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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 147


Chapter 147

Chapter 147 ’’Sir Qing’’

’’It must be evil sorcery. Yes, she must be practicing the dark arts!’’ Yu Zhao screams in his state of panic.

Just the mention of the word ’’evil sorcery’’ left the crowd in shocking dismay because it's a well-known fact that anyone practicing the dark arts was punishable by death on the guillotine.

The second miss of the Lan House actually used evil sorcery? Then that explains it. No wonder Yu Zhao who's a lower celestial master would be completely powerless against her.

’’Sir Hong, what do you think?’’ Rather than asking for confirmation from Ling Yue, Sir Qing instead turns around to ask Hong Yu Long.

’’How admirable, it's quite the unexpected surprise that the second miss of the Lan House here is also an alchemist.’’ From that feministic face of his, Hong Yu Long manages to squeeze out a disgustingly ugly smile that none would believe was genuine.

Thankfully for Hong Yu Long, he still had some insight in other fields. He may not be able to perceive the existence of the ’’blink shield’’ with his eyes, but he's still able to distinguish the fluctuation of the spirit force versus some nonexistent evil voodoo magic.

No wonder this bitch would dare challenge Yu Zhao, she's also an alchemist!

Just thinking of his scarlet horse being lost here due to today's bet, Hong Yu Long can only cringe right down to his very stomach at the painful thought.

’’Haven't you shamed yourself enough. Take your clothes and scram.’’ No longer able to endure the humiliating sight of his lackey, Hong Yu Long orders the disgraceful grunt to go away before he digs a deeper hole for himself.

Shivering, Yu Zhao understand that after this failure he will no longer be able to continue his stay in the Grand Martial Hall.

Knowing the fate awaiting the boy can only be more miserable than kowtowing on the floor, Ling Yue and her newfound friends knew better than to press the matter. It's pointless anyways when they already won the bout, otherwise they risk turning themselves into the bad guys here.

’’The rules of the Grand Martial Hall is that the winner reigns supreme and the loser submits. Yu Zhao, you shouldn't break the rules we have around here.’’ Sir Qing's reminder may be directed to the guy, but in actual fact, it's meant for the entire audience that there's still unfinished business here.

If someone like Sir Qing was speaking up, there's bound to be no objections considering the guy's background.

’’Liu Cheng, come here. Whatever he did to you, I want you to return the favor.’’ Stepping on the guy's face with decent pressure, Ling Yue motions her friend to come over.

At the beginning Liu Cheng didn't have the courage to do something so daring under the watchful gaze of so many eyes, but under Ling Yue's encouragement, he eventually moved forward.

Then thinking of all the humiliation he suffered at the hands of this bastard, Liu Cheng's temper immediately flared to his head. Rushing up, he sends several slaps across the boy's face as an appetizer.

’’How dare you Liu Cheng!’’ Before Yu Zhao could say another word, his threats were cut off by another slap across the face that knocked several of his front teethes off. He wanted to struggle free, but his appendages were all tightly bound by the hateful girl behind him.

While Liu Cheng enjoys his moment of revenge, Feng Xue also took the opportunity to add in a kick or two for herself because that's the son of the Minister of Rite! If she doesn't trample the bastard some more now, she likely won't get another chance.

While this beating continues to take place before everyone, Hong Yu Long on the other end didn't look so well with his handsome face. A gloom of cloud hangs over his expression.

These people may be physically beating Yu Zhao, but reality, they are indirectly shaming him instead.

Ye Ling Yue, this matter won't end here... He shoots a dangerous glare at Ling Yue before leaving with his minions in toe.

’’Sir Qing, I will have that horse sent over to the Grand Martial Hall tomorrow.’’ These muffled words were all that's left of Hong Yu Long before he disappears from view.

Then looking back down to the ground where the bruised face Yu Zhao laid, none in the audience had the willingness to come help.

’’Venting, how venting.’’ Now that Liu Cheng got his payback, both he and Feng Xue felt refreshed inside and out.

’’Ling Yue, to think you are also an alchemist, I have to say it's been a real eye opener for us. If not for you, Liu Cheng here would've been in serious trouble from being framed.’’ Feng Xue sighs a breath of relief over the close encounter.

’’Miss, your means are quite remarkable indeed.’’ While the crowds have dispersed by now after the main events have ended, Sir Qing didn't leave like the rest. Instead, he inches closer to the group.

Consciously waiting on the side, Feng Xue and Liu Cheng understands that if not for Ling Yue's presence, this person would never even both to give them a second glance.

’’Sir Qing, you are remarkable too with your ’’good business,’’ Ling Yue's words had thorns in them, frosty and cold.

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Instincts are telling her she's been had by this man despite the friendly appearance. A ’’profiteer’’, that's what this man was.

Coming out from this dual, the biggest beneficiary had to be this Sir Qing.

Finding himself seen through, a sense of guilt takes hold inside Sir Qing's heart. Normally this would never happen, but something's changed while in front of this girl.

’’Now, now, I'm only learning from the best. Miss, your move there of exchanging the dragon with the chicken is absolutely fabulous.’’ Based on his tone, Sir Qing doesn't appear to wish to start off their relationship on bad terms.

Earlier during the confusion, Ling Yue's action of stuffing the coin purse into the kid's crotch area didn't go unnotice to those with keener senses.

Although Sir Qing himself don't know when she managed to pull off the feat, but it must be said, the methods of this girl was very thuggish in his view.

’’As the biggest winner Sir Qing, don't you think you should express some gratitude for us after we worked up a sweat for you?’’ She puckers her lips to one side, not wanting to change the subject. Ling Yue never was one known to work for free. Now that she's been used as henchmen and came out with nothing, she's bound to be unhappy.

’’Yes, you are right. Miss, now that I just won a scarlet horse from the bet, why don't I give you a gift as my form of thanks?’’ He hailed from the Qing House who owns most of the waterway villages in this kingdom, making him a very wealthy individual. To be able make a little beauty like Ling Yue happy after the girl openly asked for a gift, he's bound to be willing when the solution was that simple.

’’Feng Xue, Liu Cheng, Sir Qing here says he's willing to give us a gift. What do you two have in mind?’’ Unexpectedly, Ling Yue didn't wait for clarification and directly turned around to ask her friends.

This level of flattery nearly overwhelmed the two, their eyes staring closely at Sir Qing for his reaction.

Going stiff in his face, the only thing the guy could do right now was look at Ling Yue with his flushed cheeks because Sir Qing knew he just dug a hole for himself. So be it, three gifts then. It's not like he couldn't afford it.

Though that's his plan, but plans don't always go as smoothly as intended.

What Sir Qing didn't take into account was that after the trio discussed the sort of gift they wanted, it turns out to be eggs of a spirit beast. A very expensive gift indeed.

’’Liu Cheng and Feng Xue's strength aren't very good. If they have a spirit beast as a pet by their side, things will be much easier for them when other problems arise in the future.’’ Smirking, Ling Yue cheerily walks through the prosperous streets with her group.

Liu Cheng and Feng Xue may be children of fourth-fifth ranking officials, but they have other siblings at home too, thus straining their finances as a result. Therefore, when Ling Yue brought up the idea of buying a gift, the first idea they came up with was to purchase a spirit beast. Such hobbies can only be afforded by wealthy families, far beyond that of a common family without noble lineage.

Of course, Sir Qing wasn't in a good position to refuse their request after agreeing to the demand. But there's one condition he made clear to the trio. If the egg turns out to be a bad one and won't hatch, the consequences wasn't his issue. He's only going to provide one gift each.


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