to the pet store to claim a fifth rank spirit beast as compensation.

But who could've guessed that the pet shop would be lacking what she wanted today, hence the reason why they are picking an egg instead.

When she first came into this shop, Hong Yu Ying's gaze immediately fell upon Sir Qing.

As a young heir to a vast empire of wealth, it's unavoidable that Sir Qing would become a popular target for those yet to be married ladies of the capital. Hong Yu Ying was no different from the rest, but due to the distant attitude Sir Qing gives to everyone, her advances in the past were deflected every time.

Then suddenly today she finds her coveted target speaking to a strange woman, how can Hong Yu Ying not be angry?

’’Miss Yu Ying, please be more respectful in your tone. This here is the second daughter of Lan Ying Wu, the invisible general of Da Xia.’’ Sir Qing frowns at the poor attitude given off by the third party.

Even if one doesn't like someone, they should still consider who's standing here. This Hong Yu Ying is too arrogant.

’’Yu Ying, how many times have mother lectured you before. You've been rude. Sir Qing and the young lords and ladies here, forgive my daughter for her impoliteness, she's still young and has much to learn.’’ The one speaking up now belongs to a beautiful woman slowly ambling over, and following closely behind the woman were two old handmaids of certain age.

The woman in question didn't have high statures, but her assets were clearly overabundant based upon the bouncing motion they moved in when she walked. That's right, this person was Zu Ge Rou, Hong Fang's current wife and mother of his three children. Despite giving birth to three babies already, her skin remains fair like a tender lamp, soft and silky to the touch. And instead of looking like a mother, this woman looked more like Hong Yu Ying's older sister when standing idle by idle.

In the instant Zhu Ge Rou arrived at the scene, Sir Qing clearly felt an ominous chill coming from his side. Startled and surprised, when he wanted to inquire about the reason from the source, Ling Yue's abnormality was already under control.


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