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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress - Chapter 146


Chapter 146

Chapter 146 ’’Caught Red Handed’’

According to the rules of the Grand Martial Hall, the strong reigns supreme...

’’Miss, your meaning is...’’ A tinge of doubt follows Sir Qing's voice.

Before his words could come to an end, an ethereal figure had already shot across the air and sends the surrounding circle of men flying with her twirling kick. In the aftermath of the act, only the sound of moaning and groaning could be heard from those knocked out to the ground.

’’All of you listen up, I, Ye Ling Yue, am challenging Yu Zhao to a one on one dual. If I lose then I will accept a body search, but if he loses, Yu Zhao must openly apologize to Liu Cheng with three kowtows on the floor. Also, he is to never come harass my friend again!’’ Although she's a woman, but the air coming off from her right now was more imposing than anything these men could express.

Against that level of intimidation, both Hong Yu Long and Yu Zhao were stunned for words.

Inside the Grand Martial Hall it's not uncommon to find another challenging others to a duel, but to find a weaker individual challenging someone that's clearly stronger than themselves, now that's unheard of. And let's not forget the one making the challenge was a tiny girl against a man!

’’Ye Ling Yue, don't think just because you are Lan Ying Wu's daughter that you can act like that sister of yours and do whatever you like. If a fight really does happen, don't blame me if you incur some heavy injury.’’ Aside from the initial astonishment, the only sentiment left in Yu Zhao's eye were disdain and contempt.

This woman only managed to knock everyone down by making a surprise attack, does she think I'm a pushover?

Removing his outer coat, a layer of frost takes hold in Yu Zhao's eye as he released a bloodthirsty smile.

Understanding the fight's about to begin, the surrounding people all ran up to carry the fallen students away to make room for the two. Strangely enough, those who were side kicked by Ling Yue just now were acting like limp dogs. No matter how the others tried to help them stand, they keep falling flat on the ground afterwards.

’’Sir Hong, why don't you take a guess on who among them will win?’’ Sir Qing's tone sounded casual like his question was something one would asking during a homely dinner.

’’As if you need to ask, of course its Yu Zhao who will win. He's a lower celestial martialist and a practitioner of the seventh rank technique: Swimming Dragon Hand. That ridiculous girl simply doesn't know her place.’’ This may be Hong Yu Long's first meeting with Ling Yue, but for unknown reasons, he finds her very displeasing to the eye.

’’Then why don't we make a bet and use that scarlet horse of yours as wager? If I lose, I'll hand over a black ranking armor in exchange.’’ Sir Qing's word instantly causes Hong Yu Long to get excited.

The fact that he received a scarlet horse as a gift from his grandfather for his fourteenth birthday was no secret around here. But due to the short time frame between now and then, he didn't have a chance to properly domesticate the fifth rank spirit beast yet.

Even within the Hong House, only his genius little sister Hong Ming Yue and elder cousin possesses a black ranking armor. As for himself, no matter how doting his parents are, Hong Yu Long can only dream of possessing such a rare treasure.

’’Very well Sir Qing, we have an agreement. But in my opinion, this girl wouldn't last ten strikes before she loses.’’ In Hong Yu Long's view, the girl didn't stand a chance so this bet can't even be considered risky.

Ten strikes eh... Sir Qing makes an indifferent smile.

If he didn't read things wrong just now, the reason those people couldn't stand back up after being knocked down was due to their pressure points being hit, thus numbing their senses as a result

To be able to land her kicks on the pressure point so accurately, he has determined this second miss of the Lan family can't be as harmless as she appears.

By now a clearing has been made in the field for the dual between Ling Yue and Yu Zhao, hence the start of their fight.

While Yu Zhao started the fight with a presentable attack, mainly his swimming dragon hand technique, Ling Yue on the other hand only roused mockey from the crowd with hers.

Lightning Burst Fist.... A ninth rank technique that none ever uses here in the Grand Martial Hall due to its poor quality. Even their guards from home wouldn't consider using this attack!

Watching this from the sideline, Feng Xue and Liu Cheng both went ghastly pale at the sight.

’’It seems it won't even take ten strikes before she falls. Sir Qing, it seems I will have to thank you for the black ranking armor.’’ Hong Yu Long kept spouting ridiculing words without realizing the mistake he's made.

By now there's only a small distance before Yu Zhao's palm strike landing on Ling Yue's chest at this point, but just when he thought victory was within his grasp, he abruptly found himself smashing head first into an invisible wall. Unable to see left or right due to the dizzying state he's in, Yu Zhao once again found himself being smashed against something, mainly Ling Yue's attack.

In the moment Ling Yue used her ’’blink shield’’ to immobilize the attacker, she had immediately connected the opening with her lightning burst fist. Landing it against the foolish man's chest, a distinct cracking sound from the sternum gave evidence to her success.

Seven lightning streaks?

Didn't the lightning burst fist only have six lightning streaks?

By now the onlookers have realized something didn't add up.

No longer the arrogant Yu Zhao they all recognized, the boy's hair was a total mess with his body constantly taking a beating.

He repeatedly retaliated, but whenever Yu Zhao went on the offensive, he would end up smashing into the invisible ’’blink shield’’ time and time again. This greatly rattled his nerve because the guy honestly believed he might have been cursed or hexed.

But this wasn't enough for Ling Yue just yet. Swiping her hand all of a sudden, the suction force of her jade flower hand technique went into full force.

Under a tearing sound, the entire top inner wear on Yu Zhao's body were ripped off completely. Then following another tear, the pants were also ripped away, leaving only the trousers alone.

Just as all eyes were focused at that part, something like a purse falls out from the crotch area.

’’Isn't that Yu Zhao's coin purse?!’’ Feng Xue had sharp eyes and instantly recognized the object.

’’Very good Yu Zhao, you've been slandering me!’’ Liu Cheng rushes up and grabs the coin purse in one swipe and furiously questions the guy.

’’The outcome has been decided, and who stole the coin purse is also out in the open. Sir Qing, please give a fair judgement for Liu Cheng.’’ Not batting an eyelash over her lie, Ling Yue makes a slight curtsy at Sir Qing.

’’I've been wronged! This coin purse, I clearly.... brother Hong, this woman... she...’’ Unable to explain himself, Yu Zhao made a face so unsightly that it looked like his mom just died. Using that pigheaded brain of his, he simply couldn't figure out why the coin purse would be on him instead of Liu Cheng.


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